Best Tennis Ball Machine For Beginners 2021 – Top Rated!

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Get the Best Tennis Ball Machine For Beginners when your serious about the game and want to invest in yourself. This can be the machine of your dreams.

The fastest and most effective way to improve your tennis skills over time is to use a tennis ball machine. They provide you with the opportunity to play when you want, where you want, and practice drills without having a hitting partner.

In this article, we will provide you with some of the most in depth information regarding tennis ball machines and also do some best tennis ball machine for beginners reviews. When we are finished you should have a good idea if investing in a tennis ball machine is the right thing to do.

Best Tennis Ball Machine For Beginners


1. Spinshot-Player Tennis Ball Machine – Editor’s Choice

Best tennis ball machine for beginners

This is by far one of the best tennis ball machine for beginners on the market. The machine definitely checks all the boxes that you’d look for in a high end tennis ball machine.

This superb quality machine comes equipped with a ball capacity of 120 balls, and has the ability to feed balls from around 19 to 68 miles per hour (30-110 kmph). With this machine you can program drills that have spin and move you from one side of the court to the other.

We love the fact that you can easily control the machine wirelessly by simply using the DrillMaker app. All you have to do is download the app for free. With the app you’ll be able to select 12 programmable drills that has the potential to improve your game in different areas. The app is very user friendly, you will definitely have a easier time operating the machine.

As you can see this is a very amazing machine that will certainly help you take your game to the next level if you use it on a regular basis. The most outstanding feature of this tennis ball machine is that its ball delivery settings – including feed rate, ball speed, spin and random oscillations can be easily programmed and save into custom drills so that you can use later.

Even though this machine is on another compared to its competitors, it does have a few downsides. Firstly, you don’t have the option to program it via its onboard panel since it can only be used for drill selection. Another thing is that it only holds 120 balls which is fewer than other machines on the market.

This battery operated machine provides you with 2 to 3 hours of court time, which is comparatively short. So, what you can do is upgrade your device with an AC power module, which allows you take power from an AC power outlet.

The Spinshot-Player tennis machine can be easily transported in the trunk of a car without experiencing any hassling. The machine weighs around 40 lbs, which might be on the heavier side for some users.


  • 120 balls capacity with both battery and AC power
  • Comes with a speed range of 19 to 68 mph
  • Free remote control app
  • Fully programmable ball delivery settings
  • Equipped with a inbuilt ball de-jammer
  • Has 2 inline ball delivery


  • No onboard control panel
  • Has short battery life
  • Only supports IOS and Android phones


2. Lobster Sports Elite 2 Tennis Ball Machine – Runner Up

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Another high end tennis ball machine on the market for the money is the Lobster Sports Elite 2. If your main goal is to hit a lot of balls for hours, then this ball machine is the right choice for you.

This superb quality device is capable of holding up to 150 tennis balls that are great in terms of improving your fitness and game. Also, it features a range speed of 60 to 80 mph which is suitable for average players. Aside from that, you can expect at least 4-8 hours of court time, which is quite impressive.

In terms of functionality, the Elite Two tennis ball machine is pretty similar to the Spinshot-Player. However, it doesn’t have 2-line ball delivery. If your goal is to practice different aspects of the game, the Elite Two is capable of adding spins to shots, and random triple horizontal oscillations. This means you can work on deep groundstrokes and approach shots on either side of the court.

One thing that we really find interesting about the Lobster Elite Two is that it can easily be changed into an AC machine. What you will need in your possession is a power source which will allow you to practice for hours at a time.

The machine is a bit on the heavier side weighing around 44 lbs. It also includes 2 oversized wheels that will allow you to easily move it around without any hassling to wherever you feel like having practice sessions.

Overall, this machine has amazing functionality with a lot of unique features which help to add more challenge in every shot. We also like the fact that it has long battery life which means you can practice for hours.


  • It’s extremely easy to maneuver with handle and large wheels
  • Can be used without a remote control
  • Vertical and horizontal random oscillations
  • It can be battery operated or AC powered
  • Has a large ball capacity
  • Excellent feed rate


  • Remote control comes at a extra price
  • No custom preset drills
  • Has smaller hopper holes


3. Spinshot-Player Plus 2 Tennis Ball Machine – Great For Intermediate Players

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This tennis ball machine is pretty similar to the Lobster Elite Two machine reviewed above. When we first saw this machine, we knew it would be one of the best sellers on the market.

