Use Gift Ideas For Tennis Elbow VS Golf Elbow!

Tennis Elbow VS Golf Elbow

There is no such sportsperson who has never heard of tennis elbow vs golf elbow because both occur due to excessive hand movement.

Tennis Elbow vs Golf Elbow

Both tennis elbow and golf elbow are common health issues among sportspersons. It happens due to excessive arm movement during practise or matches. Tennis elbow takes place outside the elbow, and golf elbow affects inside. This article will discuss the best gift ideas for a person suffering from either of these two. Those gifts will be beneficial for them to lower the pain and irritation they are undergoing. And, nothing can beat the need for a useful gift.

Tennis elbow is an irritation in the muscles near the elbow area. Immense pain can be stopped by taking rest, physiotherapy, and treatment.

Essentially it is a type of swelling of the tendons or the tissues that connect your muscles to the bones resulting in pain in the elbow and wrist. This pain will usually occur when you lift something, make a fist or shake hands or even while opening a door. Any repetitive gripping movement such as gripping the tennis racquet during a swing can put a stress on the muscles, if this is not corrected, it can result in microscopic tears in the muscle.

 Though it is called tennis elbow, it is not necessarily restricted to the game of tennis and can even occur after fencing, weight lifting, carpentry, typing, painting or knitting. As already seen, tennis elbow is easily diagnosed and treated and once recovery occurs and the elbow no longer feels painful, you can return to your previous level of activity. When it comes to prevention, the main thing is to avoid overuse, stop the activity if you feel any pain in the elbow and always remember to stretch out your wrist and elbow before doing any repetitive movements.

9 Best Tennis Elbow Support Products:

  1. Bird & Cronin Tennis Elbow
    Latex-free tennis elbow support band is easy to wear by its loop and lock technique. Its lightweight and supercool look has made it amazing choice for tennis elbow treatment.
  2. Deep Tissue Arm Massager
    This deep tissue massager is an amazing self-massage tool for tennis elbow, tendonitis and arthritis patients. It is mainly effective for wrist and muscle pain recovery and relief purpose.
  3. Arris Elbow Ice Pack Wrap
    This Velcro strap induced ice pack wrap contains two ice gel pack and ensures perfect compression effect between gel and effected elbow, that mainly helps to reduce swelling and muscle pain.
  4. Muscle Stimulator
    Physiotherapists are recommending these muscle stimulators more and more nowadays for its drug free pain relief property. Adjustable timer, rechargeable battery and lifetime warranty are some added benefits.
  5. Orthoman ROM Elbow Brace
    This elbow brace is equally useful for tennis elbow and after surgery support purposes. It is made of breathable laminated good foam and ROM can be adjusted by simple hinge settings.
  6. Lonnie Brace-Elbow Brace
    A flexible, comfortable and compression elbow brace designed by neurologists having special expertise in nerve and muscle related problems is a perfect choice for tennis elbow pain relief.
  7. SIMIEN Rubber Twist Bar
    3 tubes and 3 resistances helps you to face versatile bone or muscle injuries apart from tennis elbow. Besides healing pain it helps to reduce the chance of future injury.
  8. Neoprene Tennis Elbow Sleeve
    Each elbow sleeve is nearly 3.6 pounds and a pack comes with 3 sleeves in it. Easily flexible and comfortable material helps to get faster relief from pain and muscle swelling.
  9. Dr. Bakst Magnetic Elbow
    This easily hand washable, magnetic elbow support provides nearly 30000 Gauss deep penetration compression to heal and cope up with elbow and muscle pain caused by tennis elbow.

In the case of the golf elbow, the pain takes place inside the elbow while hands and fingers become weak and stiff.

Essentially it is a type of swelling of the tendons or the tissues that connect your forearm muscles to the elbow resulting in pain on the inner part of the elbow and it can even extend into the forearm. Golfer’s elbow is usually caused by overusing the muscles in your forearm, which lets you grip, rotate your arm, and flex your wrist. Repetitive flexing, gripping, or swinging can cause tiny tears in the tendons.

 Though it is called golfers elbow, it is not necessarily restricted to the game of golf and can even occur after throwing movements such as in archery, baseball, javelin throwing, weight training and even in construction. the diagnosis and treatment is similar to tennis elbow and  avoiding overuse of the muscles is important to prevent it.

5 Best Golf Elbow Support Products:

  1. RDX Neoprene Compression Band
    Neoprene made, softly padded compression band is equipped with stress resistant cable. It turns on with just turning the knob and helps to reduce stress, fatigue and elbow relief.
  2. Elbow Wrap 1823
    This elbow wrap is specially designed to maintain fitness and to reduce muscle and elbow pain caused by tennis elbow. It provides compression and support to elbow during sleeping time.
  3. Golf Elbow Support Pad
    Rubber band brace, equipped with Velcro closure is comfortable and easy to use. It helps to reduce golf elbow pain so that you can remain active in your sports.
  4. Aircast Pneumatic Armband
    Beige coloured, golf elbow armband containing pre-inflated air cell that ensures proper muscle compression to provides a pure relief and healing. It helps to reduce chronic injuries too.
  5. Bodyprox Elbow Brace
    This compression gel pad is mainly made of EVA and nylon that makes it comfortable to wear. A Velcro strap attached to it makes it easier to brace anywhere.


So, now you are well-equipped with a handful of the best products that can help heal tennis elbow and golf elbow, whether you are facing it for long or have just started to face the symptoms. These products not only reduce pain but also help to reduce swelling in the affected area.

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