A Review On The Belinda Bencic Tennis Racquet For You

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Looking to pick up the Belinda Bencic tennis racquet, but not entirely sure of it? We know that feeling. Check out our review and make up your mind on it.

Belinda Bencic started her journey of playing tennis at a very young age of two years old, at the age of six she then enrolled in the Bollettieri Academy in Florida where she spent a few months training. Belinda Bencic had quite a good start she was showcasing her talents in the tennis from that young age she even won numerous of under 10 tournaments.

This girl was going fast by the time she reached the age of 16 she was #1 winning the majority of her tournaments that she ha entered.

She officially turned pro in 2015 when she had won her first WTA singles title, the journey of Belinda Bencic wasn’t all glitters and gold it took a lot of training and work. She had then suffered from being injury and had to rest for a bit as well however we all know that’s the life of most tennis players.

Belinda Bencic Tennis Racquet

For the main fact that you are here am sure you must be wondering what tennis racquet does Belinda Bencic uses and if it was Belinda Bencic’s tennis racquet that gave a Lil edge to her games. In my experience, once you are using a tennis racquet that suits the type of game you play it will contribute to your game.

Belinda Bencic Tennis Racquet


  • Head Size: 100 sq. in MP
  • Length: 27 inches
  •  Tension: 45-60 Pounds ( The original tension) hers may be customized
  • Balance: 4 Pts Head Light
  • Beam Width: 23.5/26/22mm
  •  Flex: 68
  • Grip Type: Yonex Synthetic
  • Power Level: Medium
  • Sixth-generation Ezone 100
  • Large sweet spot
  • String Pattern 16×19
  • Mains Skip: 8T,8H
  • Isometric head shape
  • Swing Speed: Medium,
  • Swing Weight: 320

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As you can see above her racquet is just blasting with features almost any skill type-level player can use this to increase playing ability. It carries a little bit of everything you could possibly ask for and more, I think the Yonex Ezone 100 is a well-made tennis racquet that should be in the spotlight a bit more. A few of my friends use this exact tennis racquet alongside with few other pro-players as well it’s very smooth and easy to handle in the hand.

Here’s why the Yonex Ezone 100 racket is so popular

The Swiss tennis star, Belinda Bencic, swears by this racket and for good reason. Weighing in at 300g this racket appeals to all sorts of players, beginners or advanced and is also light enough for people of all strengths to use the racket with ease. Putting great thought into this racket, Yonex has made the design very customizable. There is plenty of space to add more weight if needed, to make the racket a tad bit heavier.

The Micro Offset feature dampens vibrations through a whole new grommet layout. Hyper MG strengthens the racket head to enhance stability.

The 100 sq. inch head combined with a modern look is assured to give you tons of power and spin. We just hope that this model would be a bit more accessible to the not so advanced players.

The Ezone 100 can easily be categorised as a racket that anyone can play with. It is quite manoeuvrable and gives you access to power without being too pingy. A good starting point for the intermediate level players. 

This model is perfectly balanced, getting you to hit with a ton of racket head speed and solid enough to turn that head speed into power and spin. 

Well, there are powerful rackets out there such as the Pure Aero, but this racket is quite close in comparison. I would definitely recommend this racket for anyone looking to boost their serve, as the Yonex Ezone 100 has a lot of potential when it comes to serving.

Can I Buy Belinda Bencic tennis racquet?

It’s available on multiple platforms however you get it at a more affordable cost on the Amazon marketing store. I would recommend using this tennis racquet no matter where you are in the game I can guarantee you that you will love the reaction plays it gives you.


If what you’re looking for is a great racket with control, substance and style, you need look no further. The Yonex Ezone 100 proves to be a go-getter in the world of tennis and has been the racket of choice for the lovely Belinda Bencic as well.

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