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If you like to wear what the stars are wearin, the Juan Martín Del Potro Tennis Shoes are just the right thing for you. Take a look at them on our site.

Caught by the eyes of  Ugo Colombini the Argentine tennis player Juan Martín del Potro was set for greatness from a young age. He then improved that when he won a grand slam by defeating Roger Federer at the U.S open in 2009, he also was granted the title of Argentina’s Sportsman of that same year.

The pro-tennis player Juan Martín del Potro was very tall he is said to be 6ft6 (198cm) tall a height like that am sure he would have made it in the basketball team if he tried.

Juan Martin del Potro weathers early Paris storm to beat Nicolas Jarry | TENNIS.com - Live Scores, News, Player Rankings

That aside the pro-tennis player was or should I is branded as one of the best tennis players to have hot the tennis court. Even up to this very day his name is among the very best and will be written down in the history books as top tennis players to have hit the tennis court.

Juan Martín del Potro is known to be seen in one specific shoe brand model and type on the tennis court when competing a match. Its either his lucky show or it plays that comfortable, it could also be a sponsored brand deal as well however we know he likes it.

Was it his shoe that contributed to his success on the tennis court with those quick reaction movements? The pro-tennis player wears a Nike Air Zoom Cage 3 and would normally switch to the clay version of the Cage 3.

Let us get into some more details and specs about his shoe.

So, before we take a detailed look at the specifics of Juan Martin del Potro’s tennis shoes, let us look at how you can choose the right tennis shoes for yourself.

Choose the right tennis shoes based on the below

  • Based on the playground: Playgrounds such as Clay, grass and hard courts all have a different feel while playing. It is therefore important to choose shoes that will handle well on the court that you favour the most. So for a Clay court, choose shoes with a herringbone pattern on the sole that will keep clay out but still provide a good grip on the court. For a Hardcourt, choose shoes that are durable and that will give good grip and for Grass court, choose shoes that are flexible and have nubs on their sole so that they do not slip.
  • Based on your feet: Choosing tennis shoes based on your feet is really important as every person’s feet are unique and have different needs. If you normally notice a lot of wear around the inner side of the sole this means your foot is pronated, always choose a shoe with extra cushioning. If you normally notice a lot of wear around the outer side of the sole this means your foot is supinated, so choose shoes that are durable. If there is even wear all around the shoe then you have ideal or neutral feet. Choose any tennis shoes that are comfortable for you.
  • Based on game style: Choosing the right tennis shoes should also be done based on playing style as shoes vary based on if you are a baseline player or a serve and volley player.For baseline players shoes with good lateral support work best. For serve and volley players shoes with good toe cushioning are perfect.



Juan Martín del Potro Tennis Shoes Review

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  • Available in a numerous amount of colors
  • Nike Air Zoom
  • Lightweight cushioning and stability
  • Modified herringbone outsole
  • Best for hard court surfaces
  • External heel clip
  • Flexible support
  •  Kurim material
  • Durable

If you have been taking full notice of the tennis matches you will see this specific shoe on a lot of their feet because of how well-fitting, comforting, and flexible this show is while still;l being lightweight. Professional tennis player Rafael Nadal plays in this specific mile standing as well that’s to show you that its differently a pro-league playing tennis shoes.

Nike has done a good job like always we all know the Nike brand is a major-league shoe brand so I guess they know exactly what to do when designing quality shoes, however, I think Nike has done this especially for the tennis players with this model.

This model is comforting on the foot, flexible and easy to move around in, with all those fast movements on the tennis court it prevents your ankle from getting damaged that easy. As I mentioned this is a well-made shoe especially for tennis players.

I totally recommend buying this if you are thinking of going professional or even if you play a lot of games, it doesn’t even have to be competitive games. It is not a doubt that this tennis shoe will give you a better feeling on the tennis court when moving around and we know for a fact that there are loads of movements that occur on the tennis court.

Can I Buy Juan Martín Del Potro Tennis Shoe?

It is available on multiple platforms out there you can visit the official Nike store and look for the Nike Zoom Cage 3 it is easily found there. The other platform that you could get it at a cheaper cost would be the Amazon market place or eBay, those are the two other recommended secure sources I would recommend apart from the Nike stores or online sites.


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