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Venus is a star, does she keep getting better. If you love everything about this dusky beauty, head over to our site to read about Venus Williams Tennis Racquet.

Venus William’s is considered by many people to not only be one of the greatest tennis players of all time, but also one of the greatest sports women in the history of sport. The best part is that she has a total of 49 titles to her name and 7 of them being grand slam titles, it’s pretty safe to say that she had an amazing journey. Despite achieving all her success on the court, she have always known to be in the shadow of her little sister, Serena Williams.

Venus Williams tennis racquet

Even though most of her career has a been showdow banned by her sister, she is still known to be one of the most popular players in the world of tennis. With all the popularity and success she have achieved over the years, a lot of people starts to wonder what racquet she uses to compete and dominate all her games. Don’t worry, in this article we will be going through everything you need to know.

So, what racquet does Venus Williams use? It may be surprising but Venus Williams actually plays with the Wilson Blade 104. She also strings her racquet with Wilson Natural Gut and she even uses the Wilson Pro Overgrip on the Blade 104.

So before we get into the specifics of Venus Williams tennis racquet, let us take a look at some of the features of the Wilson blade 104 tennis racquet.


The main features of the Wilson Blade 104 tennis racquet are:

  • The Wilson Blade 104 tennis racquet is considered to be the perfect racquet from the blade series as it is the perfect blend of feel, power, flexibility and stability.
  • The Wilson Blade 104 tennis racquet is really top- notch when it comes to its looks with its dynamic, color-shifting elastic finish that morphs between shades of green and copper.
  • The Wilson Blade 104 tennis racquet has been integrated with parallel drilling technology. By drilling the grommet holes parallel to the strings, the power of the strokes is improved and it also improves string movement.
  • The elastic and reactive material combination of braided graphite and basalt improves the flex of the Wilson Blade 104 tennis racquet to increase the ball contact with the strings and provide greater control and enhanced feel.
  • The Wilson Blade 104 tennis racquet has a large sweet spot that offers optimal precision and power.
  • The Wilson Blade 104 tennis racquet features feelflex which is a carbon mapping technology that adds torsional stability to the racquet.
  • The Wilson Blade 104 tennis racquet is an extended length racquet that offers great manoeuvrability, spin and control.

Venus Williams Racquet Specs

Wilson Blade 104 - Used Tennis Racquet (7/10)

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These are all the specs of the Wilson Blade 104. I was unable to find how she customize her racquet.

  • Head: 104 square inches
  • Length: 27.5 inches
  • Weight: 10.8oz / 306.17g
  • Balance: 5 pts Head Light
  • String Pattern: 18×19
  • Construction: 22.5mm/22.5mm/22.5mm
  • Flex: 59
  • Swing Weight: 309

Can You Buy Venus Williams Tennis Racquet?

The good news is that the Blade 104 is currently one of the most popular tennis racquet on the WTA tour, and especially at the recreational level. It’s a great option for both beginners at the game and advanced players. It gives you a lot of control while not interfering with the spin or power.

If you’re planning on buying Venus Williams racquet, you should make sure you purchase the right version, because there are many different types out there on the market as we speak. The Wilson Blade 104 is currently available on many different online stores and the price differs a lot it all depends on where you choose to buy the racquet. As I’m writing this review, I found the best and safest way to purchase this racquet is on Amazon. You can also check other stores for example your local store in your neighborhood for the best deals as well.


So, as you can see from our article above, there is a lot more to the Wilson Blade 104 tennis racquet than just its head turning looks. No wonder it is such a favourite of not only Venus Williams but a lot of other tennis greats. This particular tennis racquet is so popular that it is easily available for purchase everywhere. So go through our article and buy it if it has all the features you are looking for to improve your game.


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