Know Why Do Tennis Players Apologizes On Net Balls

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Tennis is by far one of the world leading sports and are constantly growing bigger and bigger each year. Whether you play tennis like myself or you’re just a huge fan of the sport that enjoy watching Grand Slam tournaments on the TV, there is a question that most people seem to ask during the match. Why do tennis players apologizes on net balls?

These days it seems you would be able to hit net ball on every shot. However, in reality that’s not possible, but why should you as a player apologize when you actually try hitting the best possible shot you can make? There are many reasons why players tends to do that and that’s what we will be explaining in this brief guide.

Why do tennis players apologizes on net balls? The number one reason most tennis players apologize whenever they hit a net ball is to actually show respect to their opponent who didn’t get a fair chance to return the shot. A player way of showing respect is by raising his/her hand or racquet and acknowledge a stroke of luck. As you can see tennis have a tradition of great sportsmanship and acknowledging that you were lucky is actually a part of it.

Why Should You Apologize on Net Balls

Why do tennis players apologizes on net balls

Sportsmanship: You should keep in mind that tennis is one of the most respectable sports in the world, from the start in 1900s until now. Base on history, tennis has always been a sport known for great sportsmanship. When you hit a ball that mistakenly hits the net and is impossible to return by your opponent, you should show respect by raising your hand and apologize for having luck. It can overwhelming when it happens, but when your opponent take up their hand and apologizes, this shows great sportsmanship and it becomes less frustrating.

Fair Play: Whenever the ball accidentally hits the net during your gameplay, it actually prevents your opponent from making a return. The apology you did while raising your hand is what make everything better and it also shows that you didn’t get a fair play opportunity.

A Gentlemen’s Act: As we all know by now, Tennis is a real gentlemen’s sport and apologizing for having extra luck is apart of being a gentlemen. If you mistakenly hit a net ball that is not possible to return by your opponent, it’s a gentlemen move to say sorry to your opponent to have lots of luck. This is why tennis is considered to be one of the most respectable sport and by apologizing to your opponent for accidentally hitting a net ball, you eventually show respect for the opponent.

Are Tennis Players Actually Sorry For Hitting the Net?

As mentioned earlier, when a tennis player mistakenly hit the ball on the net during a match, they normally take up their hand and apologize to their opponent. But the question is, are they really sorry or it is just an act?

I can’t speak for all but in my opinion I believe most players are actually sorry whenever they hit the ball on the net. I personal raise my hand in the air whenever I actually hit the net, but if I’m really sorry or not at the moment usually depends on the situation. For example if I’m playing with a friend or family and I constantly hit net balls, then yes I would feel sorry for hitting the net, because we are playing for fun and the results isn’t that important most of the times.

But it is totally different in a competitive match. I would certainly hit net balls all the time if that was possible. I really don’t feel sorry for hitting the net, just happy that I was lucky. But I still show respect by raising my hand or racquet so that my opponent can feel respected, since I would want the same. If you don’t apologize for hitting net ball, the opponent will definitely notice. But I think the main reason most players apologize is because it is actually the thing to do and no one want to stand out from the rest.

Professional Tennis Players Thought on Net Balls and Apologizing

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Roger Federer: “I think it’s a bit exaggerated to actually do it every single time it happens”

Maria Sharapova: “I’m really sorry, and the reason is because I’d rather have finished it on a outright winner”

Fabio Fognini: “I tend to do it most of time because it’s the norm in tennis”

Liezel Huber: “I think it is totally unfair when you get criticized for not apologizing because I truly don’t think anybody is sorry”

Should You Apologize For Hitting Net Balls?

Even though it is the norm to that you should apologize for hitting net balls, there isn’t a one way answer to this question since most people have their own personal opinion. I think it is up to the person, if you would love the opponent to apologize when they hit a net ball, you should do it as well. If you don’t care if the opponent apologizes when they hit a net ball because they still won the point and you know deep down that they aren’t actually sorry, then you shouldn’t feel forced to apologize.

As Roger Federer would say, it’s a little bit exaggerated to apologize all the time. If you hit a net ball on a set ball, I would be actually be disappointed if you didn’t apologize. But on a normal ball, it’s all up to you if you want to apologize by showing respect or not. It’s totally unfair that most tennis players gets criticized for not saying sorry to their opponents, when they aren’t sorry at all.

My personal opinion on this topic is this; if you are deep down sorry, then you should apologize to your opponent by raising your hand or racquet. But, if you aren’t sorry for hitting the net and you think you have to apologize because it is the norm in tennis, then you should not apologize.

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