Research On What Racquet Does Ash Barty Use And More

What Racquet Does Ash Barty Use

Find out what racquet does ash barty use. This and many more questions that you have will be answered. Buy all the stuff tennis stars use and feel great.

The fact that you are here means you wish to know what racquet does Ash Barty use, full name Ashleigh Barty. The pro-tennis player and former cricketer were born in 1996 in Queensland Australia and have been playing tennis from a young age of four. Shes now ranked no.1 by the WTA in the world at a very young age even though the tennis player had taken a little break so that she can focus more on cricket.

When performing at the highest scale of which one can possibly perform and hold the number 1 ranking, one of the number one question that a lot of people asked is what racquet does Ash Barty use? Like most professional tennis players they normally use whichever tennis racquet brands that usually sponsor them. It would be an offense to use another labeled branding equipment other than the one sponsoring them.

Ashleigh Barty's Racquet - What Racquet Does Ash Barty Use?

Ashleigh Barty is been sponsored by Head, the model tennis racquet she uses would be the Head 360 Gravity MP. In the past, she normally uses a similar racquet with the specs of the racquet the same however this is a bit more upgraded, so in terms of comfortability, she is right at home with this tennis racquet.

I know a lot of you guys can’t wait to get into the specs and details of this racquet however all that and more will be explaining below in a bit. I personnel don’t think the 360- Gravity model is the best in the Head brand but it’s a good racquet to be using it gives a balanced mixture. Its affordability is a little bit pricey but it’s gonna worth every penny you would spend.

But before we get into the detailed review of Ash Barty’s tennis racquet, let us see how you can choose a tennis racquet that is just perfect for you.

How to choose a tennis racquet?

Choose a tennis racquet based on the following criteria

  • Based on head size: The tennis racquet head size refers to the size of the actual hitting area within the tennis racquet frame. The larger the head size of a racquet, the more power the racquet can generate.
  • Based on weight: The weight of the racquet is another factor that is very important while purchasing a new racket. Tennis racquets come in a large range of different weights from 225g to 340g.
  • Based on racquet balance: A Racquet balance is the weight distribution along the length of the racquet. There are three types of balance distributions used in tennis racquets:
  1. Head heavy racquet
  2. Head light racquet
  3. Even balance racquet
  • Based on racquet length: The longer the length of the racquet, the greater the leverage on a swing, therefore giving more power to a shot.

You can also determine the type of tennis racquet you need based on where you are in your tennis journey.

  1. Beginner tennis player– If you are a beginner tennis player, always start with a light racquet that has a large head or an oversized racquet. This will help you make contact with the ball without wearing out your arm, elbow or wrist muscles.
  2. Intermediate tennis player– If you are an intermediate tennis player, you can choose a slightly smaller head and a racquet that has a bit of weight thus providing better control too.
  3. Advanced tennis player– If you are an advanced tennis player, use a mid size head and a heavyweight frame racquet that will allow you to play with control, feel and precision.

What Racquet Does Ash Barty Use?

Brand Head 360 Gravity MP

  • Head Size 100 sq. in
  • Length 27 inches
  • Strung weight 10.9
  • Unstrung weight  10.4 oz
  • Delivers great spins
  • String Pattern 16/20 crosses

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The gravity model performs exceptionally great in terms of control treating you with a little more edge in the game, less room for unconnected hits. Personally speaking, I think this rocket is one of the best racquets that Head has to offer in terms of performance skills. I personally use the Head gravity model so that feeling of comfort in your hand I know she feels with every swings its no wonder shes number 1 in the WTA.

A great tennis racket will give great results and in the right person’s hands, it will win titles as well. This cake carries a larger sweet spot as well that most wouldn’t have known if you haven’t used this racquet in the past before. I think this tennis racquet was created for pro-players especially, even though it’s a player-friendly racquet that most league of players can use it does wonders in professional players’ hands due to their talent.

The only cons to this racquet are that you get a slight reduction in power however the powers pretty much good that it provides. Other from that this tennis racquet is a beast no owner is a favorite for Ash Barty, even though its a sponsored brand she could have chosen any other tennis racquets that the brand has to offer for here using.

