Best Tennis Racquets For Doubles So You Never Concede

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The Best Tennis Racquets For Doubles is available for review. Look at them so you never have to loose another game. Be a champion on the court always.

Tennis is one of the most fun sports enjoyed by all age group and the good thing about the game is that there are always something to improve on no matter what your skill level is or age.

Doubles doesn’t get the attention it deserves, but we strongly believe that it is still a popular way to play the game. There are still lots of players who enjoy playing doubles since it’s easier to cover the court with a partner. Not only that but it helps you to socialize as well, since playing singles all the time can get a big lonely.

With that said, the most important part of your is definitely your tennis racquet. The sad part is that there is no opinion on which racquet is the best on the market. But base on our personal experience and knowledge, we have put together a list of the best tennis racquets for doubles right now.

Since most racquets are going to be roughly the same amount of money and a lot of people have brand preferences, the racquets we list are the best of the best from major brands.

Best Tennis Racquets For Doubles

1. Babolat 2018 Pure Drive – Editor’s Choice

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The Babolat Pure Drive is considered to be one of the most powerful racquet on the market to play with. This superb quality racquet provides a perfect blend of power, spin and control, making it one of the best all rounder tennis racquet for doubles. If you’re upgrading from beginner to intermediate or even intermediate to advanced, this is definitely the right choice for you.

It’s not surprising that this high quality racquet has also being used by two of the greatest players in present time, Gabriela Muguruza and Karolina Pliskova. The Pure Drive is equipped with a 100 square inch frame which is the perfect size for intermediate players. The wide frame provides it with extra power, and the string allows for extra comfort and spin.

One of the first thing you will notice about this racquet is its stylish design. While playing tennis requires you to have a high end racquet, making a statement through its style will definitely set you apart from the others on the court. The blue and black eye catching design will make sure that you are equipped with an aesthetically pleasing racquet.

The thing that stand out with this racquet is the fact that it will allow you to push a lot of power. It was built for adding power to every shot on the court: from volleys, serves, forehands, backhands and other strokes. As soon as you pick up this racquet you’ll see the difference with it compared to the others.

This racquet only weighs around 10.7 ounces which means you’ll have a easier time swinging it around. It also comes with an amazing technology called Cortex Smooth Feel which helps to dampen vibration in the frame before they reach your wrist and elbow.

The only downside that comes with this racquet is that it comes with a stiffer frame, so players who are suffering from tennis elbow should keep that in mind before investing in the Babolat Pure Drive 2018. Another thing that you might face is the fact that it may take some time getting use to.

This racquet does a pretty decent job in singles, but it performs great in doubles as well. The Babolat Pure Drive is a little heavier than some beginner racquet, but it should be just fine for adults. As you can see this is a great racquet for all skill level players.


  • Excellent choice for all skill level players
  • Very easy to swing
  • Extremely comfortable and big sweet spot
  • Packs a lot of power
  • One of the best racquets for spin


  • A little stiff
  • Amazing control, but not the best option


2. Wilson Ultra 100 Countervail – Excellent Choice For Doubles

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Another superb quality racquet on the market for the money is the Wilson Ultra 100 Countervail. Anyone who plays tennis on a regular basis is bound to have a Wilson racquet at some point in time. The reason being is because there is no other company as popular among tennis players as Wilson.

While looking at this racquet it might seems a bit ordinary to you, but in reality, it has been designed to cater to the needs of intermediates as well as professional tennis players. For a doubles racquet, we think this is one of the best options available right now.

A lot of people who enjoy playing singles really like the fact that the Ultra 100 is quite solid for powerful baseliners. Even though most people playing doubles won’t be playing from the baseline too often, it allows them to develop hard shots from tough angles to put the pressure back on the opposition.

While most racquet on the market only dominates a specific feature such as spin, power, or control, the Wilson Ultra 100 dominates them all. It comes equipped with a 100 square inch frame which is large enough to offer a large sweet spot which will eventually help in connecting with the balls properly.

The racquet is decked out with Wilson’s eye catching design, giving it a simplistic, yet high quality look. We’re a huge fans of simple design on racquet and the Wilson Ultra 100 CV is just that, with its amazing blue paint job and sleek design.

This tennis racquet is packed with a lot of Wilson latest technology, with Countervail, Power Rib and Crush Zone. Countervail is known to be a special material that’s designed to lighten the load on impact, reducing the stress on joints. On the other hand Power Rib technology has reinforced the frame, increasing stability during the hit, while Crush Zone grommets compact on contact, giving you the ability to hold on to the ball for much longer and increase power.

We’ve found that with all these incredible features, it is pretty hard to find a racquet that’s enjoyable and easy to maneuver has the Wilson Ultra 100 Countervail. We highly recommend checking out this high end racquet if you’re looking for an all rounder.


  • Great all rounder tennis racquet
  • Comes packed with a lot of unique features
  • Excellent choice for doubles
  • It’s pretty lightweight and comfortable to use
  • Offer large sweet spot


  • A bit on the expensive side


3. Head Graphene 360 Extreme MP – Great Value For The Money

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The Head Graphene 360 is known to be an updated version of the standard, providing you with a little bit more power and spin. This racquet is also quite inexpensive so if you’re on a tight budget, this is a great alternative to the Wilson Ultra 100 CV.

