Get The Best Tennis Racquet For Intermediate Players

If your looking for the best tennis racquet for intermediate players, then have a go at our article. Get a list of racquets that might suit you. Read up.

If you’re simply looking for a quick answer, I highly recommend going with Babolat Pure Aero Racquets, which is considered to be the best tennis racquet for intermediate players on the market.

When looking for a high quality racquet as an intermediate player, there are lots of options available to choose from.

We’ve researched and test a bunch of tennis ball brands so you can find the best tennis racquet for intermediate players no matter what type of game you have.

If you are still confused about where to start, don’t worry because in this article we will be looking at some of the best tennis racquets on the market.

Best Tennis Racquet For Intermediate Players


1.  Babolat Pure Aero 2019 Racquets – Editor’s Choice

Best racquet for intermediate players

This is without a doubt one of the best tennis ball racquets for intermediate players on the market today. It is well built and proven to be the tennis racquet that can help you to improve your playstyle over a period of time.

One of the first thing you will notice about this racquet is its eye catching design. The yellow and black sophisticated design of this product will make sure that you are equipped with an aesthetically high quality racquet.

When first feeling this racquet it may feel a like a kid racquet but once you start playing with it, you will get to know its true power. This new version also comes with better control and stability.

Although these racquets are known to be very lightweight, the large frame design provides great power for not only intermediate players but any skill level tennis players. We don’t currently see no racquet out there that can create as much spin and power as this one.

If you’re a baseline, who wants to move your opponents around with massive groundstrokes, this is definitely the right choice for you.

This amazing racquet weighs around 11.3 ounces and is equipped with a head size of 100 square inches. With Active Cortex Technology, it helps diminish the intensity of shocks and vibrations you receive upon contact with the ball.

With this high end product you can also expect a new Aerodynamic frame that allows the racquet move and swing faster as well as increase the ball speed.

This high end model is robust, customizable, spin friendly, user friendly and comes with superb stability for giving maximum control over every shot.

If you’re looking for the best tennis racquet for intermediate players on the market, then we highly recommend checking out the Babolat Pure Aero 2019, which is totally worth the investment.


  • It offers high control and better spin
  • Great choice for intermediate players
  • Provides maximum level of comfort
  • Pure aero
  • Endorsed by Rafael Nadal


  • No drawbacks


2. Wilson Ultra 100L Tennis Racquet – Great Value For The Money

Here is another outstanding performance tennis racquet that’s totally worth every penny. While other tennis racquet only dominates a specific feature such as spin, comfort, or power, the Wilson Ultra 100L does them all.

Wilson is one of the leading manufacturers of all tennis products, and their racquets are among the best in the industry. Their new Wilson Ultra 100L has quickly become one of the best selling intermediate level tennis racquet on the market today.

While by just looking on the surface of the racquet it might seems a bit ordinary to you, in reality, it has been designed to satisfy the needs of intermediate as well as advanced players. The control and spin with the help of this racquet is definitely on another level.

Weighing a lightweight of only 11.2 ounces, the Wilson Ultra 100L is strong enough to absorb the power of other players while providing you enough punch in your own game so that you can dominate it.

The head size is pretty large enough to offer a large sweet spot which will continue to help in connecting with the balls properly.

If you’re unsure of your playing style (whether you want power, spin, comfort, etc) this is the intermediate tennis racquet you want to go with. Accuracy and stability of this product tends to be questionable, but majority of the players are satisfied with its performance.

When it comes to choosing a high quality tennis racquet, most players choose the Wilson Ultra 100L Tennis Racquet without any second thoughts. While this racquet is widely used by international tennis players, this racquet was mainly made for intermediate players who enjoy playing aggressive.

As you can see the Wilson Ultra 100L Tennis Racquet is one of the best tennis racquet for intermediate players as well and comes at a pretty affordable price.


  • It’s pretty lightweight and comfortable
  • Perfect for all court play
  • Great choice for intermediate and professional players
  • Easy maneuvere with amazing control
  • Very easy to swing
  • Offers large sweet spot
  • Good for baselines


  • Not cost effective for people who don’t play often


3. Wilson Clash 100 Tennis Racquet – High End Performance

As mentioned above, Wilson is one of the top leading manufacturers on the market when it comes to creating the best tennis products, which means their racquets are among the best sellers on Amazon.

Their new Clash series came out in 2019 and the Clash 100 has quickly become one of the most popular racquets for intermediate players.

While this racquet may not be the best choice for newbies, I can guarantee that intermediate players will appreciate the fact that you can use it to hit fast and full baseline deliveries. It’s well known to be a flexible racquet that maintains a powerful and controllable feel.

