Paula Badosa: The Spaniard On Her Way To Success

Paula Badosa

Paula Badosa Gibert is a professional Spanish tennis player. She was born in Manhattan, the United States in 1997. Interestingly, she does not live there anymore and now spends most of her time in Barcelona, closer to her hometown in the Costa Brava region. She has reached an all-time career-high in the singles category by settling at No. 8 in the World rankings. She turned professional in 2015 and since then her career graph has shown a rapid increase, which says a lot about the kind of skill she possesses. She has become a formidable opponent to those who have crossed her on courts due to her aggressive style of playing, great stamina and impressive footwork.

Bio Table

Age 24
Height 1.80 mts
Nationality Spanish
Career titles 3
Turned professional 2015
Highest ranking (singles) No. 5
Current ranking (singles) No. 5
Social media profile Instagram  @paulabadosa

Personal Information and Relationships

  • Badosa’s mother is Mireira Gibert.
  • Her father is Josep Badosa.
  • It is interesting to note that both her parents work in the fashion and clothing line in Spain.
  • Her parents co-own a clothing store in Begur, Spain.
  • It is assumed that she entered into the world of tennis following her idol, Maria Sharapova.
  • She has always been under the coaching of Jorge Garcia since she was a junior level player.
  • For some time she was under Javier Marti, but they split and went back to her previous coach.
  • It is widely speculated that she is dating the Cuban model Juan Betancourt, since 2021.
  • Betancourt is a renowned model who has also appeared in a few movies and is a regular feature in high-end fashion magazines like GQ Brazil and Elle Man Vietnam.
  • The two share pictures on social media from time to time.


  • She began playing professionally in the year 2012, while she was still a junior level player.
  • In the same year, she played her first-ever ITF Circuit in Spain.
  • By 2013 she had won one ITF Circuit at Palermo.
  • In 2014 she continued with ITF but did not get much luck at the matches.
  • In 2015 she got her first break at the WTA games.
  • In the next year, she reached the qualifying stage at Rio de Janeiro.
  • By 2018, she was a much more well-established player. She won 3 singles titles at the ITF circuit and also reached the quarterfinals at Rabat.
  • In 2019, she made it to the Top 100 in the World ranking. She also made it to the semi-finals at Palermo, the quarter-finals at Seoul. She also participated in the Australian Open, the Wimbledon and the US Opens in the same year but failed to make much of a mark. 
  • She won one title on the ITF circuit in the same year.
  • She maintained her space among the Top 100 in the year 2020, this time making it to No. 70. At the Roald Garros game, she upset the former champion Stephens and Ostapenko. She also made it to the semifinals in Istanbul that year.
  • The year 2021 was spectacular for her, as she recorded her highest ever ranking of No.8, breaking into the Top 10 category for the first time. She also won 2 WTA singles titles, which was for the first time in her career. She also enjoyed her best ever Grand Slam run that year. She was also nominated for the WTA awards under the category “Most Improved Player of The Year.”

Prize Money Earnings

The 24-year-old Badosa has only been active for a few years and has already collected a cool 3 million US$. This is an estimated number and is still continuously changing.


  • Badosa is associated with the popular sports brand Nike and they have been providing her with apparel on the court as well as her footwear.
  • Her racquets are sponsored by the famous company Wilson.

Net Worth

Her net worth is considered to be somewhere to the tune of 2 million US$. This is an estimate based on the number of tournaments she has been associated with. In addition, she gets a good sum from her endorsements and other advertising businesses.


  • She is currently under the training of Jorge Garcia.
  • Though she was born in the United States, she lives and trains in Barcelona.
  • She is defined as an aggressive baseliner and the service is supposedly her favorite shot.
  • Maria Sharapova is her childhood idol and she has said in a few interviews that she was the one who inspired her to become a professional at the game of tennis.
  • She enjoys reading and has stated that she always travels with books for company. Reading is also her favorite way of unwinding and spending time alone.
  • She has also mentioned that she is still trying to reach her full potential at the game and there is much that she has to learn for that.
  • She is multi-linguistic and speaks English, Spanish, Catalan and also some French.
  • She seems to prefer the clay courts as she has grown up playing on them. It is interesting to note that she has won 85% of her matches on them too, in the year 2021.