Presenting To You The Best Head Heavy Tennis Racquets

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These best head heavy tennis racquets are certain to give you a couple of powerful strokes. So waste no time. Head over to our site and look at the list.

Through years of constantly testing and my personal years of experience on the tennis courts, my favorite tennis racquet in terms of the best head heavy tennis racquets on the market is the Babolat Boost Drive.

We all know by now that choosing a tennis racquet that best suits your needs is very personal. It all depends on your playing styles, your fitness, age, etc. With that said, I will be taking you through what I feel are the top 3 best head heavy tennis racquets available right now.

So if you’re looking for a high end tennis racquet, you can’t go wrong choosing one from our list. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Best Head Heavy Tennis Racquets


1. Head Ti S6 Tennis Racquet – Editor’s Choice

Best head heavy tennis racquets

The Head Ti S6 is considered to be one of the best heavy head balance tennis racquet on the market right now. If you’re a beginner just starting out looking for a high end tennis racquet, the Head Ti S6 is definitely worth the investment.

With this racquet you have a blend of power, weight and balance which makes it a great choice for almost any skill level player. The first thing you’ll notice about this high quality racquet is its head size.

The Ti S6 comes equipped with a head size of 115 square inch and a 27.75 inch length. Even if you are new to the sport, because of its huge head size you should have a very difficult time missing the ball and I also noticed that there was a lot of forgiveness for off center shots.

This racquet weighs 8.9 ounces which means it is pretty lightweight and easy to maneuver. Despite not being heavy, it can still deliver power when necessary and just as importantly, feels very comfortable to hold in hands.

A huge benefit that you will get from this racquet is that if you are not use to playing for hours, you’ll for sure appreciate the Ti S6 over some of the heavier racquets available on the market.

The Head Ti S6 also has an open string pattern, which helps to add more control to all that power you will be generating on the court. Another thing is that the strings are know for its durability, so if you are a fan of durability and power, this may be the right fit for you.

If you’re a newbie or a intermediate player on a low budget looking for an affordable tennis racquet, then the Head Ti S6 is definitely the way to go. It’s packed with all the features so that you can start hitting right away.


  • It’s the best fit for beginners and intermediate players
  • Offer tons of power from the baseline
  • Has the perfect weight and balance
  • Comes with a very large sweet spot
  • Affordable price point


  • Slight vibration
  • Not ideal for advanced players


2. Head MicroGel Radical Tennis Racquet – Runner Up

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Another superb quality head heavy tennis racquet that is designed for intermediate and advanced players is this Head MicroGel Radical. Even though the MicroGel Radical comes at a very affordable price it is still packed with a lot of amazing features that you only see in more expensive models.

One thing that we really find interesting about this racquet is the sheer control that you have over the ball when playing. As you try to improve your tennis skills as you play, you certainly want to invest in a racquet that is going to help you deliver the ball accurately as you hit it.

This high end racquet comes with a 98 square inch head size that provides the player with the ability to hit the ball further and bounced higher by generating a pop spin with every shot you take. This racquet helps skilled players to make use of full and fast strokes to deliver accurate shots.

It has an high tech MicroGel feature allows it to take all the shock from hitting a tennis ball and distributes it equally throughout the frame. So you don’t have to worry about getting jarred out of your hand if you hit off center or mistakenly catch the ball at a bad angle.

Weighing just over 10 ounces, the Head MicroGel Radical is considered to be on the heavier side compared to the other racquets on the list. It’s also tends to be a bit heavier at the handle than the head, but this is what makes the racquet easier to maneuver and swing faster.

If you’re new to the sport we don’t recommend getting this racquet, it is best suited for intermediate and advanced players that are looking for a racquet that has amazing control so that they have the opportunity to show off their skills on the tennis court.


  • Great choice for intermediate and advanced players
  • Very easy to maneuver and swing
  • Has more swing due to the increase width
  • Comes with MicroGel technology
  • Deliver full, fast strokes at the baseline


  • Not the best option for beginners
  • Has a smaller sweet spot


3. Babolat Boost Drive Tennis Racquet – Great Value For The Money

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One of the most effective racquet that Babolat sells, the Babolat Boost Drive took the tennis world by storm when it was first released. If your main goal is hitting aggressive shots from baseline to baseline, hitting powerful serves, and winning multiple matches, then the Babolat Boost Drive is definitely the racquet for you.

With an beautiful color scheme, this racquet doesn’t just look amazing, it feels amazing on the tennis court. Featuring a mix of control, spin and power, any player can literally pick up this frame and outperformed their opponent.

This racquet is a great choice for beginners who want a solid performance racquet. The Boost Drive has a ultra maneuverable weight and delivers very easy access to pace and spin. It’s pretty lightweight only weighing 9.8 ounces, which is the ideal weight for beginners looking to develop their strike.

It comes equipped with a 105 square inch head size with a 16×19 string pattern, which helps it pack some extra punch while also providing plenty of topspin. The frame also offers plenty of stability and mobility to match its control and comfort.

We consider the Babolat Boost Drive to be one of the best head heavy tennis racquet on the market for beginners as well as intermediate players. Another bonus is that it comes at a very reasonable price range which is great for those on a tight budget.


  • Great choice for beginner and intermediate players
  • It comes at a very reasonable price point
  • Comes equipped with a large head size
  • Good feel and comfort
  • Best racquet for power and spin


  • May not be the right fit for advanced players

Here’s why some players choose a head heavy tennis racket

As it is widely known, the heavier the racket, the more power it offers. Heavier rackets usually feature flexible frames and smaller head sizes that help advanced players find power through full swings and good techniques and also allows maintaining excellent control of the racket and taking full charge on the court.

Heavy rackets also reduce vibration and shock and there is more mass to absorb the strokes. Rackets heavier than 300 grams produce more power behind the ball and help maintain proper balance and control in a faster swing. As a result, heavy rackets appeal more to advanced players, tour and professional players, along with those who would like to generate more power. Also, they are quite suitable for players who struggle to generate their own power. This is possibly why some older players with slow swings prefer a head heavy racket. This ensures they hit the ball with right enough pace to consistently get it over the net. 

Head heavy rackets tend to have more weight distribution in the head of the racket, giving the racket more power potential due to increased mass directly behind the ball on contact. Heavy rackets also have relatively lower static weight than a light frame. You may think it is a good thing but there’s always a trade off. A head heavy racket is less manoeuvrable, not to mention that they are harder to swing as well.

Heavy head rackets are also quite often sold as beginners rackets as they are more likely to give easy access to power. A heavier racket will have more stability when impacting a faster ball. Also, they tend to take longer swing paths on most strokes allowing them the benefit  from a great relative racket mass.


If your main goal is to find the best head heavy tennis racquets on the market, then you are definitely at the right place. The list above consists of the three best tennis racquet you can find out there for the money.

When searching for the racquet for your needs you should always keep in mind that every racquet is different and comes with many advantages and disadvantages for the different types of players.

If you play tennis on a regular basis and like to spend most of your time on the court, it is very important that you take enough time when choosing your racquet. A racquet from big brands like Babolat or Head will always be worth the investment.

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