This ball machine has the ability to hold up to 120 balls. It even comes with an inbuilt App for drill making, which means you can easily program all the drills and settings to 12 different variations. On top of it, you also have the opportunity program a new drill or simply adjust every drill base on your preference.

The Spinshot-Player Plus 2 is equipped with 18 different possibilities to spin the ball embedded in the ball machine. All you have to do is make a decision between 9 backspin levels and 9 topspin levels along with a possibility for a flat shot.

With this comes a speed feed range between 18 to 68 mph and can be adjusted to 20 different levels from the control panel. The oscillations mode and different pace of the machine will help you practice all kinds of shots including volleys, groundstrokes and overheads.

Even though this machine has a lower price point compared to the Lobster Elite Two, it does feature a smaller ball capacity and does not reach the pace of the Lobster. However, the Plus 2 tends to be more compact and has an AC option so you can practice for hours without worrying about the battery needing to be recharged.

Overall, it is a very handy tennis ball machine which is perfect for beginners, intermediate and advanced players. The only drawback is the fact that it only has 2 to 3 hours of battery life, which is understandable since it has so many advanced features.


  • Packed with tons of amazing features
  • Great choice for beginners
  • Feeds all varieties of shots
  • Easy to use and very user friendly
  • Constant improvements made via the drill maker app
  • Comes with two year warranty


  • No customize preset drills
  • Only has 2 to 3 hours of battery life

Here’s why a tennis ball machine is a good idea for beginners

Limited hitting partners – When you live in a lesser populated area or where tennis is not quite popular, you may not have many people to practice with. This is a frustration shared by many new beginners. In this situation getting a tennis ball machine is an ideal solution. The ball machine cannot replace the social element of a hitting partner but will definitely help you with practising and enhancing your gameplay to a certain extent. Imagine living in an age before the invention of the ball machine. Now that’s a scary thought!

Targeting shots that need improvement – Practice is a huge part of your growth process in any game you play, including tennis. When you play with a hitting partner, you go where the game takes you but you cannot always perfect those particular shots that you need to improve on. With a ball machine, you get more repetitions of a particular shot that helps build muscle memory, improves your confidence and this ultimately translates to better skill. This also enhances your ability to develop new techniques of hitting back such shots with ease and advances your chances to becoming a better player.

Fun with learning – Using a tennis ball machine can be quite an enjoyable experience. It’s a great way to exercise while doing something you actually love. A lot of people dread the thought of hitting the gym, going for a run or riding a bike as a form of exercise. The ball machine could be a fun alternative and enhances your skill and your gameplay. The idea of having the unpredictability of another person on the other side of the court removed is up for debate. We would recommend you rent a ball machine first, try it out and then buy a suitable ball machine.

Best Tennis Ball Machine – Beginners Guide

Since you’re a beginner you can without a doubt purchase a tennis ball machine that has less features due to the fact that you are just starting out. All you need is to hit more forehands and backhands from the baseline to improve your groundstrokes.

Another thing you should keep in mind is that tennis ball machines for beginners can feed balls at a slower pace, without spin or variety. If you’re a beginner just starting out I highly recommend just buying a less expensive machine and work on moving to hit backhands and forehands.

What Is Your Budget?

Before considering to purchase a tennis ball machine you should take the time out to think about the amount you are willing to spend since these machines costs a lot upfront. Another thing you will need to do is consider how often you’ll use the device, this give you the option to know how long will it take you to break even.

If you don’t have enough cash upfront what you can do is mitigate the cost by simply sharing the machine with your doubles partner or another player from your local tennis court.


There you go, we have compiled a list of the best tennis ball machine for beginners. Practicing with a tennis ball machine on a regular basis is a great way to improve your game.

Whether you play for fun with your friends or play as a job a tennis ball machine is all you need to improve your skills over time to become the best you can be and you can get the job done by simply using one of the machine mentioned above.

We truly hope you find this article helpful and we wish you the best on your tennis journey.

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