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A good tennis racquet is half the battle won. The Marin Cilic tennis racquet is one that will stand by you at every match. Get one and be a winner daily.

Marin Cilic is one of those tennis players that you will not forget, this pro tennis player has 18 titles to his name including a major grand slam title won in the 2014 US. Opens. His current ranking ow is #37 however his best ranking factor in the ATP was #3, so you can see why I say he will be in the history books of tennis best players in the world no matter what form he is on.

Marin Cilic is known on the tennis court to be a heavy hitter but the question of the day is what tennis racquet does Marin Cilic uses to get such power?

He plays with the Head Microgel Radical MP ( Pro-Version), he normally strings his tennis racquet with the Babolat VS Touch Natural Gut 16 for the main and uses the Luxilon Alu Power for the cross.

Marin Cilic Tennis Racquet - Updated for 2021!

The tennis racquet he uses is a bit confusing to the eyes if you are not fully aware of what has been done to the tennis racquet. The racquet is also designed to look like the Head Graphene Touch Prestige Mid

Lets us jump into the specs of this specific tennis racquet that the pro-star is currently using up to this very day.

So before we jump to the nitty-gritty of Marin Cilic’s tennis racquet, let us see what are the general features of the head microgel radical MP tennis racquet that makes it such a favorite of Marin Cilic and many other tennis greats.

The main features of the head microgel radical MP tennis racquet are

  • The head microgel radical MP tennis racquet is the best option for intermediate tennis players looking to advance their game as it offers a great feel and controllable power.
  • The head microgel radical MP tennis racquet is fitted with microgel which is a silicon-based low-density material that is combined with stiff carbon fibres. This ensures that the force is uniformly distributed around the frame on ball impact thus providing greater stability and control.
  • The head microgel radical MP tennis racquet is fitted with wider cross strings that provide greater control and power.
  • The head microgel radical MP tennis racquet contains innegra fibres that are integrated into the racquet to enable better shock absorption and stability.
  • The head microgel radical MP tennis racquet is really lightweight thus reducing the strain and pressure to the arm, elbow and wrist.
  • The head microgel radical MP tennis racquet also features a good cushion grip that provides a comfortable grip, good airflow and better sweat absorption.
  • The head microgel radical MP tennis racquet is fitted with a wider head shape which in turn provides a large sweet spot that enables a larger and better hitting area.
  • The head microgel radical MP tennis racquet is one of the best selling tennis racquets available today.
  • The head microgel radical MP tennis racquet is a real head-turner when it comes to the look as it has a really elegant and beautiful design on it thus giving it a really pleasing look and aesthetic feel.

Marin Cilic Tennis Racquet Review


Head MicroGEL Radical Oversize Racquets

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Head Microgel Radical MP ( Pro-Version) TGK 231.3

  • Head size 98 sq, in.
  • Length 27.
  • Strung weight 11.5 oz.
  • String pattern 16/19
  • Balance 4pts HL
  • String tension 50-60

This specific tennis racquet is perfect for intermediate to advanced players that are looking good power and stability. The string pattern helps to provide the player with the ability to generate adequate sins to the ball as well as maintaining power.

There not many players that customize their tennis racquet like this however it played very well on the tennis court and its not too heavy. If you watch Marin Cilic games as I do you see it gives him no problems when moving around on the tennis court.

Can I Buy Marin Cilic Tennis Racquet?

This specific Head Microgel Radical MP TGK 231.3 model is one of the hardest tennis racquets to get on the market. So far I have only seen it on the official head tennis website or you can check eBay to see the price differences as well as the Amazon store.

There are models that players the same as this tennis racquet however they are not the same the exact one as I mentioned above is hard to get, when you do see them in stock the price will be heavy as the racquet.


Thanks for reaching the end in our article of what tennis racquet does Marin Cilic uses. We do hope we have cleared up the confusion about what tennis racquet he uses because most people are not fully away due to the customization that was done to his tennis racquet.

The racquet is available on small scale so be sure to be frequently checking to see when the availability is open on the tennis racquet. Thanks again and do remember to check out a few of the other articles that we have on here like, Karoline Pliskova’s tennis racquet and more.

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