We Can Tell You Why Do Tennis Players Wear Watches

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We have the answer to the alluring question, why do tennis players wear watches. Yes, they are sponsored. Know by whom and alot more on the topic. Visit us.

Tennis events normally draw a huge crowd especially when the professional players are taking part in those events/tournaments. On those days if you were to take notice of most the pro-players hands they would then show their presents sporting a top designers watch brand, are they just showing us how they spent their money or are they just flexing.

Why do tennis players wear watches? Tennis players sporting these high-end watches on those event days are been sponsored by the company of which they are marketing the watches for. Tennis matches pull a lot of people from all league of fanbases they have, the lower class, middle class, and the upper class all mixed based fans. There are fans that will see their favorite tennis stars wear a watch brand and purchase it the following or next day.

On that note there are tennis players who wear watches and are not been sponsored, they can just like watches and the watch doesn’t have to be an expensive watch as well. Some watches worn can also be heirloom watches that were passed down from generation to generation too. Others may simply wear the watch a form of good luck charm but the main reason why tennis players wear watches in matches is for the main fact of promoting the watch.

How Much A Tennis Players Gets Paid To Wear The Watches?

Why Do Tennis Players Wear Watches

The exact sum of money that a tennis player gets paid to wear the watches are unknow however we have and slight estimate. We know for a fact that they all get different amounts due to the different brand deals, take Rafael Nadel and Roger Federer as male pro-tennis players for example. Rafael Nadel was sporting a Richard Mille RM27-03 that cost £550k  while Roger Federer sported a Rolex GMT Mater ll that costs around  £11k.

Right there and we know for a fact who got the bigger sponsored deal, a tennis player can get millions off their watch deals. It all will be depending on the crowd you pull and the watch brand companies as well. In my personal opinion watch deals one some of the more easy-going deals that take little to no effort,  I mean you getting paid to wear a small watch on your hand, during the games and when you going out.

Serena Williams rocked an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Shore model That costs a flashing £45k if am to be right, the price may very well increase due to the time period of when she wore it in 2017. We can’t give an exact value on how much cash they receive but we can have an idea on the value of the watch these tennis players showcase, its always a larger figure of what the watches they are wearing costs.

Do Watches Get In The Way Of Playing Tennis?

If you are to take proper notices of the watches that tennis player plays in, the band of most are either rubber or leather. That provides a smooth lock on the hand while carrying little to no weight on the hand as well, this is just based on my opinion of what I’ve mostly seen. A next common thing to see they do is to wear the watch on their less dominant hand.

If a player was to choose between getting sponsored or playing professional they would choose their career over and sponsored deal. That said simply means that if the watches were getting in the way of their game they would not wear in or take the deals from the sponsored dealers. It’s clear from my point of view that it doesn’t really bother then as long as it’s on their less dominant hand.

There are pro players that also turn the deals down for reason we don’t know the answer to it could just simply means they might of think it would alter with their game. There are also players who play in watches that are not been sponsored as well, so it goes both ways some were for comfort and some wear it for cash.

Should The Watch Be Broken

In most sponsored case the does have to go in there pocket to fix the watch most of the time the sponsored company would then repair the watch at a free cost. At times they would place you with a new one however that’s not always the first or second choice.

How To Get A Sponsored Watch Deal In Tennis

Top Tennis Watches: 10 Expensive Watches Worn by Tennis Players

Getting a sponsored watch deal in tennis is not an easy task, you have to be one of the top professional players or new upcoming talent winning most of your games. To get deals like there not only by the watch companies but by other sponsored comprises out there you have to be performing excellently in your matches.

You can also be the crowd favorite and get sponsors even if you are not on the best form like the others, sponsored companies look for talented and influential players. There’s a lot of pro players with major sponsors we even have intermediate players with sponsors as well it just depends on how well you are doing in your matches.

Getting sponsored is a great additional input to your image as a professional tennis player it helps a lot in terms of exposure worldwide. Some deals are short while some are long, again it all depends on performance and how long that brand sees you being in top game form for.

The bottom line is ones you are performing good in all or most of your game you will surely get recognition and that will draw the right set of people to your side of getting a sponsored deal.

Other Sponsorships Tennis Players Might Secure

Watches are not the only item that tennis players have free of cost. Professional players, especially the ones high up in the ranks usually garner a large number of sponsors for various items. We have compiled a list that encompasses most of such items:

  • Apparel

Most of the time, high-end players will sport apparel that has been sponsored and paid for by top-notch companies. These contracts run into millions and most of the time they last for one to five years. Nike, Lacoste and Adidas are some common apparel sponsors.

  • Playing Gear

Racquets are often sponsored. It is rare for these sponsorships to change as most tennis players are used to a certain brand and they will not change. Wilson and Babolat seem to be the most common racquet sponsors.

  • Shoes

More often than not apparel sponsors also take care of the footwear of individuals. Most players will be provided with their playing apparel and shoes in the same kit and from the same company.

  • Automobiles

Though this is rare, some automobile companies, especially the ones that supply high-end luxury vehicles approach players and ask them to endorse their products. Often, they are provided with free vehicles that they just have to drive around in order to make sure that people see the cars. Mercedes Benz, Audi and Peugeot are some brands that are endorsed by tennis players.

Some Players Who Have Been Endorsing Watches

  • F.P. Journe is a luxury timepiece brand that sponsors Donna Vekic. The player has been seen regularly sporting their products during her matches.
  • Naomi Osaka has been sporting TAG Heuer since they signed a deal with her a few years ago.
  • Richard Mille has a specially crafted created for the ace Raphael Nadal and it is rare to see him on the court without it.


Thanks for reading our article on Why do tennis players wear watches I hope you understand and have learned for reading. Tennis has a large fanbase it’s no wonder so many luxury companies love to advertise their expensive items at the events. The professional player gain from advertising their sport wears, the larger event would have loads of competitors all in one showing there best and most expensive item.

A tennis fan is a fan for life, do remember you can check out our other related articles and best buyers guides for all you need as a beginners, intermediate and professional world of tennis.

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