11 Super Yellow Tennis Shoes That You Will Love!

Yellow Tennis Shoes

A Yellow Tennis shoe sort of stands out a bit. Especially when there is sunlight, make sure to stand out with these on!

Buying tennis shoes is a slightly technical subject. Yellow is a colour that glows in the light and makes a striking appearance! The fit, the sole, and the general comfort of the shoe are important considerations. Colour also is a factor. Although white is the most common one, coloured tennis shoes are now popular, and everybody likes to add some colour to their wardrobe and look.

Yellow tennis shoes are your best bet if you are looking to make a stylish appearance on the tennis court. Though a colour doesn’t really matter when it comes to shoes for highly demanding sporting activities, there is absolutely no harm in going the stylish way.

It adds colour to your heels and also a dash of colour to the court. However, the colour yellow is perhaps the one that shines the brightest in daylight. The sun’s rays enhance the yellow and make it bright. We have brought together a selection of yellow tennis shoes for your convenience and to lighten your mood.

What To Look For When Selecting Tennis Shoes

  • Comfort should obviously be your first and major criteria. Choose a pair that does not pinch.
  • Support is essential as well. Look for good arch support and toe space.
  • Flexibility should be paramount. Though sturdiness is a requirement, the shoes should also have some amount of give to adapt to your feet.
  • Your foot type is also something you must consider, more so if you have special needs, like a pronated foot or high arches.
  • Keep in mind your style of play as well. If you are an aggressive player or tend to use powerful backhands, you might need a more supportive sole.
  • The kind of court you are playing on will also matter here. Ensure that your new pair of shoes is conducive to the type of floor you will be working on.

Take a look at the list below and find your favourite shoe and the right shade of yellow.

Our Recommended & Handpicked List For Yellow Tennis Shoes:

  1. 18 Canvas Lace up Sneakers
    100% Cotton, yellow colour shoe available. Machine washable. Lace up closure provides for the best fit. It is an extremely comfortable shoe. Light and durable.
  2. KEEZMZ Casual Tennis Sneakers
    Yellow Colour shoes with MD sole and knitted lightweight fabric upper. Memory foam insole. Low top design makes it easy to wear and take off. Flexible and non-slip outsole.
  3. GSLMOLN Sport Tennis Sneakers
    Shoe has a synthetic sole. Super Breathable Mesh Vamp: Lightweight, Soft. Breathable and durable air mesh upper allows the foot to breathe.It has a Hollow Blade Sole, provides more comfort.
  4. Lugz Women's Bandit Yellow/White 6 B (M)
    These shoes have a slip-on construction with great elastic panels. They are round toed with a synthetic lining. They come with a lightly padded footbed and rubber outsole.
  5. Fila Sandblast Women Sneaker
    These shoes have a classic yet modern touch to it. The midsole adds durability. The matching lace colour brings an aesthetic update to these tennis shoes.
  6. Lugz Classic Canvas Sneaker
    They come with a rubber sole and padded insole. The upper body is made of canvas and is a breathable pair of shoes for regular wear.
  7. XINBANG Men's Running Shoes
    They come with a rubber sole,have ultra-light support and breathability which maximizes the upper part and always keeps feet dry and cool for maximum comfort.
  8. UMYOGO Women's Running Sneakers
    Sole is made of rubber material and possesses high durability for prolonging the wearing time of the shoes. They are breathable, durable and lightweight.
  9. Cull4U low-top Sneakers
    These are classic designs in the category of skate shoes. They come with a padded cushioning insole and a premium long lasting flexible outsole.
  10. ZGR Women’s Canvas
    They come with a rubber sole, durable and washable canvas and also two silver eyelets at the side ,to keep the feet comfy and breathable all day.
  11. MOSHA BELLE Running Shoes
    They come with a rubber sole and the stretchable mesh fabric that is very breathable and is well suited to keep your feet fresh for long hours.


Buying a pair of shoes might seem like a trivial decision, but not so much if you are into a competitive sport like tennis. Your shoes can be a great contributor to your win or loss. Breaking into your shoes will also be something of a challenge so ensure you make spare time for that as well. You can be assured of the highest quality when you go through the products we have listed. We do our homework well. 

So what are you waiting for? Have a great time browning through and keep our points in mind. You will be sure to land on something that you feel has been made for you.

Yellow tennis shoes galore in the list above. All designs and all sizes are there for you to go through. Just scroll up and down the list and take your pick for the best yellow tennis shoes of your choice!

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