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The Dusan Lajovic Tennis Racquet is much in demand and there are not too many in the open market. So visit our website now and take a look for yourself.

Dusan Lajovic is one of the best tennis players in his country Serbia, the pro tennis player has been on a lot of person fans list as well. His performance on the tennis court will surely satisfy you, Dusan Lajovic is a crowd-pleaser you can always count on a good match when he is on the court competing, whether he wins or lose the match will be entertaining.

The Serbian star was born on June 30, 1990, and has been playing tennis from a very young age. Dusan is known to perform exceptionally well on clay grounds when competing with his unique playing techniques and strong groundstrokes.

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His best ATP ranking was #23, he also has a championship ATP Doubles title, we can surely say that he had some good runs in his carrier and some major wins.

With all that said, the question that his fans are asking is what tennis racquet do Dusan Lajovic uses? The Serbian tennis pro-players use the Wilson Pro Staff 97 Countervail tennis racquet in his games when competing. He then would use the Wilson Pro Overgrip as well for the additional firmness in the hand.

So before we get into the specific details of Dusan Lajovics beloved tennis racquet, lets us dive into just what the Wilson pro staff 97 countervail is all about and why it is on the radar of a few players other than Dusan Lajovic.

 The Wilson pro staff 97 countervail tennis racquet is its third iteration. This particular tennis racquet was developed with superstar Roger Federer in the year 2018. It is meant for intermediate and advanced powerful players looking for good stroke precision while still being able to maintain a good speed on the ball. 

What are the main benefits of using the Wilson pro staff 97 countervail tennis racquet:

  • the Wilson pro staff 97 countervail tennis racquet provides great control, precision and stability while playing.
  • the Wilson pro staff 97 countervail tennis racquet is really lightweight and very easily manoeuvrable and thus this allows for deep, heavy shots with great control.
  • the Wilson pro staff 97 countervail tennis racquet provides really precise and even strokes due to the small racquet head and thin frame at the square area.
  • the Wilson pro staff 97 countervail tennis racquet is reinforced with braided graphite in the frame which helps in reducing vibrations and providing better control.
  • the Wilson pro staff 97 countervail tennis racquet also provides better spin potential than the previous versions from all areas of the court.
  • the Wilson pro staff 97 countervail tennis racquet uses carbon fibre technology also known as countervailing that helps maintain better control during each shot. Due to this, there is a reduction in the impact of vibrations and also a reduction in muscle fatigue and injuries.
  • the Wilson pro staff 97 countervail tennis racquet is really beautiful and elegant to look at with a gorgeous black design and intricate white touches.

Let us get into some more details on Dusan Lajovic tennis racquet down below.

Dusan Lajovic Tennis Racquet Review

Pro Staff 97 Countervail Tennis Racket | Wilson Sporting Goods


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Wilson Pro Staff 97 Countervail tennis racquet

  • Head size 97 sq, in.
  • Length 27 in.
  • Steung weight 11.6 oz
  • Unstrung Weight: 11.1 oz
  • Balance 7pts HL
  • Flexibility 64
  • String pattern 16/19

The  Countervail material or model helps to reduce the vibration if the frame of the racquet giving the players using it better control and comfort. Most professional tennis players prefer this exact model for their professional games, it’s much smoother and lighter in the hand at the same time.

In regard power, it does pack a good amount of power in your swings you have to really hackly up yourself to get a powerful hit as you would have to with some of the other tennis racquets out there.

I personally think this tennis racquet is not well suited for players at a beginner’s level of the sport, it is best for you to have reached a mid-level performing skill level of the game to bet the best of what this tennis racquet has to offer. As a beginner, there are lots more to choose from to get you a bit more familiar with the game and the plays.

Can I Buy Dusan Lajovic Tennis Racquet?

Dusan Lajovic can be found on many platforms out there however we will not recommend buying from any and any of the outlets. We strictly recommend buying from the Wilson official tennis website or the local store and you can also visit the Amazon market store where I had recently seen the same exact tennis racquet sell at a cheaper price.


Thanks for reading a reaching to the end in our article what tennis racquet does Dusan Lajovic, as stated above he uses the Wilson Pro Staff 97 Countervail tennis racquet.

This tennis racquet is good and smooth playing tennis racquet as well am sure if you are at an mid-level playing range of the game you will love the feel it provides the user with.

All that said thanks for reading again and do remember to check out some of the other related articles that we have on here like, what tennis racquet do the Brayan brothers use.



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