Why Don’t Tennis Players Wear Gloves When Its Hot

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Why don’t tennis players wear gloves? when it seems like they really need them. Imagine playing in the heat and all that sweat. Get your answers on our site.

Ever wondered why don’t tennis players wear gloves? The fact that you hear simply means you wondering the same thing as well. Wouldnt you think that using the racquet in a glove would protect the hand more while creating more powerful hits in the game. At least those are the feedback of answeres that I would get back from asking around however those answers are not incorrect as they stand but the disadvantages are more.

The main reason why tennis players don’t wear gloves in their games is simply that the glove would be a hindrance to their game. The glove would alter with their control as well as provide more weight to the hand as well giving a slower reaction time to balls playing their way. No one wants to use equipment that will differ the way how they perform especially when you are at a professional level.

I have even heard people comparing the sport of cricket and how they wear gloves and tennis racquet could be considered a small bat to bat the ball as well. Tennis and cricket are two absolutely different sport you won’t need to be as flexible in cricket as how you would need to be in tennis the sport tennis consists of various amount of wrist movements taking plays more than the norm.

Other Reasons Why Tennis Players Don’t Wear Gloves

Why Don't Tennis Players Wear Gloves

The tennis association doesn’t really promote the wearing of gloves in fact there are even leagues that wearing a glove on the hand is considered illegal and not apart of the tennis outfit. Other factors why tennis players don’t wear glove is the glove would reduce the true feeling of the racquet in the player’s hand. Most if not every professional tennis player loves to feel the full feeling of the racquet in their hand it lets them adjust to the game easier.

A slight fear of swing and the racquet slipping out of their hands will be in the player’s head and will alter with the way they react to ball plays. This is something develop in the head however it will alter with their performance in the game. A player will be playing the game with a mild sensation of timidness for the main fact that they will not have total control over the tennis racquet in hand.

If a player has sweaty hands the gloves won’t give the hand any breathing space so their hand will become moist or wet inside providing the player with an uncomfortable feeling throughout their game. All the factors listed above can cause one to lose the game,  in tennis you have to be as comfortable as one can get the only thing on your miss is the next play you are going to make a crowded mind is not to best to enter the game with.

The bottom line is they are many different reasons why tennis players don’t wear gloves but the main reason is the fact that it reduces control of the game. Below we will also be stating the advantages and disadvantages of wearing gloves because truth be told wearing gloves has its advantages as well.

Advantages Of Wearing A Glove In Tennis

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When gloves have their advantages as well like for one it would reduce the vibration in which the racquet would give whenever you connect with the ball. The vibration will be reduced to the hand while providing a bit more power in your swings and at the same time the glove provides a form of comfort and protection to the hand as well.

After a long competitive match, most tennis players will be walking out with blisters on their hands, wearing a glove would reduce that chance. A tennis player’s hands are an essential tool for them so why not protect them in the same manner as you wearing a shoe to a match protecting your feet.

Cold weather benefits, in the cold seasons wearing a glove would keep your hand worm and feel good. The glove should help if you have sweaty hands as well depending on the type of glove that you choose it could also cause your hands to sweat its vice-versa.

Disadvantage Of Wearing Glove In Tennis

  • Less control
  • Don’t get the full feeling of the racquet in your hand
  • May cause sweating to the hand depending on the type of glove you are wearing
  • A chance the glove may slip the racquet
  • A slight additional weight feeling on the hand

Is Grips On Tennis Racquets Better than Gloves?

This will all be depending on personal preferences, some may just like the overgrips for their best option more than to use a glove and you gonna have players than don’t like the overgrips nor the gloves as well. It’s getting more common to see tennis players using overgrips more than tennis players using gloves on the racquets.

In my opinion, the glove would be more sturdy on the hand, whenever the overgrip is been placed on your racquet as soon as it’s been women out your chance of slipping the racquet out your hands will be more likely.  Overgrips are good as long you don’t have them on too long for them the be worn out.

The manufactures are doing a good job in terms of grip ability on the tennis racquets so its really and truly optional if you wish to add on any other accessories to the racket.

Should Tennis Player Wear Gloves?

Again this would be sole depending on your choice the majority doesn’t wear a glove because it takes from the game more than it would give. If you are on the other hand comfortable playing in your glove then once the match allowed it then you should play in your glove, who knows maybe you could start a trend or so.

This question is been frequently asked but there is no yes or no answer to this question am sure if you have been reading you would see the good and bad in wearing gloves. I could personally say yes and its a no for the next person likewise it could be reversed.

Are Gloves Beneficial In Tennis?

This is a slightly personal question that cannot have a definite answer. It is totally the choice of the player whether or not they prefer to wear gloves. Many tournaments are also strictly opposed to wearing gloves while playing, so the player needs to consider all factors before making a definitive decision.

There are some players who prefer to wear gloves as it allows them better control of the racket while others believe that it alters the feel of the racket and is a hindrance between the racket and the player.

Alternatives To Tennis Gloves

Here are some ideas you can try if you want to kick the habit of wearing gloves while playing:

  • Wristbands are popular with most players as they give an opportunity to absorb sweat while keeping the fingers free. If you choose gloves due to a sweating problem, this can be a good alternative for you.
  • Antiperspirant lotion is another idea that will help you get rid of sweat without gloves.
  • Some players also prefer taping their fingers together. This avoids any injuries of calluses that might form due to repeated skin abrasion.
  • Grips are another great alternative. If you choose to use grips while playing you should ensure that you use fresh grips for every game to avoid mistakes during the game.

What To Look For In Tennis Gloves

There are several reasons that players might opt for gloves, like injuries, etc. Here are some tips for you to consider when making a choice for the kind of gloves you want to use:

  • Choose a glove that fits well. Your gloves should be an advantage and not a liability.
  • Lighter and thinner gloves work a lot better.
  • Always go for quality gloves that will last a while and not snag under repeated strains.

Final Thoughts

I know form the outskirts looking in you would think it would be best for tennis players to wear gloves to protect but am sure from reading this article you will come to have learned why don’t tennis players wear gloves. Tennis is a feel sport so in regards to playing in gloves it would take away the true feeling of the game especially if you are not accustomed to using the glove.

Wearing a glove carries its advantages as well however it has its cons to the way how it will be impacting the player’s performance. No player wants to be playing on perfect form and lose their form just by wearing a glove or being discouraged by the errors of wearing a glove could cause in the game if a player makes a mistake they will feel better knowing it solely them more than a glove.

Thanks again for reading and reaching the end of Why Don’t Tennis Players Wear Gloves we do hope you understand the main reasons why tennis players don’t like to wear gloves some even have taken oats never to wear a glove because they dislike the idea so bad.

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