12 Best Babolat Tennis Bags- Check Out Now!

Babolat Tennis Bags

A Babolat Tennis Bags is an essential accessory and must be chosen with care. After all, it will be in use every time you play.

So you are a tennis player and need to buy a suitable Tennis Bag. The Babolat series of tennis bags are excellent products. A bag needs to be appropriately designed for efficient storage and must also be durable. Repeated use is regular. Therefore the material must be able to withstand rough handling. Which bag to buy is, of course, a personal matter. It depends on how much storage you need. If you are someone who carries at least 2 racquets, you need something that can hold them. IN the list below, we have some great stuff.

Our Recommended & Handpicked List On Best Babolat Tennis Bags:

  1. Babolat Duffle Bag
    The bag features a main compartment with individual pockets for smaller items. It has a full length zipper, and a separate zipped outer pocket. Dimensions-72x33x17 cm. Capacity 48 litres.
  2. Babolat Foldover Backpack
    The Babolat Strike backpack has a 2 racquet capacity, expandable capacity,racquet handle cover, internal slip pocket, and side and front accessory pockets. It has one large main compartment.
  3. Babolat Holder, Tennis Bag
    The bag has 1 main compartment and 2 accessory pockets. It has adjustable shoulder straps for comfort and correct fit. Made of durable material, ideally suited for long use.
  4. Babolat EVO Tennis Backpack
    This bag holds up to 3 racquets in the front zippered compartment when expanded. It has a Internal open compartment, and a laptop pocket and accessories. Large shoulder straps.
  5. Babolat EVO 3+3 Backpack
    The bag has -1 racquet compartment, 1 main gear compartment. 2 side accessory pockets. Shoe compartment.Padded, adjustable backpack straps.Can store upto 2 uncovered racquets. Durable material and attractive look.
  6. Babolat Tennis Bag
    This bag has a 1 racquet compartment, 1 main gear compartment, and 2 side accessory compartments. It has a shoe compartment.The straps are adjustable and padded for comfort.
  7. Babolat Duffle Strike Bag
    It is a top quality well padded bag. Designed to hold your racquet, of about 2. Large main compartment for shoes and gear. It has plush padded straps.
  8. Babolat-Xplore Tennis Bag
    This moulded bag features one main compartment. The racquet specific compartment holds 2 racquets. Telescopic handle and wheels for easy transportation. Top grab handle. Rubber feet on bottom.
  9. Babolat Pure 9Pack Tennis Bag
    The main compartment holds up to 3 racquets. 2 more compartments for added gear. Fold over design. Padded adjustable straps and top grab handle. Stores upto 9 uncovered racquets.
  10. Babolat EVO 6-Pack Bag
    The bag has 1 compartment.While it is a basic bag, it still has plenty of room. The compartment is zippered, dimensions 27.56 x 11.81 x 7.87 inches.
  11. Babolat Grey 9-Racquet Holder
    Three main compartments, one with Isothermal Protection to prevent tension loss in strings each compartment can hold up to 4 racquets. It has attached, padded and adjustable backpack straps.
  12. Babolat Series Tennis Backpack
    This bag is for players who need a versatile backpack to go anywhere. It has adjustable straps and accessory pockets. It is durable and the compartments are zippered.

Here’s why you should choose a good tennis bag like Babolat Tennis Bags

Every tennis player has a lot of equipment and gear to carry with them to the court. They include shoes, balls, grips, wristbands and of course, the rackets. Having it all in one bag helps keep track of everything. As a matter of choice, most players match their tennis bags with their tennis rackets. Being one of the leading manufacturers in the racket business, it is only fair that they offer a range of tennis bags too. Babolat tennis bags are available in different shapes and sizes. 

Babolat has been in the tennis market for quite some time and they understand their consumers quite well. They go that extra mile to create some fun, functional and stylish tennis bags. The popular extent of their range means that you have an option to carry one tennis racket or twelve. Their cool designs appeal to women, men and children alike, to carry and protect all types of tennis gear.

Babolat tennis bags also offer a good amount of space. Most of the designs come with a specific padded compartment to hold two or more rackets, while the main compartment is spacious enough to hold your gear for the gym or the court. They also come with accessory pockets on either end to keep smaller items to hand. 


If you are looking to buy a Babolat Tennis Bag, look no further. The list above has a wide variety for your selection.

Should you consider yourself a player on the go to organise all your tennis gear, with dedicated compartments for your rackets, shoes, accessories and apparel, Babolat is your final destination. With an extensive range, size, colour options and a modern look, you will travel comfortably. Always stay stylish and be prepared as you head to the court with a Babolat Tennis Bag. The game may go either way, but, you can be assured you will arrive in style and leave in style.

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