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If your an advanced tennis player then a tennis ball machine is something you surely need. Take a look at some of the best ones in the market.

If you are looking to improve your skills overtime then using a tennis ball machine is one of the most effective ways to get the job done.

These machines provide you with the ability to play when you want, where you want, and practice drills without having a coach next to you or a hitting partner.

In this article, we have listed a few of the best tennis ball machine on the market today, including a complete buying guide that will help you in making the right buying decision.

If you are in a hurry, then what you can do is check out our comparison table to view our top picks or you can simply go straight ahead to our in-depth reviews.

So without further ado let’s begin.

Best Tennis Ball Machine


1. Spinshot-Player Tennis Ball Machine – Editor’s Choice

Best tennis ball machine

This high-end product is considered to be the best overall tennis ball machine in the world. This is a well-built tennis ball machine that the Spinshot Company has come up with.

The machine has a pretty decent weight of around 20kg. It features a speed ranging from 30kmph to 110kmph, while the ball feed rate is from 2 seconds to 10 seconds every shot.

The machine is capable of helping you in many different areas as far as working on returning shot as you try to improve your tennis game. It has lots of amazing features including long battery life, full-court oscillation targeting and it can be easily controlled by simply using an app on your smartphone.

As you’d expect for a machine of this price, you get tons of advanced features. The machine is equipped with an innovative design that allows you to customize the program of the height, ball spin, ball speed and direction for each sequential shot. You also have the option to save these settings on the machine as your personalized drill.

The only downside with this machine is the fact that it can only hold 120 balls, which is fewer than other machines on the market. Lastly, it has a battery life of 2 to 3 hours, which is a bit short.

The Spinshot has an impressive feature that allows you to use the battery and an alternatively AC. This is a pretty amazing feature because majority of the tennis ball machine available only have one option.

This is a really well-built practice tennis machine that is guaranteed to take your game to another level if you use it often enough. All you have to do is partner it with a great tennis racquet and you should be good to go.

I highly recommend checking out this high-quality machine if you want to take your game to another level. It also offers lots of spins, giving you the opportunity to practice every type of shot.


  • Has 120 ball capacity with both battery and AC power
  • Mobile app compatible
  • Inbuilt ball de-jammer
  • Feature a fully programmable ball delivery setting
  • Perfect for all skill levels
  • Great manufacturer support


  • Only supports iOS and Android devices
  • Comparatively short battery life
  • Settings are not user-friendly, even though you can use the user manual


2. Lobster Sports Elite 1 Portable Tennis Ball Machine – Great Value For The Money

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Another high-quality machine on the market that is totally worth the investment is this Lobster Sports Elite 1. Lobster is a well-known brand and is known for its quality products. So when it comes to choosing a high-end tennis ball machine, you simply can’t neglect the Lobster Sports Elite.

This one is quite affordable so even if you’re on a tight budget you should be able to buy it. Even though it comes at an affordable price, it is a well-made machine that will help both beginner and advanced players hone their tennis skills.

Being cheaper than the Spinshot tennis ball machines, the Elite One still has a few advantages over them. It has a 4 to 8 battery life and 10 to 80mph speed adjustment as well.

This high-end machine is also made of heavy plastic that offers some type of weather protection and has a solid aluminum frame. It’s also battery powered and only weighs around 35 lbs, making it one of the lightest tennis ball machines on the market.

This tennis ball machine has a lot of special features that includes a wide selection of shots arcs and speeds, the ability to add spin to a shot and full side to side oscillation.

The full side to side sweep will definitely challenge both beginner and advanced players. The machine also fires out 60-degree lobs so that you can practice your overheads.

We really appreciate the fact that this machine comes equipped with a premium fast charger as standard, this will allow the tennis ball machine to be fully charged within a short period of time. There is also a trickle charge feature that ensures that the Lobster Elite 1 never gets overcharged.

This tennis ball machine is without a doubt one of the best investments for both beginner and intermediate players. Overall, it has a well-built structure with excellent performance with tons of variations in every shot.


  • Has remote option with extra remote included
  • A great choice for beginner and intermediate players
  • Easy to maneuver with handle and large wheels
  • 10-80 mph speed adjustment range
  • Comes at a very affordable price
  • 150 ball count with lots of variations


  • Remote isn’t the best quality
  • No indicator
  • Comes with a basic charger
  • No custom drills


3. Lobster Sports Elite 2 Portable Ball Machine – Beginner Friendly

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If you’re looking to take your game to the next level or simply just hit a lot of balls, then this tennis ball machine is the right choice for you.

