Casper Ruud: The Proud Son of Norway

casper ruud

Casper Ruud is a professional tennis player from Norway. In 2021, he reached the pinnacle of his career when he established himself as Number 8 in the World rankings. He also has a strong position in the doubles category with a ranking of 133. He is predominantly a clay court player and is currently considered to be one of the upcoming players to be on the lookout for. 

Bio table

Age 23
Height 1.83 mts
Nationality Norway
Turned Professional 2015
Titles 6
Current ranking (singles) No. 8
Highest ranking (singles) No. 8
Social media profile Instagram @casperruud

Twitter @CasperRuud98

Personal Information and Relationships

  • Ruud was born on 22 December 1998, at Snaroya, Oslo, Norway
  • His father was a professional tennis player too, so tennis is literally in his blood.
  • His father was a high ranking tennis player as well and managed to secure the No. 35 spot on the ATP rankings list, which for many years was the highest spot to be occupied by a Norwegian.
  • He was introduced to the game at the very young age of 4 years old by his father.
  • His father, Christian was his coach when he was a junior level player and it is a role he continues to play even today.
  • He is currently dating Maria Galligani who is also from Norway and holds a degree in Psychology.
  • She is currently pursuing her Masters in the same field from a university in Denmark.
  • They have reportedly been seeing each other since the year 2018.


  • By 2016 Ruud was junior No. 1 tennis player and had already focussed his energies on climbing the ATP rankings.
  • By 2017 he reached the ATP 500 semifinals and also made an appearance at the ATP Masters 1000 tournament. He was already among the Top 150 by the end of the year.
  • In the following year he made an appearance at most of the reputed tennis tournaments, like the Australian Open, Swedish Open and also the US Open.
  • In 2019 he broke into the Top 100 in the ATP rankings, while managing to qualify for the Rio Open. He also played his first Wimbledon Championship in the same year and qualified for the 2019 Next Generation ATP Finals.
  • The year 2020 went well for him with his first ever ATP title. He participated in a number of tournaments which boosted his rankings astronomically, and he ended the year as No.35 which was his career best performance.
  • In 2021, the Geneva Open and Swedish Open were among the five titles that he claimed. It was also the year in which he made his historic entry into the Top 10 rankings, making him the first Norwegian to do so.

Prize money earnings

The total amount of cash that Ruud has generated so far is 4,039,508 US$ from the various games and tournaments that he has appeared in.

Obviously, this amount is set to only rise in the future, if he continues on this glorious trajectory. 

Endorsements and Sponsors

  • Surprisingly, Ruud does not endorse any brands as of now. This might also be due to the fact that he is currently focussing only on improving his game. However, there are a number of reputed companies that sponsor him.
  • Yonex sponsors his clothes on courts, his footwear and also his racquets.
  • Lundin, is an oil and gas company that sponsors the player.
  • A Norwegian management company by the name of Proaktiv also sponsors him.
  • The automobile company Porsche also sponsors him.
  • Vasser is a design and technology company that is associated with him as well.

Net Worth

This young tennis player is already worth an estimated 4 million US$. This is a phenomenal victory in itself, considering that he has been an active professional only since the year 2016. He can look forward to a bright future in the world of tennis.


  • He is the first tennis player from Norway to win an ATP title.
  • Ruud is also the highest-rated tennis player in Norway’s history.
  • He was also the No.1 ranked junior player, which was again a first for a Norwegian.
  • Ruud broke his own father’s record in the year 2020 when he broke into the Top 20 spot in tennis. Prior to this, his father was the only Norwegian to have occupied a spot as high as No. 35.
  • The young player has often credited his father as being the one to have influenced his game and teaching him the tricks of the trade.
  • He had acknowledged in an interview, some years ago, that his father made sure he got the best learning opportunities, which helped him a lot as he came from a small country where tennis was not really popular as a sport.
  • Growing up, Nadal was the tennis star he idolized, and as a child, he even tried to copy his style while at games.
  • He has had maximum success on clay courts until now.
  • Though he is known to be a mild-tempered person, he had a very public spat with one of his contemporaries, Nick Kyrigos. The problem arose during a match between them that Rudd won, while Kyrigos showed that he was dissatisfied with the judgements.
  • Words were exchanged between the players on the court and during interviews as well. The animosity does not seem to have calmed down.