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There’s no harm in talking about and admiring the wealth that our famous tennis start collect. Look at Venus Williams and all that she has earned till now.

Venus Williams is the eldest sister and she has had a very remarkable career in the tennis industry, even when she isn’t in the spotlight sometimes and a fans are sometimes distracted by Serena. Venus, was once the number one player in the world, she has a sum of seven Grand Slam singles titles underneath her belt already and 14 Grand Slam doubles titles in the collection. Just as relevant, she has also earned a name for herself in quite a lot of different aspects leading to considerable fortune.

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Before we dive into her net worth and various brand endorsements, let us take a peek into her early life.

Venus Ebony Starr Williams was born on 17  June  1980 in Lynwood California. She started playing tennis at a young age and her talent in tennis was apparent to all around her by the age of 7. Her family soon moved to Florida so that she and her sister Serena could get better training in tennis. However, her parents who are both tennis legends in their own right noticed this intensive tennis training interfering in their school work and soon their father Richard Williams started coaching them.

When it comes to playing style, Venus is known for her aggression on the court. She possesses powerful groundstrokes and is capable of hitting both her forehand and backhand flat and with topspin. Her serve is powerful, allowing her to serve numerous aces in any match. She also possesses effective kick and slice serves, which she deploys as second serves, preventing opponents from scoring free points. Due to her all-court game, Williams is able to hit winners from any position on the court. 

What is Venus Williams net worth? The net worth of Venus Williams hovers around $100 million currently in her career. She’s not just the second all-time with $42 million in prize money, also endorsement deals and business ventures which have assisted her in so many ways throughout the years. As it draws near to her birthday when she will become 40 years old, her growth continues as a businesswoman.

Career Prize Money Earnings

Venus Williams net worth

Venus Williams first appeared into the tennis industry as a professional at the age of only14 years old. She played sparingly for some years, before he made her appearance at the 1997 Grand Slam tournament. At the end of the summer, she went straight through to the US Open final, where she lost to Martina Hingis. However it was in the year 2000 she had won her very first Grand Slam title, and by that time, her sister was assisting to help create the most talented combo in tennis.

In Williams career she always seems to be more skillful on quicker courts. Although she had already made to the final once before at the French Open, she was both composed and relaxed on the grass at Wimbledon, and very quick on hard courts such as the US Open. She has shown appreciation to one of the players who really introduce the power game and tennis for female in the tennis world, as she’s better known as a mighty baseliner with solid volleys and remarkable court coverage.

Another powerful contributor to her gaining has to be appreciated for her work for battling for equal prize earnings. She has done also many campaigning to ensure women are treated fairly and equally as the men at major tournaments. She was not alone in the battle, but she led point that has opened up the opportunity for a lot of different women to win a lot more prize money further on down.


Venus isn’t doing as well as Serena regarding to her career with endorsement deals, however that isn’t all relevant. She is very merchantable, and will potentially keep on making endorsement deals when she decides it’s her time to walk away from the sport.

Clothing Sponsors

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There’ve been options throughout the years for Venus, which involves a very fruitful deal with Reebok when she began. But, as soon as more success started on tour, she began a another path of love of hers: fashion.

Which finally led to having a clothing brand of her own, that goes by the name of EleVen. She wears many new outfits for every tournament which suits her special and unique style. It permit her to have some what of freedom that only a few other players can say they posses while on tour.

Her company doesn’t create a shoe, so she stays around with a shoe sponsorship deal with Nike. It’s quite brilliant, since Nike has her sister under an endorsement deal at the moment. The deal with Nike isn’ close as the one as Serena gets for evident reasons, However they still do compensate her for endorsing their shoes.

Racquet Sponsors

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Venus and Serena Williams has been in companionship with Wilson throughout their whole career. Venus have played with a few other racquets in her career, ranging from the Hammer 6.2 stretch racquet early on, up to the to the present Wilson Blade 104. 

Not like many different manufacturers, Wilson tries maintaining the precise specifications that pros uses to play with their stock releases. Every player can get comparatively near to the precise racquet that Venus Williams plays with when on tour.

Other Endorsements

There are a lot of different companies that went to Venus, she has options to which one attract her most. There isn’t any shortages of companies fascinated in working with her personally, or as a team with her sister.

The past companies which had signed with in includes Kraft, Ralph Lauren, Tide, Electronic Arts, etc. There will not be as many options and chances for her once she decides to retire from the sport, even though it all depends on how much she is involved in the culture overall.

Other Wealth Contributors

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As an entrepreneur, Venus Williams chose many other opportunities here and there. She a CEO of an interior design firm called V Starr Interiors. Majority of her work is local to the South Florida region, however it hasn’t stop to gain success.

Her fashion line that was mentioned earlier has been around since 2007, and she thrives to grow it each and every year. It’s not making a load of cash, but the growth continues as an alternative choice for not just athletic clothing, but true fashion also.

Miami Dolphins are part owned by both Venus and Serena so they do bring forth some revenue from that. They the first African-American women to become and gain some type of ownership of an NFL franchise.

Finally, there is no stopping to make residuals off of her first book, which is titled “Come To Win; On How Sports Can Help You Top Your Profession.” It wouldn’t be a shockerto see her debut future books down the road, more likely after she decides to retire.

Future Outlook

There isn’t anyone who realistically see Venus Williams as a definite Grand Slam threat on tour again. As 40 years old is on the approach majority of her games is due to love of the sport. It’s not sure how long she will continue to play, but she has all right to decide when to leave the game and not pressured in doing so.

The day she does decide to walk away from playing there will be plenty of opportunities for her in many different sectors. She can make the case as one of the top influential tennis players to ever play the sport of tennis, just simply by seeing other things she’s accomplished throughout her amazing career.

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Now that you have reached the end of this article, I am sure you know all there is to know about Venus Williams. There is no doubt that her immense talent, skill and determination has taken her tennis career to great heights. Though being diagnosed with Sjogren’s syndrome which is an autoimmune disease in 2011 has slowed her down, she still plays tennis occasionally and makes most of her money from the various brands she endorses. She is also largely credited as leading the fight towards equal pay in sports and she was also the first woman who benefited from the equalisation of the prize money at Wimbledon

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