This superb quality machine will move you all around the court and can feed balls with a variety of spins, paces, and elevations. This high-end machine weighs about 44 lbs and it is considered to be very durable; it also has wheels that are quite large which makes this device very easy to move as well as set up.

When charged this machine is capable of lasting anywhere from 4 to 8 hours and when it is charging it charges at a very fast rate. Apart from that, this device features a large ball capacity, it also has the ability to hit balls as fast as 80 miles per hour for advanced tennis players.

If you’re a newbie just starting out, you can start as low as 10 mph. The feed frequency, oscillation, and elevation are all top class. This machine oscillation is super great and can hold around 150 balls at one time.

Most machine on the market only create sweeps that are random from the left and the right, but with this device, you will be able to set up random patterns for the left and the right as well as for shots that are short and even shots that are known to be deep.

This ball machine is best suited for intermediate and advanced players that want to bring their game to the next level. The Elite 2 is a bit more expensive than the Lobster Sports Elite 1.

One of the main advantages of the Elite 2 tennis ball machine is that it has many options and settings that you won’t be able to found on other tennis ball machines in its price range.

All the features along with a reasonable price make this one of our top picks of all the tennis ball machines on the market. Overall, it’s a great tennis ball machine for those that wish to work on forehands, backhands, and footwork.


  • It is considered to be pretty lightweight
  • It’s very easy to store and transport
  • It possesses large ball capacity
  • Multiple features with simply operation
  • Has a long battery life
  • Vertical and horizontal random oscillation
  • Adjustable height to work on a variety of shots including overheads


  • Remote control sold separately
  • No custom preset drills


4. Spinshot Player 2 Plus Tennis Ball Machine – Most Advanced Machine

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The Spinshot Player 2 Plus is definitely one of the most advanced tennis ball machines on the market that’s totally worth every penny.

With this ball machine, you’ll get almost every type of oscillation that pretty much emulates all shots professional tennis players can make.

This device is equipped with an inbuilt app for drill making, you can now program all drills and settings to 12 different variations. Not only that but you can also program a new drill or simply adjust every drill base on your own personal preference.

This high-quality tennis ball machine is currently available in two models: the battery-powered or AC. You get a battery and charger that’s included with the battery-powered version, while a rechargeable power pack can be purchased separately for the AC version.

The Spinshot Player 2 Plus has a speed feed that ranges between 18 to 68 mph and can be easily adjusted to 20 different levels from the control panel.

One of the best features that come with the Player 2 plus is its ability to pair with your smartphone. You can easily replace the traditional remote and simply use your phone to program the speed, angle, feed rate and height of the ball. Since the launcher also provides custom programming, you have the option to feed in your customized drills.

This machine is pretty lightweight only weighing about 42 lbs which means you will be able to easily move it around the court and lift it in and out of your car boot.

If you are a beginner to the sport or an intermediate tennis player, the Spinshot Player 2 Plus tennis ball machine is definitely the way to go as it will improve your game over a period of time.


  • It is considered to be lightweight
  • It’s ideal for beginners and intermediate players
  • It has the ability to program new drills
  • The battery life is capable of lasting up to 3 hours
  • The control panel houses the LED screen
  • It is convenient to move,


  • It only has a ball capacity of 120
  • It has 8 to 15 hours recharging intervals


5. Match Mate Rookie – Perfect For Juniors

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This Match Mate Rookie tennis ball machine is the perfect choice for beginners or juniors. If you are just starting out with tennis, this is a great way to hone your skills while not breaking the bank.

The Match Mate Rookie feeds balls at a very soft pace. It is considered to be lightweight and is capable of feeding balls with different heights as well as frequencies.

If you’re a parent looking to invest in a ball machine so that you can coach your child, this is a great tennis ball machine for kids and teens. What you can do is simply set up the ball machine to your desired settings and work with them on the other side of the net.

With that said, you will be able to bring this device every day during your training because it only weighs 22 lbs which are considered to be pretty light. Using this machine on a daily basis will help you to improve your own technique because its fire or ball speed can be easily adjusted.

An impressive feature of this machine is the ball delay options, triple threat elevation and ball speed with a range from 10mph up to around 27mph. The only downside with this machine is the fact that it doesn’t come with custom oscillation and spin settings.

The Match Mate Rookie is extremely durable and features urethane pitching wheels and aluminum outer shell for maximum durability. This machine was built to last for a long period of time.

