Frances Tiafoe Tennis Shoes That Are Best Of The Best

Frances Tiafoe Tennis Shoes

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Not only is this American tennis star Frances Tiafoe one of the most talented players on the ATP Tour, but also one of the most popular tennis players in the sport right now.

Tiafoe may not have gotten the breakthrough that he thought he would have during the 2019 season, but it’s surely not a question if, but when will he actually receive the breakthrough that he deserves at the biggest stages. With all the success and popularity he have achieved over the years, there are many people who starts to ask questions like, what tennis shoes he use to compete at the highest level. That’s exactly what we will be going through in this article today.

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What tennis shoes does Frances Tiafoe wear? Frances Tiafoe currently wears the Nike Air Zoom Zero. When it’s clay season he usually switches to the clay version of the Nike Air Zoom Zero. Tiafoe have been using this shoe for quite some time now and he doesn’t seem to be changing it anytime soon.

Frances Tiafoe Tennis Shoes Review

The first thing you should know is that the Nike Air Zoom Zero is not only used by Frances Tiafoe, it’s very well known to be one of the most popular shoes on the market among most Pro tennis players, especially on the WTA Tour. Apart from Tiafoe, you have a handful of world class players who actually enjoy wearing the Nike Air Zoom Zero on the tennis court, these players include Naomi Osaka, Elina Svitolina and Kyle Edmund.Nike Court Air Zoom Zero HC - White/Laser Crimson/Gridiron/Wheat - Mens Shoes

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What most players really like about the Zoom Zero is the fact that it has an amazing responsiveness. This is mainly due to the fact that Nike uses a Zoom Aur under the entire foot, which provides a responsive play on the court. Even though when it comes to tennis shoes it’s about different types of movements, what it does is add a curve design to the sole that helps out with your natural momentum when going after balls.

The heel and medial arch comfort of the Nike air zoom zero was fantastic and the mesh over the top provided great breathability in 100-degree heat. The exposed Air Zoom unit in the middle of the outsole inherently reduces the bulk of the shoe. Players also found that the new tread pattern grips perfectly on hard courts but this particular shoe is perhaps not the best for clay just yet. The shoe also provides smooth heel to toe also has ghillie straps on both sides of the feet which helps to lock and provide the feet with good stability. These shoes are also lightweight making them a good choice on the court and they come in a fantastic array of colours.

When it comes to downside, the only one we notice about the Nike Air Zoom Zero is the fact that it seems a bit cheaply made. This may be the reason why it is considered to be Nike’s most affordable shoe on the market, but the outfall performs a little better and the upper seem a bit on the lazy side.

The Nike air zoom zero tennis shoes are also quite form fitting making them difficult to slip on. This might not always be comfortable as it is quite a tight fitting especially when thick socks are also being used.

Can You Buy Frances Tiafoe’s Shoes?

I would definitely recommend checking out the Nike Air Zoom Zero especially if you enjoy playing tennis at a recreational level and looking for a shoe that is on the affordable side and responsive. If you play at a more competitive level, I think the best shoes would be the Vapor X or Cage 3 model.

With all the popularity surrounding the Nike Air Zoom Zero, it’s available everywhere for sale. However, the price differ a lot depending on where you choose to buy it from, but base on research we found Amazon to be the cheapest marketplace available. What you can do is take a look at the prices and compare them, because the price are always changing.


So if you have read this far, I’m sure you know all there is to know about these gorgeous shoes from Nike. Yes, the Nike air zoom zero has a lot of beautiful features as mentioned above that make it a favourite for Frances Tiafoe, Naomi Osaka, Elina Svitolina and Kyle Edmund. The main reason these shoes are endorsed by these great tennis players is that it has great responsiveness and also great grip which is a necessity on the court, especially during all those fast moves. Its shock absorption ability helps to prevent joint and ligament injuries. Of course, it does have its downsides as mentioned in the article but at the end of the day, you have to weigh out your pros and cons and make a decision that works for you. Thank you for reading.

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