13 Best Pleated Tennis Skirt For Tennis Lovers!

Pleated Tennis Skirt

Pleated tennis skirt has been introduced in sports fashion recently. There used to belong to frilled white skirts in the court before.

Maintaining proper sports fashion trends has become similarly important as winning the game. If you look smarter and fashionable in court, you will get another degree of public attention, and it is just a normal psychological thing. Don’t blame it on being a partial mentality towards the beautiful and attractive things.

In order to cope with this mass preference, our sports stars give equal attention to improving both their sports skills and their fashion sense. A pleated tennis skirt has been introduced to the women in court to boost up their beauty and comfort during the game.

Pleating is the art of folding fabric into different shapes thus creating differences in the volume and texture of the fabric. It is really comfortable and provides free movement which is a necessity while playing tennis. It is also super stylish and can be worn both on and off the court.

Creating pleats in fabric requires two pieces of card that are folded identically so that they can fit together. The fabric is then stuffed between these two pieces of card. These are then folded into shape and tightly rolled up. An outer wrapper is then used to protect the parcel as it is then placed in a steam cabinet to heat the fabric and set it into the required shape. After the pattern has cooled down sufficiently the fabric can be removed and it should now maintain the shape of the pattern used to pleat it. While this method might seem simple, there are actually 6 different types of pleating available such as:

  • Flat Pleats Straight: This is also known as knife pleats and commonly tennis skirts are made using this type of pleats. They have one side longer than the other so that the fabric will lie flat on a surface once it is pleated.
  • Flat Pleats Flared: These are also known as graduated pleats as they vary in width from the hip to the hem thus creating a graduation in the visible fabric.
  • Box Pleats Straight: This is basically flat pleats done from the left and right side creating a box effect.
  • Accordion Pleats Straight: It is a form of tight pleating which allows the garment to expand its shape when moving.
  • Crystal Pleats: Small accordion pleating with both sides of the pleat measuring about 3mm
  • Sunray Pleats: A Sunray pleat is a graduated accordion pleat that is pleated in a semi-circle

Check Below The Mesmerizing Collections Of Pleated Tennis Skirt:

    A charcoal coloured, semi fitted and average length skirt is trending in the court. 3 ̋ inseam length has made it comfortable for leg movement and an amazing pleated skirt choice.
  2. Black Pleated Skirt
    A semi fitted, black, average length pleated skirt with inseam length 3 ̋ is obviously a cool choice for its elastic closer and comfortably wide waistband.
  3. Pleated Skirt
    This midnight blue pleated skirt is an amazingly beautiful choice for a tennis player or any athlete. It's comfortable waistband has made it easier to carry and attractive to anyone.
  4. Dazcos Pleated Skirt
    This midnight blue chop pleated skirt is extremely comfortable to wear for free movement on the tennis court. It is a best choice for any athlete because of its high-low styling.
  5. Printed Tennis with Shorts
    A sky blue coloured pleated skirt has been made beautiful with abstract design piping, colour panels and seams. It is made of 88% polyester and easy to machine wash.
  6. Women Casual Sports Skirt
    This black coloured pleated skirt with cool diamond grid design is a brilliant choice for any sports lover. It is equipped with moisture-wicking technology clothes to keep you dry and cool.
  7. Retro Pleated Tennis Skirt
    A black retro pleated tennis skirt is there to boost up your fashion quotient in the court. This mid length, semi-fitted skirt has all pleats in its lower skirt area.
  8. CHICHO Outdoor Skirt Tennis
    This pleated skirt is available in both blue and pink colour. White splash in black background has made it cool while a shade of sweetness.
  9. Stripe Pleated Skirt
    A white background pleated skirt with multi-coloured tropic stripes on it is obviously one of the best choices for any sports lover who loves to align themselves with contemporary style trends.
  10. Pleated Tennis Skirt
    White pleated tennis skirt with pockets is useful for a tennis lover who usually plays in the summertime. It keeps the body cool and dry while providing comfortable body and leg movement.
  11. High Waisted Pleated Skirt
    High waisted stretch pleated skirt in white colour provides a good camaraderie with tank tops, camisoles and t-shirts. Its stretchable waistband makes it easy to wear and long lasting.
  12. Ekouaer Women's Athletic
    This black pleated skirt is amazingly cool for a tennis lover lady. The 95% polyester made skirt is very much comfortable and can be easily used for golf course wear also.
  13. Womeny Athletic Tennis Skirt
    A pink coloured pleated tennis skirt is much more comfortable for the tennis court as well as in the golf course or for everyday workout purposes.


In this article, we have handpicked numerous amazingly beautiful pleated tennis skirts which are equally great for your fashion and your much necessary comfort during the game. Don’t settle for only one thing when you can get both at a reasonable price, so just go through the aforementioned list and grab your favourite one to set the court on fire.

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