Marton Fucsovic Tennis Racquet For Its Function And Use

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Marton Fucsovic Tennis Racquet. Add this to your list of racquets you want to posess. It must be good if its good enough for a star like him. Pick one.

Tennis super-star Marton Fucsovic’s has been playing tennis for a long while now, he then turned pro in 2009 and has been the top Hungarian tennis player in his country. In his tennis journey, he has won against a lot of top-ranking tennis players like steve johnson, Albert Ramos Viñolas, Denis Shapovalov, and many other top-ranking ATP players.

This determined tennis player has turned the game around many times on the tennis court, surprising lots of fans and disappointing the opposing fans as well. With all that said the question of the day that most people are asking is what tennis racquet do Marton Fucsovics uses?

Marton Fucsovics Tennis Racquet - What racquet does Fucsovics use?

He uses the Yonex EZONE 100 tennis racquet and would normally sting it with the Yonex Poly Tour Pro for both the mains and crosses. This brand and specific model of the Yonex has been used by a lot of the top-ranking tennis players across the world.

Let us get into some details of this tennis racquet to see why so many pro-player are now switching to the Yonex EZONE 100 tennis racquet.

So before we get into the intricate details of Marton Fucsovic’s tennis racquet, Let us learn how you can choose the best tennis racquet for yourself to improve your game.

How to choose a tennis racquet?

Choose a tennis racquet based on the following criteria

  • Based on head size: The tennis racquet head size refers to the size of the actual hitting area within the tennis racquet frame. The larger the head size of a racquet, the more power the racquet can generate.
  • Based on weight: The weight of the racquet is another factor that is very important while purchasing a new racket. Tennis racquets come in a large range of different weights from 225g to 340g.
  • Based on racquet balance: A Racquet balance is the weight distribution along the length of the racquet. There are three types of balance distributions used in tennis racquets:
  1. Head heavy racquet
  2. Head light racquet
  3. Even balance racquet
  • Based on racquet length: The longer the length of the racquet, the greater the leverage on a swing, therefore giving more power to a shot.

You can also determine the type of tennis racquet you need based on where you are in your tennis journey.

  1. Beginner tennis player– If you are a beginner tennis player, always start with a light racquet that has a large head or an oversized racquet. This will help you make contact with the ball without wearing out your arm, elbow or wrist muscles.
  2. Intermediate tennis player– If you are an intermediate tennis player, you can choose a slightly smaller head and a racquet that has a bit of weight thus providing better control too.
  3. Advanced tennis player– If you are an advanced tennis player, use a mid size head and a heavyweight frame racquet that will allow you to play with control, feel and precision.

Marton Fucsovic Tennis Racquet Review

Yonex Ezone 100 Tennis Racquet (Unstrung, 300 gms, Green)


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Yonex EZONE 100 Specifications:

  • Head size 100 sq, in.
  • Length 27 in.
  • Weight (Strung) 10.6
  • Stiffness 68
  • Balance 3pts HL
  • Swingweight 310
  • String pattern 16/19
  • Grip: Yonex Synthetic

These specific specs are for the Yonex EZONE 100 LITE, this is the 2020 newer version from the previous one, we are not sure about the customization that has been done on Marton Fucsovics tennis racquet so we can only give the specs of the original manufactured one.

As you may see the LITE means that it will be a lightweight tennis racquet, this racquet has some fun updated features add. The racquet still remaining as one of the best player-friendly easy swinging tennis racquets on the market up to this very day.

The M40X Material Technology used to graft the frame of the tennis racquet adds stability and power to the frame itself. It does not finish there, the racquet has the new  Liner Tech system that was used in the building of the tennis racquet to provide more power and comfort.

For a tennis racquet this light in the hand it is one of the few tennis racquets out there now that can generate so much power. The vibration impact is been reduced as well, the upgraded LITE Yonex ENZONE 100 is differently a tennis racquet that I would recommend using for most especially the beginners.

Is Marton Fucsovics Tennis Racquet Available Today For Purchase?

The racquet can be bought on a numerous amount of platforms however I strictly recommend buying from the official Yonex website or the Amazon market player, I was even browsing on the Amazon store where I say the same tennis racquet at the cheaper cost as well.


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