Presenting The Best Tennis Racquet For Women To Use

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Are racquets for men and women different, you might ask. Slightly so. Get a glance of the best tennis racquet for women, Buy only if you like it as much.

Looking for the best tennis racquet for women? Look no further you are in the right place, like most sports in the world they are mostly dominated by men but in tennis, it’s not.

All featured tennis racquets that will be enrolled in our listing will be based on some popular world-famous female tennis players such as Serena Williams, Steffi Graff, Justine Henin, and other related new female stars like Ashleigh Barty, etc.

The listing will consist of the best tennis racquet for women of all age groups and skill levels. Studies show that more women are going professional in the field of tennis so why not equip yourself with the correct equipment for the game. To be like the pros you need to equip yourself with what the pros use and think like the pros as well.

So without further ado let’s get straight into our listing for the best tennis racquet for women that you should be using or upgrading to.

Best Tennis Racquet For Women

Tennis Racquet NamesRatingsPrice
Head Graphene 360 Tennis Racquet Editor's Choice Check Price
Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 Tennis Racquet Best Inexpensive Check Price
Wilson 2019 Blade Tennis Racquet Best Power Racquet Check Price
Babolat Pure Strike Tennis Racquet Best Handling Women Racquet Check Price

1. HEAD Graphene 360 Speed S Tennis Racquet – Editor’s Choice

Best tennis racquet for women

Popularly endorsed by Novak Djokovic, the Head Graphene 360 speed models are widely used professionally by pro players across the world, this model is a favorite for Ashleigh Barty as well. Head is popularly known to build great racquets and give excellent game performances where comfort, power, and speed is required.

The name of this model tennis racquet alone gives a major hint on its abilities, this racquet itself stands for what most women in the industry going professional are looking for: speed and control. The Head graphene 360 speed S Tennis racquet is an agility based racquet, where speed is involved this racquet is the absolute best.

The only downside to this racquet is that the user will get less power from it, however, you’ll have total control so where it is lacking in power it makes back up in regards to control. The speed model is known to be the most comforting racquet in the head branding for both male and female players that are a fast hitter.

The length of this racquet is 27 inches, it carries a head size of 100 square inches, a head as large as that will carry a larger sweet spot. The racket weighs 285g/10.1 oz, balance point 320mm/1 in HL, and a stunt pattern of 16/19.

If you’re a player looking for a tennis racquet that offers more control than power, this would be the one for you, if you need spins this is also the perfect tennis racquet for your needs.


  • More control
  • Has a large sweet spot
  • Best for mid-level and pro-players
  • Durable
  • New design
  • Endorsed by Novak Djokovic


  • May be delivered unstrung


2. Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 Tennis Racket – Best Inexpensive 

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The Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 Tennis Racket is a great and affordable racquet that most if not everyone will feel comfortable using. The price is good and the racquet is also good which is the perfect combination, this model of the Wilson hyper is one of the more popularly used models by the Wilson especially by women. It’s a good tennis racquet to use especially if you are growing out of the beginner’s level and stepping up wanting to show your talent off.

This model of the Wilson Hyper was built to enhanced direct power so if you are a player that has a playing style of short compact swings, this would be the right and perfect racquet for you to be using. When playing professional or competitive tennis we need to equip ourselves with the best racquets that suit our playing style to complement our game.

Time to get a little deep down into the construction built, the string pattern is an open string pattern, providing more power and spin. It has an oversized head which again is good for acquiring more power, this racket is definitely a powerhouse in the right user’s hand. Its also built with a head heavy balance and again that would also contribute to the power in the racquet.

This is an amazing and very affordable racquet, however, I would not strongly recommend using this racket if you are just starting out as a beginner. If you are over the playing level of a beginner then I would recommend you have this tennis racquet in your set, its good to have especially if you are at an intermediate or advanced level in the game.


  • Provides a bit more power than normal
  • Oversized head
  • It comes with the open string pattern
  • Head Heavy
  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Good design


  • Not the best option for advanced players


3. Wilson 2019 Blade 104 V7 Strung – Best Power Racquet

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The Wilson 2019 Blade 104 V7 strung is one of the most powerful racquets of the Wilson blade brand line. This was a personal favorite for one of our previous world champion Serena Williams and it wasn’t the 2019 model it was an older year one, I’m not sure about the exact one, but I am sure this is an upgraded one to it. There is nothing really out there on the market line to beat this especially in regards to power and flexibility.

This tournament winning racquet has been widely used in the industry especially by women. More women that’s looking for some extra power and flexibility on the best professional and professional scale would need a tennis racquet like this. The biggest downside that comes with this racquet is that it is very easy to be out of stock and its a bit on the expensive side as well.

