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We have the best tennis ball machine for advanced players. If you are serious about the game then this is something you might consider. Get best, be best.

Let’s be real, it’s extremely boring when you have nobody around and you desperately want to take your tennis skills to the next level.

Well, this is where a tennis ball machine comes into play. Tennis ball machines are one of the most effective and fastest way to take your skills to the next level. They give you the opportunity to play when you want, where you want and practice without a hitting partner.

Below we have compiled a list of the best tennis ball machine for advanced players on the market today, including a buying guide for choosing the right tennis ball machine for your needs.

So without further ado let’s begin.

Best Tennis Ball Machine For Advanced Players


1. Spinshot-Player Tennis Ball Machine – Best Overall Machine

Best tennis ball machine for advanced players

This is without a doubt the best tennis ball machine on the market for advanced players who would like to have a fully customizable experience.

This machine is capable of holding up to 120 balls and can feed balls from around 19 to 68 miles per hour. This machine will help you in many different areas as fas as working on returning shot as you try to improve your skills overtime.

This high end machine is packed with a lof of features which includes an average battery life, full court oscillation and you can easily operate it by simply using an app on your smartphone.

We really appreciate the fact that you can fully control the machine using its DrillMaker app. All you have to do is download the app for free. The app enables you to choose up to 12 programmable drills that can really improve your game in different areas.

A great feature of the Spinshot Pro is it independently control the spin, speed, height and angle of every shot. With this you have the option to use battery and alternatively an AC feature, this feature is pretty amazing because most tennis ball machines only have one option.

This machine weighs around 20kg and is known to be very durable and easily portable machine which is constructed from high quality metal that contributes to it’s over strength.

The only drawback with Spinshot Player is the fact that it can only hold up to 120 balls, which is fewer than other machines on the market. Another thing is its battery life that can only last 2 to 3 hours, which is a bit short.

This is a very high tech machine that will definitely help you to take your game to the next level and perform a lot better on the court. The machine comes equipped with variety of different spin, allowing you to practice every type of shot.

I highly recommend checking out this well built practice tennis ball machine if your goal is to take your game to the next level without spending much.


  • Has the ability to hold up to 120 balls
  • Great choice for all skill levels
  • Features a fully programmable ball delivery setting
  • Easy to set up and program
  • It is not made from cheap materials
  • Comes at a very reasonable price


  • Has a average battery life
  • Only supports iOS and Android devices


2. Lobster Sports Elite One Portable Tennis Ball Machine – Great Value For The Money

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If you’re on a tight budget yet looking for reliable as well as versatile tennis ball machine, then this Lobster Sports Elite One is definitely the way to go. It is a well made machine that will help both  beginner and advanced players to hone their tennis skills.

Even though this machine comes at a cheaper price compared to the Spinshot Player, it still has a few advantages over them. It comes equipped with a 4 to 8 hour battery life and 10 to 80 mph speed adjustment.

This superb quality is well built, it’s made of heavy plastic that comes with a form of weather protection and a solid aluminum frame. The machine also has a weight of around 35 lbs, making it one of the lightest machines you can find for the money.

This machine is extremely portable which means you can easily lift it and take anywhere you want. Being versatile, reliable, lightweight and portable, this machine can be easily fit inside your car. It even has an oversized wheel that allows you to move around easily.

The Lobster Sports Elite 1 has tons of unique features that include a wide selection of shots arc and speeds, you will have the opportunity to add spin to shot and a full side to side oscillation.

We also appreciate the fact that this machine offers a premium fast charger as standard, this will enable the tennis ball machine to be fully charged within a short period of time.

The only downside with this tennis ball machine is that it can be a little noisy during a long period of use, which can be quite distracting but it’s no not really a big deal.

Other than that this is a very high quality ball machine and is without a doubt a great choice for advanced players looking to improve their tennis skills.


  • A great choice for advanced players
  • Comes at a very reasonable price
  • Can hold up to 150 balls
  • Corner to corner random oscillation
  • Easy to maneuver with handle and large wheels
  • Remote option with extra remote included


  • Remote control sold separately
  • Comes with a basic charger


3. Spinshot Plus 2 Tennis Ball Machine – High End Performance

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This is definitely one of the most advanced tennis ball machine you can find on the market for the money. With this machine, you’ll get almost every type of oscillation that has the ability to emulates all shots professional tennis players can make.

It’s also packed in a recognizable green powder coated aluminum body, which is known to be very durable. The machine is also resistant to ball hits, so you don’t have to worry each day about accidentally damaging it by a stray ball shot.

This superb quality machine is a combination of all the best features of the original Plus model, and Player model all rolled into one. The speed feed ranges from 18 to 68 mph. It can be toggled on the control panel, and it comprised of 20 different levels.

This machine is also equipped with an inbuilt app for drill making and because  of this you have the opportunity to program all drills and setting to 12 different variations. Not only that but you can also program a new drill or simply adjust every base on your personal preference.

This tennis ball machine is available in two models: battery powered or AC. With the battery and charger come included with the battery powered version, while on the other side, a rechargeable power pack can be purchased separately for the AC model.

What makes this machine stands out from others is its features and adjustable options it offers. All the features are amazing and fully customizable, which is why advanced tennis players tends to love this machine.

The machine is also known to be pretty lightweight only weighing around 42 lbs which means you can easily move it around the tennis court and lift it in and out of your car with ease.

If you’re a advanced player looking to improve your tennis skills over time, the Spinshot Plus 2 machine can help you raise your tennis skill to the highest level possible by simply utilizing the full range of features it has to offer.


  • The machine is pretty lightweight
  • Great choice for beginner, intermediate and advanced players
  • With this you can easily program new drills
  • The control panel houses the LED screen
  • A significant number of features
  • Has a stable metal construction


  • Unable to set speed during drills

Here’s a few reasons to buy a tennis ball machine to play at an advance level

Target practice – In whichever field you play, practice is fundamental  and a huge part of the growth process. Tennis is no exception. The more you practice the more likely you are able to spot your areas of improvement and work on them to enhance your gameplay on the court. Having said this, the ball machine is a remarkable tool as it allows you to get repetitions of a specific shot you need working on, thereby, boosting your confidence, building muscle memory and overall improving your skills. 

Hitting partners unavailable or limited – Depending on where you live, you may have lesser access to partners you can play with regularly. This is an ideal situation when you live in a lesser populated area or if tennis is not quite popular near you. It can be frustrating when you have your mind set on playing or practising to improve your gameplay for the sport you love and there’s just no one available. Purchasing a tennis ball machine is only logical in this situation. Though a ball machine does not provide you that social element and connection that a player would, it’s an alternative you can make do with.

Teaching tennis – Being an advanced player, you can share your tennis expertise, knowledge and train newer players, for which, the tennis ball machine can be an excellent investment choice. With regular lessons, the machine would ideally pay for itself over time. The tennis ball machine can dispatch enough rounds of balls in succession so you can either rotate the students as you feed the balls or feed more balls to the students than need more practice. It can be an enjoyable moment pairing practice with fun with learning, that’s exactly what the ball machine provides.


After a few hours of research and testing, we have put together a list of the best tennis ball machine for advanced players on the market.

If you’re serious about taking your tennis game to the next level, then investing in a high end tennis ball machine to practice with can be beneficial to you.

Overall, tennis ball machines is capable of helping newbie and professional players to have a better level of play. Whether you play for fun with your friends or play as a job a tennis ball machine is the only thing that you need to improve yourself to become the best that you can be and by simply using one of the machines above will be able to get you there in a matter of days.

We truly wish you the best of luck.

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