It is also considered to be one of the most popular racquet you can get for the money right now. It is a very fun racquet to play doubles with. This is due to the fact that it has amazing power and spin in the spades, giving you the ability to hit ludicrous winners from some of the most difficult positions.

We even think this racquet is great when it comes to defending with, the only thing you’ll noticed is that it is packed with too much power. The stiffness might be a problem for you as well, I usually have a hard time recommending racquet where I sense the stiffness right away.

If you don’t mind the stiffness and you’re simply looking for a racquet with extra injection of pace for your doubles matches or if you are a baseliner with a unique technique, this racquet could definitely do the trick. It comes equipped with a 100 square inch frame combined with a 16×19 string which makes it easy to control shots from baseline with topspin.

As you can see the baseline is the Graphene 360 Extreme key features and it does a wonderful job on the groundstrokes. The advantage of this racquet is mainly the easy spin it offers and the ease with which you can play high level tennis.

With the Graphene 360 Extreme there is a lot of sweet spot, and when you constantly strike it you will notice more of your first serves coming back short or not at all. This racquet is pretty easy to maneuver and what makes this the perfect doubles racquet is that it does a pretty good job with moving towards the net.

We appreciate the fact that the price point is lower compared to the other racquets in the Head line up so that is a good thing. Base on experience, we strongly believe that this racquet can do a little bit of everything, but ideally, I think it is best suited to an aggressive baseliner.


  • Great choice for an aggressive baseliner
  • Comes packed with a lot of spin and power
  • Comes at a very affordable price
  • Easy to add depth to shots


  • A bit too stiff


4. Prince Textreme Warrior 100 – All Rounder

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One of Prince’s signature racquet is the Prince Textreme Warrior 100 which is known to be a high tech racquet that’s bound to suit a wide range of tennis players. It’s considered to be pretty lightweight only weighing around 11 ounces and has a six point headlight balance.

What we really like about this racquet in doubles is the fact that it is very easy to maneuver when a player is short on time. With this new modern version, Prince has moved to a more solid beam, which provides the racquet with a little bit more stability as well as Textreme.

This incredible Textreme material adds extra stability to the frame without affecting the speed of the racquet which is pretty good. With this racquet you’ll experience a lot of topspin, though it lack a little bit of power compared to what I was expecting.

It comes equipped with a 100 square inch head and a flex rating of 66. It also has a swing weight of 320 which makes it a user friendly racquet. It has a very solid string bed meaning that it won’t break easily due to its strings of excellent quality.

There are not many negatives when looking at the Textreme Warrior 100 other than the fact that it lacks power. The thing is that this is a racquet that focuses more on speed than anything. So if you’re a player that likes to get a big power boost from your racquet on serve then I don’t think this is the racquet for you.

Though it is not the most powerful racquet on the market, its strength lie in its maneuverability and spin potential, which I found to be quite solid. This racquet is much better suited for groundstrokes than it is for volleys, I realize that it is does a great job on the easy balls but struggled when the level went up. By the end of testing this racquet on the court, I could see why it is such a popular racquet.

Overall, a lot of players enjoy using this as a doubles racquet which is why it continues to be in high demand. You will definitely shine in your next game as you make use of the Prince Textreme Warrior 100.


  • It is very comfortable
  • It’s pretty easy to maneuver
  • Its groundstrokes are well above average
  • Has an amazing speed
  • Its sweet spot is ideal for accurate hitting, Controllable power


  • Not that much free power
  • It comes in limited color options

What to look for in a doubles tennis racket

Some players play doubles occasionally, some players never play doubles and some players only play doubles. Though all tennis rackets can be used in playing doubles, there are some rackets with certain features that work best for doubles players.

The key components to consider when buying a good doubles racket are manoeuvrability, stability, touch/feel and power. This is mainly because great double players usually win on serve or finish points at the net and these factors really contribute in complementing their gameplay.

Additionally, doubles rackets come with a large sweet spot, they are easy to manoeuvre and are generally stiff. Stiff because a stable frame is lightweight and manoeuvrable at the net. Not to forget the necessary power to punch a volley away and add some extra power to the serve.

Compared to a singles game, doubles put extra focus on some aspects of the game play, such as:

Serves: The ability to place and hit different serves is a considered a superpower in doubles

Returns: It is equally important to hit a solid cross-court return to deprive your opponent of an easy volley.

Volleys and Overheads: They are considered more important in doubles than in singles, these days.

Another characteristic feature of a doubles racket is the extended-length. It is interesting to note that the famous successful duo, The Bryan Brothers, used extended rackets for almost all of their career. They started with a Prince Ignite 95 and later switched to a Pure Drive plus racket. The main benefit of an extended-length racket is that you get more power along with a higher reach on serves and overheads, which are quite important in a doubles game. Additionally, the stability and extra plow-through can be helpful on volleys and returns.


Doubles players literally have hundreds of racquet to choose from. But there are only a few racquets on the market that are really worth investing in.

Once you have the fundamentals of doubles tennis down, what comes next is to find a high end tennis racquet that will increase your chances of winning on the court.

When playing doubles, you rarely find a player that who hits a heavy ball and can push you around the court so the combination of power and comfort in the Babolat Pure Drive should work just fine for you as it does for a lot of players.

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