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Ever wondered how tennis players qualifies for grand slams? All that and more will be explained in a short while from now.  The grand slam events also known as majors are the four largest yearly events in the world of tennis that all professional tennis players strive to be a part of.

The four-events consist of the Australian opening, this event would occur in January, the French opening is also known as Roland Garros which would then take part in May, The Wimbledon occurring in July and the U.S openings in September. These events are on the largest scale of where the fans get to see their favorite tennis players in action all in one place.

Each one of these events normally lasts a bit over two weeks playing period with a grand prize of the highest prize money in the world of tennis.  And the question pops up again how tennis players qualifies for grand slams?  The grand slam consists of 128 players, the three (3) ways you can be qualified is by ranking among the top 104 that has signed up for grand slam, wild card selection or by winning three qualifying rounds.

Those are the three and only ways of how a player gets the entry of playing in the grand slam tennis events, lets get into the more details down below.

How Tennis Players Qualifies For Grand Slams?


how tennis players qualifies for grand slams

This is where most of the tennis players will be selected from, the grand slam event has an open slot for 128 players, out of that 104 players will be selecting from the rankings to hold their slot. The ranking procedure is where most players will be nominated to hold their spot withing the 128 open entry slots. Once that has been completed there will only be 24 slots leave and there are hundreds of thousands of professional tennis player that competes.

The next thing, if a player has been selected to be in the 104 ranking selection and is not able to take part in the even anymore the player with the 105 numbers lot would then gets to take that person place, it goes the same if 2 or more players can’t play the counting upwards over the 104 numbers would then get entry.

Protected Ranking

When a ranked qualified player is injured they can apply for protected ranking this would mean that after a player was damaged and on a 6-month injury leave, on returning they can use their previous ranking score factor that was protected and earn their safe spot back in the tournament.


There will only be 16 available slots in this qualifying round, to a part of that you must be the victor of 3 rounds to earn a title to the main event. In this competition, there will be a sum of 128 players as well and only 16 will be qualified. This event is no joke and highly competitive you cannot be joking around when the slot spaces are so tight.

A player can win the grand slam after going through the qualifying rounds and wins 10 matches in a row. I think that just something you would want to know however that task if not an easy task especially with all the world biggies and best tennis players competing.

In woman qualifying singles there will be three rounds played by 96 entrants, in male/female doubles only one round will be played and will be consistent with eight pairs with only four winners advancing.

Rules For Women/Doubles

There is a slight difference in the rules of the game when it comes to doubles and women participants. There are 96 entrants among whom, three rounds of the game are played. There are surely a couple of vacancies that occur between the last rounds of the qualifying matches and the starting of the main tournament. The players who fall into this category are termed as “lucky losers”. 

Players are selected from the third round of the qualifiers in order of the rankings they achieve.

Be it men competing or women when it comes to the doubles category only one round is allowed to be played by eight pairs, and four winners are allowed to advance onwards.

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Here are the most common factors that allow wildcard entrants to be selected for the Grand Slam:

  • Special attention is paid to the young talents who have performed exceptionally over the year.
  • Players from the home country are given a preference as well, depending on where the tournament is being held.
  • Players that have held high rankings in the past but may be suffering from difficulties in the form are duly considered as well.
  • Another point of consideration is players who have a large fan base and draw in good crowds.
  • A special few places are reserved for aces who have won the tournament a number of times in the past and those that are considered legends of the game.

Exchange Wildcards

As the name suggests, this is a simple exchange system that is followed, when players from different countries are given a chance on the basis of exchange.

A hypothetical example here is a French player being given a chance for the US Open and an American player being given an opportunity a few months later in the French Open. 

How Tennis Players Qualifies For Grand Slams?

Let’s get the 104 persons that were selected in the rankings out the way those slots are fully taken. To qualify for qualifiers you must be ranked 105-232. Within that batch of competitors the players that wind three rounds will be granted with a ticket to the main draw at the grand slam tournaments, only 16 players will benefit from this.

Wild Cards

There are 8 slots available for players that have been wildcard chosen, these are selected by the tournament hosters. They normally try to keep a stable selecting in terms of young upcoming talent, the crowd favorites, tournament legends, and all those types. A player that is selected as wild card won’t be a participant in the qualifying rounds as well they will be selected straight.

A next cannon thing to occur in the wild card choosing are wild card swaps, the grand slam event can also give a wildcard pick from either of the 4 event taken place crowd-pleasers or young upcoming talents.

Do Tennis Players Pay To Enter The Grand Slam?

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This question is been poping a lot especially by new tennis players, the grand slam tournaments are the biggest and most paid prize winner event in the world. A player cannot buy their way in on having a slot, you have to take part in the ranking, qualifying or been picked as the wild card to be apart of this event.

We have to say that everyone that has got a slot in the 128 spots in the event comes about as all winners, the player that first to drop out will still receive something if it’s even booking in a high-class hotel for the stay until the end of the event. So again you cannon buy your way in an organization that’s as rich ah this, it’s a competitive competition for the best of the best to show their tablet and be rewarded.

Grand Slam Tennis Events

Australian Opening

This would be the first starting of the grand slam tournament events, this would be in January and would be held in Melbourne Australia.

French Opening

The next popularly known name for the French Opening would be the Roland-Garros, This event takes place in Paris, France.  The time season of this event would normally begin in the late parts of may as well.


This tournament is said to be the oldest tennis tournament event in the world, this would normally be held in, London, the United Kingdom in the month of July.

U.S Openings

This would normally take place in the month of September In the United States Of America, this event is a hard-court tennis match.


The above information explains fully how tennis players qualifies for grand slams. As you can see there are numerous amounts of ways a player can be entered in the grand slam event. This event is the biggest tennis tournaments in the world with the biggest grand prizes and the biggest players, what more can you ask for in the world of tennis entertainment.

Thanks for reading and reaching this for in our detailed researched article we do hope you have enjoyed reading and learned a few things that you may have had not known.  Please remember to visit our other related How-To articles on other shocking things you may have not known in the world of tennis.

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