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Grigor Dimitrov has made a name for himself in the field of tennis. Take a look at the Grigor Dimitrov Tennis Racquet this sports star carries. You can have a similar one

Grigor Dimitrov, this pro tennis player was destined for greatness from the get-go his mom was a sports teacher and dad was a tennis coach. Like most pro tennis players their career will be contained with many ups and down, Grigor Dimitrov for one is known for switching up a bit to amplify his game. In the past, he normally uses the HEAD Prestige 600 but now he is using the Wilson Pro Staff 97.

Grigor Dimitrov's Racquet | What Racquet Does Dimitrov Use?

Did the switching work for the pro athlete? To my knowledge, his performances and ranking have scaled up to the top of the charts so I would say It works for him. The only thing he now does is keeping the fans puzzled with his frequently changing of string pattern. The good news is we will be getting into all that and more in down below, Grigor Dimitrov’s tennis racquet full details and review.

But before we get into the detailed review of Grigor Dimitrov’s tennis racquet, let jus see how you can choose a tennis racquet that is just perfect for you.

How to choose a tennis racquet?

Choose a tennis racquet based on the following criteria

  • Based on head size: The tennis racquet head size refers to the size of the actual hitting area within the tennis racquet frame. The larger the head size of a racquet, the more power the racquet can generate.
  • Based on weight: The weight of the racquet is another factor that is very important while purchasing a new racket. Tennis racquets come in a large range of different weights from 225g to 340g.
  • Based on racquet balance: A Racquet balance is the weight distribution along the length of the racquet. There are three types of balance distributions used in tennis racquets:
  1. Head heavy racquet
  2. Head light racquet
  3. Even balance racquet
  • Based on racquet length: The longer the length of the racquet, the greater the leverage on a swing, therefore giving more power to a shot.


You can also determine the type of tennis racquet you need based on where you are in your tennis journey.

  1. Beginner tennis player– If you are a beginner tennis player, always start with a light racquet that has a large head or an oversized racquet. This will help you make contact with the ball without wearing out your arm, elbow or wrist muscles.
  2. Intermediate tennis player– If you are an intermediate tennis player, you can choose a slightly smaller head and a racquet that has a bit of weight thus providing better control too.
  3. Advanced tennis player– If you are an advanced tennis player, use a mid size head and a heavyweight frame racquet that will allow you to play with control, feel and precision.

Grigor Dimitrov Tennis Racquet  Full Review


Wilson Pro Staff 97 Countervail Tuxedo

  • Carries the classic Pro Staff feeling that most love the feeling of
  • Color design matte black and white
  • 11.7 oz strung
  • Classic thin beam
  • String Pattern 18/19
  • Head Size 97 sq. in
  • Length: 27.0 in
  • Adequate power
  • Swing speed is exceptionally fast
  • HL Balanced
  • It contains a weighting system
  • Advanced carbon fiber engineered
  • Durable

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The Wilson Pro staff 87 countervail tuxedo tennis racquet played exceptionally smooth its a fast paste adopting tennis racquet. Considering the small head size and weight this racquet is not a beginners friendly tennis its more of an intermediate to advance playing tennis racquet. The reason being for saying this would not be the best choice for using at a beginners skill level, to get the best from this racquet a player mush first have an advanced mechanics and footwork to execute their plays alongside with perfect control.

On slices, you feel right at home when playing them, on serving it’s not the most powerful but it’s ok it is a bit lacking there however it made up what it’s lacking in performance-wise. The overall bottom line is if you are a fast player then this racquet is definitely for and will surely enhance your game.

Let give a bit more information on Grigor Dimitrov’s tennis racquet, we will show the rating as well where its power points are and where it’s lacking.

The Serve: 6.5/10

As I mentioned above this specific tennis racquet doesn’t give the best of serves or most powerful serves however the serve speed is ok. If you are on the market looking a racquet with a serv thas gonna blow your game to the next level this racquet would be the best of choosing for you. In terms of serve the player has to use much more energy in their serve swing to get a good serve play.

Groundstroles: 8/10

Its hight maneuverable gives it a bit of edge over the majority, this racquet works well if you are also going for a more aggressive game and going after more short points. To some, the fault would be the density of the stringing hover to some this will be a huge problem.

Volleys: 7/10

Like I said before this is not a beginner’s friendly racquet, so if you at that stage and level of the game you be in a bit of a disadvantage with the racquet in this field. The small head size can make it a bit challenging however if are above the intermediate level and going pro this won’t be a problem for you. It’s stable and well balanced very easy to move around with and good on defensive shots as well.

Control: 9/10

I see why Grigor Dimitrov’s loves this tennis racquet, most would think the fame and heaviness would alter with the control but it really doesn’t. If you are a person with an arm issue this will alter with the effect on how much control you will have with this racquet.

Spin: 8/10

Credit definitely need to be given to the Wilson Pro staff 87 countervail tuxedo tennis racquet, they have maintained a perfect balance in spin and power. normally for a racquet to have this much spin control the power would be next to nothing but the power is average and that good thing, the spins are exceptionally great as well.

Can You Buy Grigor Dimitrov’s Racquet?

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If you are referring to the exact one that Grigor Dimitrov’s uses the answer would be not however you can get the originally made model off the genuine one he uses to buy on a lot of platforms out there. The pricing is a Lil bit expensive for a high-end tennis racquet it a quite average.

Many players have been switching to this brand due to the high tech upgraded used to craft this model if am not mistaken this model of the Wilson has taken off to be one of its best selling models worldwide. The only downside is that it’s not a tennis racquet that’s recommended for players at a low skill level of the game.

All said and done this is a great tennis racquet, it available on the Wilson official website and you can also get it at a lower cost on the Amazon market store as well. When buying a racquet it is going to be all depending on your game style and the way you play because truth be told one doesn’t fit all if you get what I am saying,

Grigor Dimitrov’s Career

The pro tennis player did not have an easy come up, most would say for a player with a strong background of parents that both are deeply involved in the sport his rise would have been easier. That’s not the case in this journey, he was performing exceptionally well at his junior stage however going pro was a no easy walk in the park.

He also went through a lot of changes in his string density and patters as well, he just had work hard on finding what would work best for him. It’s on record that it took him about three years to even make it in the top 1oo and he’s been trying to make that number from an earlier age as well.

Following up on those years it took in 2 more to years on that to have won his first ATP title when it comes to pursuing your career this athlete is a great example. In the year of 2014, he was truly highlighted at the Australian Open and Wimbledon grand slam tournament where he then made it to the quarterfinals at the Australian Opens and semi-finals at the Wimbledon.

With all that work, he was then ranked in the top 10 ranking tennis players in the world and making history of being the first Bulgarian to have done so.


Thanks again for reading and reaching this far on Grigor Dimitrov’s Tennis Racquet, like most we are happy for his come up adding it into the top 10 tour rankings. As you have read above his journey was not an easy one he worked hard for it and we are happy with the results that he has gotten. His tennis racquet has helped his career, most would say it didn’t but if you are to really look at how he customizes it to suit his playing skills you see it differently help.

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