This high end racquet features FreeFlex and StableSmart technologies that will provide you with ultimate comfort as well as high rated stability so you can swing big while staying confident at the same time.

With its 11 ounces strung and the low 312 RDC boasted, this racquet seems more than ideal for players who are interested in a rapid movement. The playable attributes of the Clash 100 are relatively high.

The 16×19 string pattern will give you the opportunity to develop topspin on your groundstrokes. The 100 inch frame has a large sweet spot with control that is unmatched compared to its competitors.

This isn’t the most powerful racquet you’ll find on the market for the money because it mostly focus on frame flexibility, but it is definitely one of the best options for players who has the ability to generate their own power.

The control and spin delivered with the help of this high end racquet are amazing. Its design, as well as weight, makes it very easy to handle which is the biggest concern for intermediate players.

With that said, the Wilson Clash 100 has indeed proved to be that best option worthy of any consideration.


  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Offer perfect control of the ball
  • Great choice for intermediate and advanced players
  • Very easy to swing
  • Can provide enough power, great spin and stability
  • Has a newer technology


  • The price is a bit on the higher side


4. Babolat Pure Drive 2018 – Top Tier

This is considered to be one of the best overall racquet in tennis right now. This top tier racquet was built for adding massive spin and control to every shot on the court, making it one of the best racquets for doubles and singles.

If you’re currently upgrading from beginner level to intermediate, or even intermediate to advance, this is definitely the right choice for you. This product succeeds in having features that are required by all players, whether it be beginners or intermediate players.

I can guarantee that you’ll appreciate the spin and power from the baseline which really set this racquet apart from its competitors. It has a black and yellow/green paint job that may not be the right fit for everyone, but considering the performance of the racquet, the color aspect can easily be overlooked.

It’s equipped with a 100 square inch frame which is the perfect size for intermediate players. The wide frame size provides it with extra power and the string pattern allows for extra comfort and spin. As you can see this racquet comes with everything you want for hitting groundstrokes from the baseline at any level.

The only downside that you’ll notice about this racquet is the fact that it’s a bit heavier compared to other racquets out there. If this is a concern, you should definitely check out our editor’s choice since it’s on the lighter side.

With this racquet comes a lot of new advanced technology. It utilizes a new material called SMAC, Cortex Pure Feel moves the dampening system inside the handle and offers improved levels of dampening and a more muted response.

We also appreciate the fact that the woofer system gives the racquet a lot more power by letting the ball fly even more compared to other racquets. With that said, this tennis racquet is perfect for volleys and serves.

If you’re a intermediate player looking for a frame that suits the modern game with a bit smoother feel, you will certainly find this model a worthy addition to the Pure Drive name.


  • Improved power, spin, and control
  • Provide accurate and stable strikes
  • Eye catching design with bright colors
  • Great choice for beginners and intermediate players
  • Great feel and big sweet spot
  • More dampened feel


  • It is a bit stiff
  • Good control but not the best


5. HEAD Graphene 360 Extreme MP Tennis Racquet – Extremely Popular

If you’re on a tight budget looking for an alternative to the Babolat Pure Drive, we highly recommend checking out this high quality racquet.

The HEAD Graphene 360 Extreme MP is one of the most popular tennis racquet you can find on the market today, and it is considered to be a great option for any level.

This is a really fun racquet to play with. Because of the power and spin  in the spades, you will be able to hit almost ludicrous winners from really difficult positions. The racquet is also great when it comes to defending with. The only problem you’ll face is that it is packed with too much power.

It comes equipped with a 100 square inch frame combined with the 16×19 string makes it easy to control shots from baseline with topspin. While this racquet is not the best choice for newbies, intermediate players will love the fact that you can use it to hit fast and full baseline deliveries.

Another thing that we find interesting about serving with the Extreme Pro is that the service box seemed to be a bit bigger. With this you’ll be able to strike harder, flatter serves deep in the box, and also use the string bed to create kick serves as well as slice angles so that you’re able to move your opponent off the court easily.

With this racquet there is a lot of sweet spot, and when you constantly strike it you will notice more of your first serves coming back short or not at all. The only problem I found from the back of the court was that it was a little bit hard to hit a flat ball.

The Extreme Pro offers a very hefty swing weight when strung at around 330, so you need to be a strong player to play with this stick on the court. Only a few 100 square inch racquets comes with more than 300 grams weight unstrung and this extra weight on the Extreme Pro is definitely noticeable.

Overall, we think this racquet is perfect for intermediate players and will certainly help in improving the quality and skills of your game. The Graphene 360 is very easy to maneuver, so it’s nice and easy to get into position quickly.


