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This Benoit Paire tennis racquet is something you might want to look at if you are searching for a new tennis racquet. They are the best in the market

The french pro-tennis star with and anger management issue, he has a good reputation for smashing his tennis racquets. The person is the French star Benoit Paire, he is well known for smashing his racquets on the tennis courts, that aside he is a very skilled player on the court as well his favorite shot is backhand.

Benoit Paire’s current rankings in the ATP are #22 in singles and #86 in doubles, the French tennis star is very entertaining to watch on the tennis court his favorite ground to compete on the clay as well.

Benoit Paire's Tennis Racquet | What Racquet Does Benoit Use?

With a ranking as low as that in the singles ATP ranking factor I know you guys especially the fans will want to know what tennis racquet does Benoit Paire uses?

Benoit Paire uses the Babolat Pure Aero Plus tennis racquet, he has been using it for a good while now and it sure looks like he will be keeping this one. Let us get into the specs of this tennis racquet that the pro-french star has taken a liken into.

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Babolat Pure Aero Plus

  • Headsize 100sq,in/645
  • length 27.5 in
  • Strung weight 11.1 oz
  • Unstrung weight 10.6 oz
  • string pattern 16/19
  • Swingweight 325
  • Balance 6pts HL

This is the originally manufactured model specs of the Babalot Pure Aero Plus, we are not sure of the modifications that the french star has done with his tennis racquet. All that saif am sure if he has done any modifications to this tennis racquet it is not a lot because the tennis racquet is well compact with features from the original built.

The Plus in any manufactured product means an increase has been done to the original made and the plus in the Babolat Pure Aero means more power has been added to the tennis racquet.

This tennis racquet is a wow for me they have increased the power while maintaining all the other great features of the racquet like for example, it is still easy to generate spins even with the amount of power added to the tennis racquet.We know for a fact that more power means less control however in this case that’s not the case, good control is still a mean feature on this tennis racquet.

Here’s what’s great about the Babolat Pure Aero Plus tennis racket

If you prioritise power and spin in your racket, you should seriously consider the Babolat Pure Aero Plus tennis racket. The extended length of the racket ramps up power and spin to bring you a lethal weapon. 

Even though it’s longer than a standard racket, it is extremely manoeuvrable and offers limitless potential. The real question is whether you can tame the massive amounts of power and spin that this racker offers.

You can try playing like Rafael Nadal, hitting some monstrous shots with this racket. No one can be Rafael but you sure can get close.Considering the amount of power and spin this racket can handle, it offers surprisingly good control too.

Finding the perfect racket is usually a complex equation. The reason is, what works for you on one stroke may not be better suited for other strokes. So having the right balance and compromise is key.

The Pure Aero Plus offers brilliant performance when it comes to serves. You could definitely add some MPH to your serve with this racket without losing much control to achieve this. Especially for players who struggle to produce enough power on their serve. Pure Aero Plus can definitely make a difference.

At a swingweight of 300, this racket is quite stable and gives you a great platform to volley from, though this may not be to every player’s liking. Most players like Benoit Paire find the combination of power and spin to be potent on the serve but not necessarily as dazzling on the groundstrokes and at the net.

If you are on to entice your opponent into the net, you can generate more power with passing shots from difficult positions. As long as your swings aren’t too fast, the Pure Aero Plus is highly recommended. 

Can I Buy Benoit Paire Tennis Racquet?

The Babolat brand one of the major league brands so the market line to buy this tennis racquet will be very easy its available almost anywhere. The Babolat official site has it you just need to type the specific model in,eBay and I am sure you can get it at a more affordable cost in the Amazon market store.


Thanks for reading and getting to the end of our article/review about what tennis racquet does Benoit Paire uses. The tennis racquet he uses is the Babolat Pure Aero Plus the racquet is an amazing tennis racquet to be using, it can be used by almost anyone no matter the skill level that they are at.

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