The battery life of this device is definitely worth mentioning. It provides you with the gameplay of up to 5 hours when fully charged so that you can play as long as you want.

With a selection of basic features, the Match Mate Rookie is best suited to new players who want to improve their tennis skills rather than professional players. If you’re a pro to the game or advanced tennis player, you might want to focus on getting something a little more advanced.


  • Equipped with aluminum casing and internal material construction for maximum durability
  • Feature a top speed of 30 mph
  • Perfect choice for beginners
  • Can be bought at a very affordable price
  • It’s super lightweight making it easy to carry around the court
  • Rechargeable battery lasts up to 5 hours


  • No custom oscillation and spin options
  • No remote control
  • Not for intermediate or advanced players


6. Spinshot Pro Tennis Ball Machine – High-End Performance

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Here is another high-end tennis ball machine on the market that is made by the reputable Spinshot Company. This machine is not quite as effective as the Spinshot-Player on our list and does not feature digital controls either, but it will save you a few bucks and it still performs very well.

This machine has the ability to feed balls side to side giving you an excellent cardio workout and is capable of hitting a variety of shots. You can easily fit in 120 tennis balls in the ball feeder just like all Spinshot tennis ball machines.

If you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced players who just want to practice in your spare time, but don’t necessarily need a customizable drill experience, this tennis ball machine is definitely what you need. It will certainly help almost any tennis player improve their hitting and return techniques.

There’s a lot of things about this affordable price tennis practice partner that we really liked. It is packed with tons of amazing features such as the ability to spin a shot, full-court oscillation and a full 2 hours of battery life.

This affordable device also offers great forehand and backhand practice with adjustable top and backspin as well as ground strikes and lob angle trajectories.

When it comes to the speed range, you can adjust it between 18 to 68 mph and the feed interval is 2 to 10 seconds which is also known to be adjustable according to the user’s preference.

Another thing we like about this is the fact that it’s pretty lightweight only weighing around 35 lbs, it is one of the lighter designs on this list. This makes it much easier to take it over to a friend’s home or the local tennis courts.

The fact that the Spinshot Pro set up the height electrically is an added bonus because you don’t have to adjust it manually which does take some time and just downright sloppy. It comes equipped with a simple 2 button remote control which allows you to switch on and off the feeding and oscillation from across the court.

With all these features we believe the Spinshot Pro is by far better than other tennis ball machines in a similar price range.


  • An affordable option for beginners and intermediate players
  • Oscillates horizontally for a great cardio workout
  • Very portable and good value for any skill level
  • Unlike the Player, it allows changing settings from onboard
  • Includes 2 buttons remote with battery charger
  • This machine is not made of plastic


  • No digital controls
  • Battery cost extras
  • Only holds up to 120 balls


7. Lobster Sports Elite Grand Five – Limited Edition

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When it comes to choosing one of the most advanced tennis ball machines on the market, you certainly can’t go wrong with the Lobster Sports Elite Grand Five.

This superb quality machine comes with 12 pre-programmed shot drills that simulate the style of a real opponent. These include power baseline, lefty, moonballer, all-court, slicer, attack, defend, forehand plus, etc.

Other machines aren’t capable of providing this feature making the Lobster Sports Elite Grand Five one of the best tennis ball machines in the market that can greatly improve your skill through constant practice.

It even enables you to program shot locations, speed, spin, and feed rate allowing you to convert your weak point into strength as you practice on a regular basis.

The Lobster Sports Elite Grand Five also comes in at a higher price compared to its previous models. However, as you can see there are quite a few amazing features which could explain the steep price increase. This superb quality tennis ball machine does everything the previous models have done, but a bit better.

It has a pretty decent battery life, you can practice for about 4 to 8 hours before charging the battery again. We also like the fact that the control panel uses touch buttons and has a digital LCD screen that shows all the functions.

This device also provides you with the opportunity to set up 6 custom drills that can be used whenever you want. This is a very essential feature, especially if you want to improve and practice a variety of different styles.

Overall, this impressive tennis ball machine has excellent maneuverability with a few outstanding features. It will help you improve your tennis skills over time and lateral movements on the court.


