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When playing tennis is all that is on your mind, you will constantly be on the lookout for a good racquet. The Sam Querrey Tennis Racquet is a good option.

The tennis player Sam Querrey have been for quite some time now one of the best players in the United Kingdom. Querrey is known by many to have a very powerful forehand and big serve, making him a very strong opponent for any player on the ATP Tour. Though he may not have the most entertaining playing style on the court, when it comes to effectiveness, it’s pretty hard to compete against him.

One thing for sure is that Sam Querrey have really maxed out his potential on the court and that’s what many people admire about him. With his powerful strokes, you have many people asking, what tennis racquet he uses to gain all that power. That’s what we will be going through in this article.

Sam Querrey's Racquet |

What tennis racquet does Sam Querrey actually use? Sam Querrey currently plays with the Babolat Aeropro Drive that is painted in a way to make it look similar to the Babolat Pure Aero tennis racquet. Querrey also strings his racquets with Luxilon Alu Power in the mains and crosses. Querrey have been using this tennis racquet for quite some time now and doesn’t seem to be changing it anytime soon in the future.

So before we get into the specifics of Sam Querrey’s tennis racquet, let us look at some of the features of this tennis racquet.

The main features of the Babolat Aeropro drive tennis racquet:

  • The Babolat Aeropro drive tennis racquet is meant for intermediate and advanced players looking to improve their game and upgrade their skills.
  • The Babolat Aeropro drive tennis racquet is often called a balanced racquet as it offers great power, spin, control and manoeuvrability.
  • The Babolat Aeropro drive tennis racquet contains aero modular technology that reduces air resistance and improves swings.
  • The Babolat Aeropro drive tennis racquet also has a large head which produces a large sweet spot.
  • The Babolat Aeropro drive tennis racquet features a pulley and piston system located in the grommets which helps extend the ball impact and allows the strings to move freely.
  • The Babolat Aeropro drive tennis racquet also features woofer technology that improves spin and feel.
  • The Babolat Aeropro drive tennis racquet also contains cortex system technology in its handle that helps to filter out excessive vibrations generated during ball impact. The reduced vibrations allow for better stability while playing and also help to reduce discomfort experienced in the arm, elbow and wrist.
  • The Babolat Aeropro drive tennis racquet features a new fresh vibrant design that is eye catching and elegant to look at.

Sam Querrey Tennis Racquet Specs


Same as most tennis players, Sam Querrey doesn’t play with the racquet that you think he actually plays with. He actually play with the Babolat Aeropro Drive that is customize to fit his playing style. It is safe to say that he have added some weight in the head, and the grip got some added weight as well. Not only that, but the grip is formed and customize to his needs.

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Babolat Aeropro Drive Specifications

  • Head Size: 100 square inches
  • Length: 27 inch
  • Weight (strung): 11.3 oz / 320g
  • Balance: 4pts HL
  • Flex: 69
  • String Pattern: 16×19
  • Swingweight: 316

Can You Buy the Sam Querrey Tennis Racquet?

The first thing you should know is that the Babolat Aeropro Drive is not currently on the market anymore, so finding one that is brand new is pretty much impossible. However, you may find a few used ones listed on site like prostocktennis and Ebay. You should visit these sites and test your luck today.

If you are interested in other Babolat racquet that looks pretty similar to the one that Sam Querrey plays with, you can easily find them on the market.

However, the price if the racquet may differ depending on where you choose to buy it from, but base on research, we found Amazon to be the cheapest marketplace at the moment. What you can do is look around and compare the prices if you are on a tight budget, because the prices are frequently changing.


The Babolat Aeropro drive tennis racquet is known for being a well balanced racquet. While it might be discontinued, there are several others that offer almost all the same features as this one. However, if you are keen to get your hands on the same tennis racquet that Sam Querrey uses, then you will surely find it if you look hard enough, as you have already guessed from reading this article, it is well worth it.

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