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Bianca Andreescu Tennis Racquet

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Previous to the US 2019 Open, only few little persons were aware much about the Canadian Bianca Andreescu. She had quite some achievements before the US Open also, being ranked the No.1 junior and winning the prestigious Indiana Wells WTA title. But, after winning the US Open, she gained recognition and speech starting floating around of her in the tennis world. Only 18 years old and winning a Grand Slam title is definitely remarkable.

US Open champ Andreescu gives Drake shoutout, teaches Fallon racquet spin on Tonight Show

With all her achievements on court, one question that is asked the most is, what racquet Bianca uses to play with at the highest level. This  post will explain.

What racquet does Bianca Andreescu plays with? Bianca Andreescu presently use the pro stock version of the Head Graphene Touch Speed MP that is designed similar to the Head Graphene 360 Speed MP. and Babolat RPM Blast is responsible for the stringing of Bianca’s racquet.

Bianca Andreescu Tennis Racquet Specs

Head or Bianca Andreescu specifically have not said precisely what or how they’ve modified the racquet. But, with it being a pro stock racquet, it’s modified quite a bit and there has to be a lot of adjustments when compared to a stock version. With that said here is Bianca Andreescu’s racquet, the Head Touch Prestige MP specifications.Buy Head Graphene Touch Prestige MP Online at Best Price in India -

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Head Touch Prestige MP Specs

  • Head Size: 95 sq. in
  • Length: 27 in
  • Weight (strung):
  • Balance: 6pts HL
  • Flex: 65
  • String Pattern: 18×20
  • Swingweight: 321

Here’s why players like Bianca Andreescu swear by the Head Touch Prestige Mid racket

The Head Touch Prestige Mid is an iconic player’s racket and an absolute delight to play with, especially for control lovers of all styles, though it may not be an easy frame to play with.

The Prestige range appeals to most players as they provide a dampened feel and emphasise more on control. The racket is best suited for players with the height and power of Marin Čilić, who have no trouble generating huge amounts of power.

You can customise your frame to your gameplay and when set up correctly, you can swing for the fences, without fearing misses and also maximise your natural power. The Head Touch Prestige Mid Plus may not be for all, however, if your footwork is on point and your timing is perfect, nothing can stop you from reigning in on your opponent. 

The Prestige line is considered Head’s most demanding racket line. That being said, you would definitely feel more spin on groundstrokes and it feels faster through the air. Players also feel comfortable looping higher and safer shots or when stepping in and flattening out returns.

As for volleys, the racket provides reliable stability when trying to take the air out of the ball on softer touch shots and while blocking ripped passing shots. The balance aids in manoeuvrability and provides a fast-feeling around the net.

When it comes to serves, the Head Touch Prestige offers excellent control. The thin and fast beam makes it easy for second serves to come down on target. It also aids in setting up your serve better instead of just blasting away. Adding some weight at 12 O’clock can help you get a bit of more pop on flatter first serves and get you adjusted to a more control-oriented response quickly.

Can You Buy Bianca Andreescu’s Racquet?

If your considering purchasing Bianca Andreescu’s racquet with the precise modifications, you are going to be challenged. Because, we don’t know the exact kind of modifications she uses, it’s pretty much impossible to get the same racquet as her.

But, if you don’t mind purchasing the retail version (you should be), it will play quite similar to Bianca’s racquet. The retail version of the Head Graphene Touch Prestige MP is available on al lot of stores online. But, the price changes a lot depending on where you purchase it from, but from what I have seen, you will find that the most affordable price is on Amazon. Take a look at the price now and make a comparison, because the prices are changing a lot.

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