  • Comes with multiple programmable features
  • Has premium fast charging
  • Long battery life
  • Equipped with random oscillation
  • Can hold up to 150 balls
  • Offers 6 custom drills


  • Balls shot aren’t consistent
  • Very expensive
  • Not suitable for beginners

Here’s why you should buy a tennis ball machine

Target your weak spots – The tennis ball machine is a great tool to enhance your skill by practising more of those shots that you need to improve on but may not get the chance when practising with a hitting partner. You will need to learn proper techniques first and then apply them to your practice and gameplay to master some of those difficult shots. More repetitive shots from the ball machine means that you can build your confidence, improve muscle memory and enhance your skills to perfect those particular shots. 

Limited availability of hitting partners – When you live in an area where tennis is not a popular sport or where the population is lesser, you may struggle to find players to practice with. New beginners always like to practice daily to keep the momentum going. As one had rightly said, ‘practice makes perfect’. But most often they may not find hitting partners regularly. This situation can be quite frustrating but can most likely be resolved by getting a tennis ball machine. Though you may miss the social connection of an actual player, you can get the job done and practice your way to perfect some great shots.

Teaching and learning tennis – For advanced players who choose to use their expertise and game knowledge to train new players, a ball machine can be an excellent investment. With regular lessons the machine will end up paying for itself. The instructor feeds the balls from the other side of the net and students can take turns to hit the balls or students who need more training can hit more balls. On the other hand, new beginners would find this option to practice or exercise quite enjoyable. After all, it’s fun with learning that keeps new players engaged and encourages them to perform their best.

How to Choose the Best Tennis Ball Machine

There are lots of factors that come into play when it comes to choosing the best tennis ball machine for the money. When it comes to buying a machine you don’t want to just buy any ball machine that caught your eyes.

These machines are known to be well expensive so you will certainly need to invest in one that’s reliable which means it will last you for a very long time. The best tennis ball machine is usually the one that fits your budget, play level, ball capacity and all the features that you need.

Below are a few important factors that you will need to consider before buying a ball machine.

Tennis Ball Capacity

One of the first things you will need to know before purchasing is the number of balls that fit into the machine at one time.

An average tennis ball machine is capable of holding around 100 balls at once or more and usually, machines that have 300 balls or more are labeled as professional machines.

You should definitely opt for a machine that has high ball capacity, the higher the capacity, the less frequently you will have to refill the machine whenever it’s empty.

Battery Life

Another important factor that you will need to keep in mind is the battery life of the machine. Battery life is usually between 2 to 8 hours, and having a tennis ball machine with a longer battery life is always better.

Apart from the battery life, you should pay close attention to what kind of charger the machine comes with. Some machine tends to have a basic charger that can be swapped with better units so keep that in mind.

You should make sure that you’re able to get enough practice time with the machine you have invested in.


One of the hardest shots to return during tennis is the one that is spinning widely as it is coming towards you. The only way to get good at returning these shots is to practice handling them on a regular basis.

If you’re a beginner just starting out, you might want to invest in a machine that can hit both topspin balls and slice shots.

Power Options

This is without a doubt one of the most important factors, especially if you don’t know much about tennis ball machines. When purchasing a machine you have the option to choose between battery powered or AC powered machines.

We strongly believe that battery-powered machines are better because you will be able to use it anywhere. While on the other hand, AC powered machines need a power source that can sometimes be difficult to get access to.

Speed Range

This tends to vary from each person because it’s base on the player tennis skill level. Using the speed range is 10 to 95 mph on the high end, while others are limited to 20 to 65 mph.

Skilled tennis players will surely benefit from a wider speed range since it allows a far better training.

So when looking for a machine that best suits your needs, make sure to opt for one that assesses your skill level as well. If you are a complete newbie, a range of 10 to 50 mph would be enough.


Oscillation is the variable movement of the tennis ball machine. Whenever you’re playing against your opponents, they will try to hit the ball to every area of the tennis court so your ball machine should have the ability to do that as well.

If you’re a complete beginner then a horizontal oscillation would be the perfect choice for you. Some high-end tennis ball machines give you the option to program the oscillation base on your personal preference.


Since you have to repeatedly move the tennis ball machine on and off the court, you will have to make sure you purchase one that’s super portable.

We found that smaller and lightweight machines are much easier to transport between locations. Tennis ball machines are known to be quite heavy and the last thing you want is to carry around a heavy machine.


You should also take the material that the company uses to make your tennis ball machine. Aluminum is pretty durable, but fairly heavy and not the best in terms of portability. Tennis ball machines made from hard plastic offers more portability, but also the chance of breaking over time.


The weight of the ball machine is another thing that you should take into consideration. Some machines might be a bit too heavy to move between locations. If you normally practice on your own then you definitely need a machine that you can easily carry on your own.

