11 Attractive Leopard Print Tennis Shoes!

Leopard Print Tennis Shoes

A leopard print tennis shoe is an unusual piece of footwear. It is bright and definitely stands out in the crowd. Pick an exciting shoe for yourself.

Buying a leopard print tennis shoe is like buying a pair of tennis shoes; only the pattern printed on the shoe resembles the spots on a leopard. This kind of print catches the eye. The print makes the shoe vibrant, unique, colourful and attractive—a great way to get attention to your feet.

Leopard print is something that never goes out of style so investing in a good pair of leopard print tennis shoes will never be a mistake. Worn by everyone from royalty to rock stars, leopard print has been both valued as luxurious and sophisticated. Most people find leopard print attractive and daring because the same pattern that the leopard uses to blend in and camouflage is being used by women to stand apart from the crowd.

However, the shoe must do what it is supposed to do. Provide a very comfortable and flexible fit. A shoe that does not fit is hardly worth the effort. In fact, a shoe that does not fit is a problem. Every step is either uncomfortable or outright painful. Therefore study the list below for the exciting leopard print tennis shoes, and make your choice.

How to choose the right tennis shoes?

  • Based on the playground: Playgrounds such as Clay, grass and hard courts all have a different feel while playing. So for a Clay court, choose shoes with a herringbone pattern on the sole that will keep clay out but still provide a good grip on the court. For a Hardcourt, choose shoes that are durable and that will give good grip and for Grass court, choose shoes that are flexible and have nubs on their sole so that they do not slip.
  • Based on your feet: Choosing tennis shoes based on your feet is really important as every person’s feet are unique and have different needs. If you normally notice a lot of wear around the inner side of the sole this means your foot is pronated, always choose a shoe with extra cushioning. If you normally notice a lot of wear around the outer side of the sole this means your foot is supinated, so choose shoes that are durable. If there is even wear all around the shoe then you have ideal or neutral feet. Choose any tennis shoes that are comfortable for you.
  • Based on game style: Choosing the right tennis shoes should also be done based on playing style. For baseline players shoes with good lateral support work best. For serve and volley players shoes with good toe cushioning are perfect.

Our Curated Recommendations On Perfect Leopard Print Tennis Shoes For Tennis Lovers:

  1. Canvas Shoes Low-Cut Canvas
    The upper is of canvas which is a breathable fabric. The toe cap and heel are made of moulded rubber. The closure is lace-up. The sneakers are anti-slip.
  2. ZGR Canvas Low Top Sneaker Lace-up
    Made with superior canvas material, with contrasting stitching. The rubber sole is tire vulcanised. The canvas is washable and durable, with 2 side eyelets to help the feet to breathe.
  3. Steve Madden Gills Sneaker
    This is a version of the standard classic slip-on sneaker. A new platform sole and comes with a variety of luxurious surfaces, including this one with a leopard print.
  4. Women's Leopard Canvas
    The upper is fabric, 235 gm, with moderate yarn thickness. The fabric makes the shoe breathable and keeps your feet dry. The grain design makes the shoe anti-skid.
  5. Magone Vintage Leopard Sneaker
    The shoes are made from strong quality canvas for long life. The upper is made from durable canvas with double stitching all around. The sole is made of synthetic material.
  6. ZGR Sneakers Low Shoes
    The sole is anti-slip, and the insole is soft padded. The toe is round and anti-collision. This gives comfort even if the shoe is worn for long hours.
  7. Skechers Women's Sneaker
    The soles are made of rubber. Lightweight 5 Gen technology. The insole is an Air-Cooled Goga Mat that provides bounce. the upper is breathable mesh, with twin gore panels.
  8. Skechers Women's Street Solei
    The sole is rubber. The upper is soft suede, metallic mesh, synthetic material, with leopard spots. Lace-up closure. Air-cooled memory foam cushioned insole. Flexible traction outsole. 3” wedge heel.
  9. Steve Madden Emmi Sneaker
    Leather and synthetic material are used for the shoes. The sole is rubber, and the bottom is a platform. The platform measures 0.75 inches. The shaft measures approximately low-top arch.
  10. Steve Madden Cliff Sneaker
    The upper is made from leather, fabric and artificial upper material. The sole is rubber, and the lining is fabric. The shoe is comfortable with a 2.5-inch heel.
  11. Blowfish Malibu Women's Play Sneaker
    These shoes come with a rubber sole and a fabric body. They are slip on and easy to wear daily. They also have a cushioned footbed for comfort


Check out the super selection of shoes featured in the list above. There is surely a pair which is best suited for you. Select your favourite pair of leopard print Tennis shoes today!

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