David Goffin’S Tennis Racquet And Where To Find It

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Are you obsessed with collecting tennis racquets? Then the David Goffin’s Tennis Racquet is something you might want to consider. Come look it up with us.

David Goffin got his breakthrough in 2012 from that day on he’s been active in the world of tennis winning lots of titles in the ATP tours. David Goffin has made it to numerous amount of quarterfinals and semifinals however he has yet to bring home one of those major titles.

The professional tennis player  Goffin has won even against Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer in a qualifying semifinals event, this was the year of 2017. He is a player with loads of titles to his name however he just can’t seem to get the real breakthrough of winning any master titles.

David Goffin's Tennis Racquet | What Racquet Does Goffin Use?

Lets us get into how he makes them great plays on the tennis court, for one he is a great baseline player with good groundstrokes as well. What tennis racquet does David Goffin use?

So, let us see why the Wilson blade 98 v7 is such a fan favourite and what are its unique features.

The Wilson Blade 98 v7  tennis racquet was released in August 2019 and it is one of the most popular racquets from the Wilson blade series. It was specially designed for aggressive tennis players who have a hard-hitting style. They are also a good fit for advanced players who are looking to upgrade and dominate the tennis court. This particular racquet is known for its strength and powerful feel and is considered to be one of the best and most sophisticated from the Wilson blade series.

The main features of the Wilson blade 98 v7 tennis racquet  are:

  • This particular tennis racquet is incorporated with feel flex technology. This feel flex technology enhances the feel of the tennis racquet as it connects with the ball due to its carbon mapping structure.
  • It also has carbon fibres placed strategically throughout the ring which helps to improve the flexibility and stability of the racquet.
  • When it comes to looks, the Wilson blade 98 v 7 tennis racquet really impresses as it comes with a tri coloured pattern of black, lime green and silver thus giving it a really elegant and sophisticated look.
  • It also has a top grip taper that improves the feel while holding the handle and provides a better grip.
  • The strings of the Wilson blade 98 v7 tennis racquet are widely spaced and are made of a braided graphite and basalt composition. This helps to improve the flexibility of the racquet and also improves power and control while playing.
  • The head of the Wilson blade 98 v7 tennis racquet is slightly lighter as compared to the previous Wilson blade 98 racquets thus helping with overall control, power and spin.

He uses the Wilson Blade 98 v7, 18×20 tennis racquet stringed with the Luxilon Alu Power. The pro-player seems to differently like this tennis racquet I personally think he loves the feel and plays he gets from it won’t be switching to any other tennis racquet soon.


David Goffin Tennis Racquet Full Review

Wilson Blade 98 v7, 18×20

Blade 98 18x20 v7 Tennis Racket | Wilson Sporting Goods

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  • Head size 98 sq.in
  • length 27 in
  • Weight 11.4 oz
  • Ballance 4 pts HL
  • Swingweight 334
  • String pattern 18/20
  • Stiffness 62

The Wilson Blade 98 v7 tennis racquet is a great tennis racquet as you can see the specs above however, I am sure that you noticed that it’s not a beginner’s friendly racquet. I differently would not recommend you buying and using this tennis racquet if you are at that low stage and level of the game.

That said if you are and an intermediate or advanced level of the game then this tennis racquet would be just perfect for you if you like to play a controllable game with lots of spins involved. If your a fast mover on the court and you not looking for a tennis racquet to slow you down then this is it.

The Wilson Blade 98 v7 is fairly light in the hand and is easy to move, the swing weight above shows that you will be getting an adequate amount of power from this racquet as well. The racquet is overall good on all if not most shots the only thing is that it doesn’t provide the best and most powerful serves but apart from that its and unique tennis racquet to be using.

We still have fans and players who still prefer the previous model which wat the Blade 98 CVs however that model to be did not have much control or comfortability.

This racquet was built to maximize the uses comfortability and control, to the extent of comfort this racquet has to offer a few other players that are in the top 25 WTA uses the same exact model as well. It’s no joke when we say this a well manufactured built tennis racquet from the Wilson branding for comfort.

Groundstrokes: 9/10

Like I always recommend to all new and coming tennis players, always use a racquet that complements the way you play best. David Goffin’s groundstrokes are great and well played but this is what you get when you the player can execute it right and the tennis racquet is also well suited for them as well.

Its a know fact that most heavy hitters would go for a heavier tennis racquet, however, the blade 98 v7  with the 18/20 string pattern is not to be played with. If you lack speed, spin, or generating power this it would be best to stick with the 16/19 pattern.

The backhand slices with this racquet are just amazing it provides perfect control and spin when creating shots. The racquet is well stabilized in the hand and provides the user with proper control, speed, and comfort its a solid 9 out of 10 for me in this area.

Serving: 7.5/10

Serving with this racquet will come in easy to any user due to how comfortable this feels in the hand as to how easy it is to maneuver. When serving with this you have to use all the bonus of this racquet, it’s not the most powerful tennis racquet but you can very well get a powerful serve from this.

Most players when serving with this would normally ad a jester of spin to the ball as well. It is known that your fist serv won’t go exactly how you had planned but the second serve is a sure one. In regards to the serving its a solid 7.5/10 for me.

Volleys: 8.5/10

The racquet controls volleys very well due to the control snd comfort easy swing abilities of this racquet in hand. To get the best of these plays you need to make sure you not using the 16/19 string pattern you should be using the 18/20. This gives more control and power when playing back to the opposing player.

With the Blade 98 v7 18/20 it does not matter if you are using to compete in a single or double matchup event its going to perform extraordinarily well. This model works well when absorbing the ball, good playback you a feeling of control and power to put the ball where you want it to be.

In terms of volley plays its a solid 8.5/10 for me in this particular field.

Can I Buy David Goffin’s Tennis Racquet?

The answer to this is yes you can get David Goffin’s tennis racquet on numerous amount markets however the most recommended ones would the Wilson official tennis racquet store or you can get it at a cheaper cost on the Amazon store platform.

Final Thoughts

The racquet that David Goffin uses is a well-rounded tennis racquet it can be used for almost any game times its no wonder so many other professional players use it. I would personally give this racquet overall ratings of 8.9/10 the reason it’s not higher is that it’s not beginner-friendly.

The Wilson blade line has stepped up their game ones again with the lovely Blade 98 v7 and an extra boast by stinging the racquet 18/20 string pattern as well.

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