Remote Control Capability

How you control the tennis ball machine is very important as well. Most ball machines these days are packed with tons of settings and this is great because it will certainly help you in improving your tennis skills.

Unfortunately, it can be very challenging to operate your ball machine when you’re at the other side of the court, and you surely don’t want to waste your time going back and forth to change the settings of the shots it shoots out at you.

This is why one of the main reasons premium models come with their own personal remote control, so you have the opportunity to adjust your shoot settings easily from across the court.


If you’re purchasing a new tennis ball machine, then you should make sure that the device comes with a decent warranty. It always depends on how much you pay, but we strongly believe that a standard warranty should last around three years.

You should keep in mind that even the best brands of tennis ball machines can have a material defect or just isn’t sturdy enough after a period of time. So check out the warranty a model has before making your purchase.


The price definitely plays a big role in any tennis ball machine buying decision and it should be because there are lots of prices you will see on these devices on the market. What we also realize is that the higher the price a tennis ball machine costs the better the quality of the machine is.

This is known to be a market that you get what you pay for. That doesn’t mean you can’t find a high-quality machine at an affordable price because there are some on the market as well you just need to take a good look around.

Types of Tennis Ball Machines

There are many different types of tennis ball machines available on the market and there are even many more new companies out there that are making all these amazing machines.

For example, the machines from Lobster are well known for their high quality and are considered to be top of the line when it comes to reliability but they come at a very high price.

There are known to be lots of different models to choose from than other companies because they make so many different models for players who are just starting out and for advanced players who have been playing for years.

Our Top Picks Base On Your Skill Level

Now that we have listed the best tennis ball machine and everything you need to know about them, here are a few machines we would recommend working with. All of these devices are chosen for you based on your current skill level.


If you’re just starting out in the tennis world and still aren’t sure if you are into tennis as yet then we highly recommend going with something that’s on the affordable side. If you’re an adult who is new to the sport, then we think the Lobster Sports Elite 1 Portable tennis ball machine would be the best choice for you.


Now that you have to understand a few things about playing tennis, we would suggest investing in a better quality tennis ball machine. The Spinshot-Player tennis ball machine is definitely the way to go and it will even last you for many years.


You’re now at the pro level at this state which means that you need a tennis ball machine that’s worthy of a pro. There are lots of options available at this point but a high-end machine that’s totally worth the investment would be the Lobster Sports Elite Grand Five. This ball machine will definitely take your game to the next level.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why Are Tennis Ball Machines so Expensive?

This is definitely one of the most common questions asked and the main reason why tennis ball machines are expensive is that they are packed with tons of advanced features. They are very complex machines and it requires a lot of work to make one.

Fortunately, you can find a machine on the market for beginners that are quite affordable.

Q. Is Tennis Ball Machine Worth it?

In my opinion, I strongly believe that these ball machines are worth the investment since it can help you to improve your overall game and teach you good techniques. You also have the opportunity to bring these machines anywhere you want to practice.

Q. Who Will Benefit From Using a Tennis Ball Machine?

The short answer is everyone! The reason being is because most tennis ball machines have a variety of different settings on them. So it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a professional player, we all will benefit from using a tennis ball machine to practice with. They are super helpful for all ages and they are great for both men and women to use.

Q. How do You Practice With a Tennis Ball Machine?

There are many different ways in which you can practice with a tennis ball machine. For example, if you’re having a hard time with lob shots, then what you can do is set the machine to shoot these at you so you can improve your skill at returning them. Tennis ball machine also comes with a lot of random settings that is capable of producing a variety of shot speeds, shot heights, spin rates, and shot locations; this will help you to improve your stamina, footwork, and positioning.


After hours of research and testing, we have put together a list and buying guide of the best tennis ball machine you can find on the market for the money.

If you are serious about improving your tennis skills overtime, there is no doubt that investing in a high-end tennis ball machine to practice on a regular basis can be highly beneficial to you. You don’t want to just buy any machine that catches your eyes. You need one that can produce a variety of shots, one that’s extremely portable and will last you for a very long time.

All of the machines we did a tennis ball machine reviews on do all the things you need and even more. This is why we recommend reading the review thoroughly so that you can pick the one that best suits your needs.

Choosing the right tennis ball machine can be really challenging especially if you’re just starting out in the sport. However, base on personal testing and user’s review, we think the Spinshot-Player is the best tennis ball machine for the money.

Thank you for taking the time out to read our article. If you have any questions you can feel free to let us know by leaving a comment down below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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