How Good Does The Head 360 Gravity MP Racquet Plays?


A racquet cannot be played used by itself so how the racquet performs will be depending on the person behind the rocket and the person behind this tennis racquet is no other than Ash Barty. On the other hand, using a rocket that no good with later with your performance as a pro player as well so both player and racquet has to be balanced. All that aside lets jump into how it performs for her and the work the company puts into this gravity racquet to get it on this playing level.


Off the top, this rocket doesn’t give the best serves in terms of power let me her that out the way however that didn’t stop ash from making this her number 1 racket. Apart from low power, this racquet is pretty much good at serves too if you are a player that likes to add or uses spins allot then this is definitely the racquet for you. It’s not too heavy in the hand as well it a bit light and easy to maneuver however it’s not underweighted so it’s just perfect for most.

Her serves are normally on point and well executes so I see no problem with getting less power from this racket for the substitution of more control, the serves are good the power it gives is acceptable. My first time using this tennis racquet I didn’t even realize that it lacking the full power because the hit was pretty much powerful I had to look back the racket up online.


The best feature of this high-end tennis is the larger than normally sweet spot, this simply means the ball doesn’t have to hit the tennis racket full in the direct center to get a good connecting it be off and still be a good hit. In regards to controlling this tennis racquet is highly popular for great controls so the spins will be executed without much work done.

This racket is also great for practices and learning to control your plays in the game, a good racket indeed do not worry or let the little lacking of power get to your head. Am positive you will not miss it one bit, you will be too comfortable and confident to be missing out on anything. If you haven’t seen Ash Barty play, take my advice after reading this article you can type her name in on youtube and see how well she executes using the Head Gravity 360 MP.

Seein that am pretty much sure you will be back to see where you can get the racquet to buy, the racket is pretty balanced as well there is nothing bad to say really about this racket. The company has done well on the stats of this tennis racquet in the performance base.


I wouldn’t say it the best on the market but it’s pretty much good a bit over average the enlarged sweet spot makes sure of that. Where power is concern the racking is lacking in that area however it makes up in control and maneuver abilities. Many pro players are comfortable with it so it leaves good ratings for the model gravity 360 I am totally comfortable with the players I get from this tennis racket am sure I have mentioned it a lot in this article that to show you how confident I am in this racquet.

Can You Buy Ash Barty’s Tennis Racquet?

There has been a lot of debates out there about if one can get the exact one that she uses, I am not sure in particularly if that one is for sale on the market due to the fact that its a little customize to get doing however you can get the originally made brand on the market. The Head Gravity 360 MP model brand tennis racquet can also be bought on the Amazon store, you can click the link to see the availability and price.

A next importing thing to know, there has been persons confusing the gravity model with the speed model saying that the racquet she uses however those are not true if you are to watch her tournaments and her sponsored company interviews you would see that its the Gravity 360 highlight.

If you are a huge fan and you have come to find out that your playing techniques are alike with Ash Barty then using this tennis racquet is a must for you. She may not has the hardest hits on tour but she is one talented and crafty lady there is nothing bad to say really on how she plays on the court, very entertaining.

If you are a player that plays and rely on brute power then I will safe your time and money by saying this tennis racquet is not the racket for you. When buying a racquet ist good to get yourself one that will complement the way in how you play or you won’t be satisfied with your purchase.


The Head tennis branding itself is one the leading global company that produces high-end sports equipment, Head has been around since 1950 so you know are no newcomers to the world of marketing great high-end tennis rackets. This specific model that has been mentioned above is been used by the #1 ranked by the WTA Ashleigh Barty, that said I think we have done a great job in answering the question of what racquet does Ash Barty use.

Thanks for reading we do hope you have enjoyed reading our article please remember to check out some of our other related ones like what Racquet Does  Medvedev uses and more. When it comes to tennis and our athletes we strive to provide the reader with the most accurate intel about all the facts on that individual.

Tennis is our passion and our sport we do hope you the reader enjoys the sports as much as we do, thanks again for reading this far.

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