The length of the Wilson Blade 104 V7 string is 27.5 inches with a head size of 104 square inches and is 5 HL (headlight). The strung pattern is 18×19 and is strung with Wilson Sensation string it’s optional to change if you want by contacting the seller. The racquet is a 10.8 ounce strung as well, the blade 104 has a soft flex of 59 and the head carries a stiff flex of 68 to 75.

Bottom line, this a great choice and the best pick when looking for a racquet with the extra edge of power and flexibility. The price is high but it’s worth every single penny if you are looking for more power. I would say this is the best tennis racquet for women and they are highly used by male figures as well.


  • Used by both Serena and Venus Williams
  • Large sweet spot
  • Gives the extra power you need
  • Great design
  • Durable


  • A bit expensive


4. Babolat Pure Strike (16×19) Tennis Racquet – Best Handling Woman Racquet 

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The Babolat Pure Strike has one of the best handling experiences on a tennis racquet and is also one of the leading selling tennis rackets for its brand. The color design is very eye-catching and you’ll fall straight in love with it at first sight. This tennis racquet is also one of the widely known using tournament racket, more females are finding it more comforting to use and it gives the most in professional plays.

With a string pattern of 16×19, this racket gives some great spins and controlling abilities to the user with all connected ball plays. I would recommend this model tennis racquet for any level player of the game, it is also a great choice for beginners so that they can get a hold of the game from the get-go.

It doesn’t matter which league you are in the game, the Babolat branding has one of the largest manufactures for tennis racquets on the market. Where quality and high-performance are recommended this brand especially the pure brand is well known for that.

With this specific model, it doesn’t matter the skill level that you are at its sure to improve on the stage you were at before using. The only downside is the pricing, most would say it is too expensive but in my opinion, it’s more than worth the money for a good and high performing tennis racquet.


  • Superb Handling skills
  • Best for all level players
  • Durable
  • Benchmark which helps fir aggressive hard hitters in the game
  • Magnificent design
  • Well Balanced
  • Strong strings


  • None at the moment

What women consider when choosing a tennis racket

Female tennis players are usually motivated by their top level playing idols and lean more towards getting tennis gear of similar brands used by their role models. Having said that, there are a few factors women players consider when choosing a good tennis racket to complement their gameplay: 

Head-size: Women tend to choose a slightly smaller head-size racket than the 99.6 sq. in. used by most players. Getting comfortable with the smaller frame quickly means that they can switch to larger frames to unleash more power and reduce unforced errors due to a larger string bed. Larger frames would also mean having a larger sweet spot.

Weight: Racket weight is an important factor to consider as it determines the power, balance and control you need to invest in your gameplay to achieve the desired results. Men generally use heavier frames, 300+ g, as they are stronger in nature. For women players, frames below 285 g are recommended to begin with. They can later change to heavier rackets based on their game control.

Grip size and Length: For women players with smaller hands, a grip size of 2 or 3 would suffice. The grip size is mentioned at the bottom of the handle on most tennis rackets. Choosing a correct length of racket is important too. Shorter rackets would mean that women players can manoeuvre them easily and invest less force while hitting.

Aesthetics: Shopping for a new racket is an exciting process for women as they love to check out the different styles, colour choices and suitably pair their rackets with their tennis gear like shoes and bags. To encourage this, most leading tennis racket brands ensure that there are a lot of options to choose from. After all, who wouldn’t want to flaunt their brand new piece of tennis equipment.


The listing above consists of the top four best tennis racquet for women, all tennis racquets mentioned above are all-tournament playing pro rackets. If you just think of a female world champion from the top of your head and simply look online for the tennis racquet that they use I’m sure you will find one of our top rackets on our listing.

The next thing is when looking for the best tennis racquet for women it is going to all be narrowed down to the type of game that you play. If you are a player that plays a perfect spin and control game then a tennis racket with extra power will not be the best-suited match for you. That’s a big mistake that I see most players do, they buy the best tennis racquet then afterward saying the racket is not good when truth be told its a good racket however it’s probably not good for the type of game that they play.

So, just a heads up please be sure to buy the correct and fitting tennis racket to compliment the type of game in which you play. Thanks again for reading our article on the best tennis racquet for women we do hope you have enjoyed reading, you can also check out other related articles like best tennis racquets for beginners.

We are a team that loves tennis and we aim to provide you with the best knowledge possible that one can get so that you won’t be making the mistakes that most make on the first time around.

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