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A tennis racquet plays a big role in how a tennis player performs and in fact some of his success on the court can be attributed to the tennis racquet he uses for the game. A tennis player may have all the skill and talent in the world, but with a badly suited racquet that is not accurately matched to his skill level, he will never reach the professional heights he deserves to.

These are some of the most powerful tennis racquets and you will be lucky if you own any of them. Take a look, do your reseach and invest in one for you.

Having a racquet that’s powerful is very effective and fun to play with. By using one of these racquets you’ll be able to surprise your opponents with powerful shots giving you an advantage on the tennis court.

This is why a lot of beginners and experience players tend to go for racquets that is packed with power when they are starting out.

In this review article, I’m going to list some of the most powerful tennis racquets you can get your hands on. With this guide you’ll definitely have a easier time in choosing a power house racquet since there are so many different options available.


It is very easy to purchase the right racquet for yourself based on your requirements if you just keep a few points in mind while shopping.

How to choose a tennis racquet?

Choose a tennis racquet based on the following criteria

  • Based on head size: The tennis racquet head size refers to the size of the actual hitting area within the tennis racquet frame. The larger the head size of a racquet, the more power the racquet can generate and the more powerful the shot.
  • Based on racquet weight: The weight of the racquet is another factor that is very important while purchasing a new racket. Tennis racquets come in a large range of different weights from 225g to 340g so you can choose the one that suits you best.
  • Based on racquet balance: A Racquet balance is the weight distribution along the length of the racquet. There are three types of balance distributions used in tennis racquets:
  1. Head heavy racquet
  2. Head light racquet
  3. Even balance racquet
  • Based on racquet length: The longer the length of the racquet, the greater the leverage on a swing, therefore giving more power to a shot.

Now that you know a little bit more about the tennis racquet length, its weight,balance and head size, you can pick your tennis racquet based on your playing ability keeping these points in mind.

Through regular testing and my personal years of experience on the tennis court, I think the Babolat Drive Max 110 is by far one of the most powerful tennis racquet on the market right now.

Most Powerful Tennis Racquets

Tennis Racquet NamesRatings Price
Babolat Drive Max Tennis Racquet Editor's Choice Check Price
Head Graphene 360 Tennis Racquet Extremely Powerful Check Price
Head Ti.S6 Tennis Racquet Best SellerCheck Price

1. Babolat Drive Max 110 Tennis Racquet – Editor’s Choice

Most powerful tennis racquets

The Babolat Drive Max is considered by many players to be one of the most powerful tennis racquet on the market right now that comes at a very reasonable price range. Just don’t make the mistake of thinking that because it is affordable that it’s not a good buy for the money.

With this high end racquet you’ll experience speed, amazing control and a little extra power on each shot you hit with it. Even though its strings quality is not as good as other higher end tennis racquets, the Babolat Drive Max will still give you some good command and control over each shots you hit.

The Drive Max 110 even comes with an comfortable grip. We are also a huge fan of its design, it has been constructed with quality materials and they ensure its durability. The complete frame is designed with proper care to provide an excellent playing experience for all players.

The head size of the racquet is 110 square inch and has a length of 27.75 inches, which is half an inch longer than the usual size. The additional length of the racquet can also be used as a leverage. It helps to improve the maneuverability of the racket, although it can be quite difficult to use especially for those who are new to the sport.

One of the best thing you’ll experience with the racquet is the Cortex system. It is located above the grip of the racquet, and it dampens the vibration pretty good. The vibration of the racquet must be dampened, which means you won’t lose focus and control of your shots.

The racquet is extremely lightweight and easy to handle. It still has a stiff feel to it that is not good for beginners and intermediate players. When serving, you can expect the upper hoop that is stiff will certainly help in generating power and excellent stability. We also appreciate the extra space that’s located in the string bed that prevents a bad spin and provide better control.

The Babolat Drive Max 110 has been around for a long while now, but it is very good, getting it would not be a bad decision. This racquet is the perfect choice for everyone who enjoys playing tennis, but because of its stiffness, beginners should probably consider getting something different. The sweet spot of the racquet is pretty large and it has an excellent energy transfer with the swing.


  • Hard to find better value for the money
  • It comes equipped with a 16×20 string pattern it generates incredible spin
  • Comes at a very affordable price
  • Packed with a lot of power
  • It’s pretty lightweight
  • Great choice for intermediate and advanced players


  • It can be stiff and difficult to handle, especially for beginners


2. Head Graphene 360 Radical PWR Tennis Racquet – Extremely Powerful

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Another superb quality racquet on the market that comes packed with power is the Head Graphene 360 Radical. Because of its power, comfort and spin, this high-quality racquet will provide you with a very luxurious hitting experience on the tennis court.

