9 Supreme & Best Tennis Rackets For Beginners!

Best Tennis Rackets For Beginners

Begin your Tennis Games with the best range of Classic & best Tennis Rackets for beginners. Because practising with the supreme will make you conquer all games.

Who doesn’t like the sport Tennis? Well, it’s everyone’s favourite! Even if you do not know how to play the sport, you still love watching, right? There has been a time in everyone’s life when you might have wanted to play tennis. But what is the first thing that you need to play tennis? You know the answer, rackets!!

No tennis enthusiast can become a player without having the best racket. Your efforts do matter, but the racket you play with is equally important. The best racket and your tricks will make you a winner during the super strenuous games. Before start, any match, your choice of racket will define your ability to last during the game. Make sessions worth it and fun with the best purchase.

You cannot buy advanced rackets when you hardly know how to start with tennis. For beginners, because more accessible basic yet effective Tennis Rackets. And it is with these tennis rackets, and you will be able to make the best out of every tennis session you undergo.

In this article, you will find yourself the best basic tennis rackets that can definitely help you to become an expert in the future.

Check Out The Awesome Range Of Best Tennis Rackets For Beginners:

  1. Wilson Adult Recreational Tennis
    This is the super amazing recreational racket perfect for starting up with tennis games. These bats are perfect if you are comfortable with short power swings. Comes with an open string pattern.
  2. Babolat 2021 Pure Drive
    Dive into the world of tennis with the best selling tennis brand Babolat. The racket comes with 16 main and 19 crosses string that brings a twist to any game.
  3. Tennis Racket Racquets Adult
    Swing it better now with the best and most flexible tennis racket. This racket is a glass fibre material with the new edge technology, redefining power and compatibility.
  4. Carbon Alloy Tennis racket
    Not many understand the real essence of a carbon fibre tennis racket. This Tennis racket comes with shock absorption technology and is very compact and easy to handle, a perfect piece for beginners.
  5. Tennis racket Single Sports
    This superb racket is extremely light and easy to handle. This is specially built with cutting edge shock absorption technology which gives a force acceleration to hit off the ball.
  6. Female Fitness Rackets
    This is a classic masterpiece racket that would make any training session spin. It is easy to hold, handle and twist and spin during training.
  7. Pacific BX2 Nexus Strung
    This specific Tennis racket by Pacific is 118 sq inches head size. And the string pattern is 16 mains and 20 crosses. With just 0.4 kilograms of weight.
  8. Carbon Men's and Women's Suit
    This is a 27’’ racket with effective shock absorption technology. This comes with a double threading system that makes positioning easy. And it is made of carbon fibre and aluminium metal.
  9. Tennis racket Beginner Outdoor
    Made of quality aluminium alloy that makes the racket easy and flexible to use. The best part is it comes with a wind-resistant design so that you play easily against the wind.

Things to consider when buying a new racket for beginners

Strength and body size – Rackets are available in different strengths and sizes to compliment the players physique, personality and gameplay. If you are a naturally strong person, you may want to pick out a racket that gives you more control and doesn’t add much power. On the other hand, you may feel the need to produce more power using a not so wide frame. The wider the frame of the racket, the more power. If you have noticed professionals playing on the television, the frames of their rackets are not so wide, this is because they are powerful players and are capable of generating their own power rather than from the racket.

Head size – Larger head size rackets generate more power and often tend to have a larger sweet spot making it a lot easier to hit the ball well. On the other hand smaller head size rackets tend to offer better control. If you are a powerful player and are confident in hitting the ball clean, a smaller head size would be ideal.

Length – Longer rackets offer more reach and more power on the serve and are generally lighter than standard frames. But they can be a bit harder to control. It is always advisable to try out a longer frame to see if you can handle it well, before buying.

Weight – Since the weight of the racket plays an important role in the way you swing, it is a major deciding factor when buying a new racket. Heavier rackets are more powerful than lighter frames, but they can be less manoeuvrable and can tire players easily, especially beginners. 

Balance – This is a tricky one and always narrows down to the players personal choice. Heavy headed rackets add more power to groundstrokes and light headed rackets are more manoeuvrable.


Buying the most expensive tennis racket makes no sense, but it makes sense when you invest in a racket that would make your tennis games smoother and easier. Rackets should be easy to handle, compact, light-weighted, shock-absorbent and classic in design because it is this racket that will power up your spirit during your initial days at the sessions. All the above-listed Tennis Rackets are specifically for Beginners. This means you’ll soon become a pro and take on the advanced matches after practising with the above rackets.

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