  • Next level power on groundstrokes
  • Impressive stability and maneuverability
  • Amazing topspin and feel in the sweet spot
  • A bit on the inexpensive side
  • Perfect choice for intermediate players


  • Not the best option for control


6. HEAD MicroGel Radical Tennis Racquet – Budget Friendly

Last on our list is this HEAD MicroGel Radical Tennis Racquet that comes at a very affordable price range. Among intermediate players, Head racquets have been the go to option for quite some time now.

It comes with a pretty amazing aesthetic and colors. HEAD MicroGel Radical is familiar for its unique construction. It also features an extended head width which helps to generate more topspin natural with every shot.

This racquet also features a 98 head width. It is slightly heavier at the hand than the head, but this is precisely what gives you the ability to maneuver it easier and swing faster.

Even though this racquet doesn’t push a lot of power, you can still produce decent pop on your shots and deliver good spin with proper form.

With this you will be able to play a lot longer and more aggressively because the racquet is designed for comfort and reduction of stress of the player.

If you’re a beginner this racquet is definitely not the right choice for you. It is a great choice for players that want more control over power and have enough technique to take advantage of it.


  • The Head MicroGel Technology distributes  shock throughout the frame evenly
  • Ideal choice for intermediate and advanced players
  • Has more spin due to the increased width


  • Not recommended for beginners
  • Smaller sweet spot

Levels of gameplay

For a better understanding of where you fit in terms of the level of gameplay, you can refer to the below guide on the different levels of tennis:

New player – Has no or very limited tennis experience and is primarily working on ground work and getting the ball into play.

Beginner player – Requires on-court experience to familiarise with themselves with the basic positions for singles and doubles play. Needs to understand court coverage and judge where the ball is going. At this level players need to work on their stroke weaknesses. They can however sustain shorter rallies of slow pace to match other players with similar abilities.

Beginner-Intermediate player – Having familiarised themselves with the court positioning and court coverage, players consistently hit medium paced shots, but they may not be comfortable with all strokes and lack execution of directional control, power or depth.

Intermediate player – At this level the player achieves improved stroke dependability and has directional control on moderate shots though they may still lack depth and variety. They also start to display aggressive net play and have improved court coverage.

Intermediate-Advanced player – Strokes are dependable with directional control and depth on both sides, forehand and backhand. Player has gained the ability to use overheads, lobs, volleys and approach shots with some success. On the way to master some use of power and spins. Need to be more patient in perfecting those shots.

Advanced player – At this level players start to master the use of power and spins. They can handle pace effectively and have sound footwork. Players can control the depth of shots and begin to plan game strategies according to their opponents. They can now hit first serves with great power and accuracy and easily place the second serve. Players at this level may have played varsity and/ or college club tennis.

Racquet Buying Guide For Intermediate Players

When it comes to choosing the best racquets for intermediate players there are a few factors that you need to consider in order to make the right decision. Here are a few things you must look for.

Are you looking for power, control or comfort?

Before you start searching around for the best racquets, you must first think about whether you wish for maximum power, comfort or control. If you have a tennis elbow then the comfort of the racquet is very important.

Racquet that has big frames and large surface area tends to push more power. While smaller frames will have more control.

We think the best idea would be to get a racquet that balance between the three. For intermediate players, choosing a racquet with optimum balance is the best choice.


Another important factor as an intermediate player is the weight of the racquet and we think that a slightly heavier racquet is the way to go. We don’t recommend buying a extremely heavy racquet, else you will be drained quickly on the court or even result in injury.

A racquet that’s on the heavier side will be more friendlier on your arms and elbows. Having a lightweight model may result in vibration in hands especially when going extremely fast, but with a heavier model, the vibration is dampened and this provides you with a better feel and playstyle.


Another thing that you should definitely look out for as an intermediate player is the spin. Most racquet on the market will offer extra spin and this feature comes in very handy.

The string pattern of your racquet is what is used to determine the spin.

Perfect Grip

When looking for the best racquets for the money you need to check the grip material in your selected racquet. The advanced models usually have a more stable grip that helps in delivering powerful shots efficiently to the opponent and feels very comfortable at the same time.


The price of the product is another variant which you should consider before buying your racquet. You have to select among a entry-level, mid-level and high-level racquet on the market.

Normally an entry-level racquet ask for a higher price range compared to other products because they’re reliable, durable and offers the latest features and technology, while an entry-level racquet comes at a affordable price as it lacks durability and a few high end features.


I hope this guide is everything you need and you were able to find the racquet that best suits your needs. In order to improve your skill level over time and transform from an intermediate player into a professional, make sure you pick the best tennis racquet.

If you have any questions to ask, you may leave a comment down below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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