This is known to be Head’s most powerful racquet which is an amazing choice for senior players and lower level players looking to get some easy power without putting too much pressure on your joints. This may not be the perfect fit for advanced players, as it proved difficult to tame during our playtest.

If you’re new to the tennis sport and your strokes are not fully developed yet, then this might be just the one for increasing the power available to you. With this racquet you’ll even have more confidence when playing points. The Graphene 360 Radical is also considered to be very lightweight, this will probably be the lightest tennis racquet you will ever played with.

In terms of volleys this is definitely not the racquet for players who spend most of their time rushing to the net, but it does a pretty decent job nonetheless. It’s a very lightweight racquet so you’ll have a easier time moving into position. Also, upon contact with the ball, the Graphene 360 offers good stability considering it been extremely light.

When it comes to serve, the Head Graphene 360 Radical PWR really makes the serve easy and also ensures that you don’t have to swing the ball with too much speed in order to achieve maximum results. Once you try to make things more difficult by swinging through to a greater extent, or add a lot of spin, what will happen is that the racquet will reach the limits of its capabilities. But, if you take the time out to keep things simple then it will serve you well.

The Head Graphene 360 PWR also comes equipped with a huge 110 square inch head, so you will definitely benefit from a massive sweet spot, which gives you a comfortable hit most of the time. As you can see the racquet is more suitable for people whose main concern is comfort. Besides that, you can expect plenty of power and spin without having to swing through the ball too hard.

As you can see this high quality tennis racquet is a great choice for those who are just starting on their tennis journey or seasoned players who just want to step back without overworking their body. Apart from that, the Graphene 360 Radical PWR is extremely comfortable and easy to maneuver, and you get a decent amount of spin and power for very little swing speed.


  • Very powerful tennis racquet
  • Great choice for beginners and seasoned players
  • Has a very large sweet spot
  • It’s extremely lightweight
  • Comfortable in hands and easy to play with
  • Packed with tons of amazing features


  • Not best for junior or advanced players
  • Not the best for volleys


3. Head Titanium Ti.S6 Tennis Racquet – Best Seller

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The Head Titanium Ti.S6 is considered to be one of the best selling tennis racquet in the world today. Although it tends to be on the longer side, it boasts a very large sweet spot, a light frame, and extreme maneuverability that is sure to put any doubts to rest. A lot of players notice a huge improvement on their backhand technique after using the Ti.S6 for a while.

The Head Ti.S6 has a very good feel to it, it is very light compared to its counterparts, but still has a pretty large enough sweet spot on the head to unleash a powerful hit. Like most of the racquets on our list, it is ideal for players whose just starting their tennis journey that requires more power behind their swing with less effort.

Unlike other tennis racquets on the market, this racquet’s unique combination of power and control ensures that the user gets maximum performance doesn’t matter your experience level. Getting all that for one reasonable price is what separates the Ti.S6 from the rest of the pack.

It also comes equipped with a 115 square inch head size and a length of 27.75 inches. Because of the rackets extra length, you will have a much easier time hitting the ball especially if you once find it hard getting to some of those hard to reach balls. Not only that, but it also increases the distance from your hand to the racquet head.

What we really appreciate about this racquet is how easy it is to hold. This may not seems like something important to worry about, but it is. Using a racquet that’s uncomfortable will certainly increase the likelihood of the user’s arm wearing out or suffering a more serious injury in the arm or shoulder.

One thing you’ll notice about the Ti.S6 is the fact that it can take a lot of wear and tear, yet still manages to perform at a maximum capacity any time you need it to. Whether you’re a newbie or an experienced player, the Head Titanium Ti.S6 is just the right racquet for everyone.

This is arguably one of the most powerful tennis racquets in the market today, for its price. What we truly admire is how long players have enlisted the services of it to help them take their game to the next on the court. With that said, if you’re on a tight budget yet looking for a racquet that is capable of pushing a lot of power, then you should definitely consider giving the Ti.S6 a try.


  • Very powerful tennis racquet
  • Comes at a affordable price
  • Great choice for beginners and intermediate players
  • It is considered to be arm-friendly
  • It is highly durable
  • Perfect weight and balance
  • Titanium and graphene construction


  • Not the best fit for advanced players
  • Has a slight vibration



If you’re looking for extra power and spin there are many different racquet on the market right now that can satisfy your needs. With that being said, the list above consists of the most powerful tennis racquets you can get your hands on today. It doesn’t matter which racquet you choose to use, they are all effective when it comes to producing a lot of power.

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