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Another well loved figure in tennis is this guy. Check out what racquet does Cori Guaff use. Use one of them and up your tennis game to the next level.

Before the Championships at Wimbledon in 2019, a small group of people knew much about Cori Gauff. The youthful tennis player had her fair share of achievements at the junior level, but she was still a young one trying to develop a name for herself.

After only one disturbed victory over her idol Venus Williams, fans began to take note.

She carried out with more victories before losing in the fourth round. Suddenly, the 15 year old, Also name Coco Gauff, became the talk of the tennis world.

Every bit of her was one of the brightest player in the game today there are plenty of people attracted in what her current tennis racquet set up is. She has a very mighty game for her age, and chances she will achieve more and more as she matures more physically and also mentally.

What Racquet Does Cori Gauff Use “coco”?

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Cori “coco” Gauff now plays with the Head Graphene 360 Speed MP. She’s been exploring some version of this racquet for most of her career. Separately than slight modifications, Cori Gauff uses stock model selection.

How is Cori Gauff’s Racquet Different to the Retail Version?


Different from a lot of players on tour, Gauff is quite satisfied using a standard racquet with little modifications. That’s always the case for mostly younger players, because they have grown up with the same racquet technology currently still popular up to now.

That’s good news for people wanting to use the  precise racquet as their idols. Gauff has gone on to build a inviolable fan base currently, and another shot at a major will gain things more. She is being seen as the future of tennis, also majority feel she has what it takes to be one of the most monumental player.

They’ve been images that shows that Gauff has the lowest experimented with some added weight to the racket to generate the perfect balance. Weighing 11.2 ounces and a swing-weight of 317 , it makes much sense for a player on tour. Having a slight more weight on each shot will allow more mightiness for the 15-year old.

Before we get into a detailed review of Cori Gauff’s tennis racquet, let us take a look at the features of the Head graphene 360 speed MP tennis racquet.

The main features of the head graphene 360 speed mp tennis racquet are:

  • The Head graphene 360 speed mp tennis racquet is the perfect blend of spin, pop and precision and it is the perfect option for intermediate and advanced players who are looking to improve their game.
  • The Head graphene 360 speed mp tennis racquet features Graphene 360 technology which is known to provide greater stability and optimized energy transfer for more power. It does this by not only reinforcing the shaft with graphene but also several points in the racquet frame. The result of this is less frame deformation at ball contact, giving the Speed MP a boost in stability and power.
  • The Head graphene 360 speed mp tennis racquet is fitted with wider strings thus providing better power and lateral movement on the main strings and improving spin.
  • The Head graphene 360 speed mp tennis racquet is a light weight tennis racquet.
  • The Head graphene 360 speed MP tennis racquet comes in an attractive and elegant design that is sure to be a head turner.
  • Head has also reduced the dampening compound Kraibon in this tennis racquet, reducing the vibration impact and giving it a more modern and crisp feel.

Cori Gauff Racquet Review

What Racquet Does Cori "Coco" Gauff Use? | Cori Gauff's Racquet

Because being released, the Head Graphene 360 Speed MP has turned into a rattling democratic model for the company. In fact, it is one of their downright bestsellers, and it’s evident.

Players loves how comfortable it is to handle and how easy the racquet is to pick up and start competing at a senior stage. While it might not be the most perfect racquet ever in any one scene of the game, it does everything above any of the ordinary.

A high level of racquets have at any rate some level of a learning curve, but not in the instance with this one. Majority of people can begin hitting good with the racquet in just a few minutes.


The ability is deficient just a little with the Graphene 360 Speed MP, but it does a excellent job providing extra spin to first and second serves. If a player already has a great deal of speed on their first serve, it will help to get a slight more control and spin from this racquet.

It’s also a lightweight racquet excluding any additional weight on the racquet. That makes the racquet arm favorable for people who are recovering back from injuries. At the same time, the little miss of power is evident to a few players when they trying to bomb a first serve.


Most people love just how simple this racquet is to function on the ground. Not merely does the ball go where the player is aiming, but there is that special  bit of boost behind each shot as well that is a likable surprise (given the slightly underpowered serve). A lot of people recognize a difference immediately, which is a big selling point for the racquet when testing it out. 

The gratifying spot is forgiving decent that average players will have pleasure out of this racquet. Don’t be someone who’s scared off by a true player’s racquet, because this one is much favorable for all skill levels. A player can grow with this racquet without having to switch to something else.


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Quick response with this racquet is real promiscuous to do, and it might be the topper at evasive action out of any alternative available in stores right now. Mighty-ness  behind those valleys might not constantly be there, but it does a decent job of controlling each shot so it is put in the exact areas of the court.

Give yourself some time to find out how the ball comes off the racquet before making a conclusion on whether or not it is a right choice. Sometimes people feel like it is not for them, but others will be charmed with the upgrades.


Anyone who presents this racquet normally likes the way it feels right away. It’s impeccably sharp on every shot, and a firm racquet no matter what playing style. It just comes down to whether or not it supplies the right quantity of power.

Few will see the slight lack of power as a major problem. Others will not too much, because they like the control it supplies. To add low power, using lead tape for a weightier swing-weight might get the job done. There will repeatedly be  options to custom make a racquet by adding more weight, but taking the weight off the racquet is where things get quite different.

Who Should Use Cori Gauff‘s Racquet?

Head intentionally made this racquet exactly for every other types of players.  Few racquets are designed for professional stage players alone, and that typically means a racquet that doesn’t deal well to the multitude. Men and women of all ages use this racquet to help their performance.

Made for more than just ball bashing all matches, here is a racquet that is right for the all-court player. Those who have a mixture of shots will get a little out of something like this.

This is the precise pick for any tennis player who is in that average level, wanting to commit in their first player’s racquet. There is not much of a learning curve, and the move to a racquet like this will permit a player to enhance their skill.

Can You Buy Cori Gauff’s Racquet?

Because Gauff uses a racquet that is very alike to the stock option from Head, those buying the Graphine 360 Speed MP will be absolutely slaked with all the buying choices online and in stores.

Head is one of the most famous brands in tennis, and that makes access easily all over. They also posses some different choices in the Head Speed family. The whole family combines the famous Prestigious and Extreme lines.

Anticipate to pay about the same amount of cash every other performance racquet. A outstanding tennis racquet such as this is always going to be just over $200. Make certain to always double-check that your choice of specs are ordered.


Now that you have reached the end of this article, I am sure you know all there is about Cori Gauff’s tennis racquet and its various cool features. If you feel that this is the tennis racquet for you then the good news is that this tennis racquet is easily available at most places. So go get one today and feel just like your tennis idol Cori Gauff.

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