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Ashleigh Barty Tennis Shoes

If you love to wear what the stars are wearing, try this Ashleigh Barty tennis shoes. They are a heavenly marriage of comfort and style that you will love.

Ranking at the top of the list for the WTA is none other than the famous Ashleigh Barty, this Australian pro-tennis player has made her name in the book of the best female tennis player in the world. With a major title as this one would think she is over the age of thirty however she is not, the Australian tennis star was born on April 24, 1996, in Ipswich, Australia and that’s still where she lives.

In the year 2010 Ashleigh Barty was considered a professional tennis player, in that year she had just turned 14 years of age. Her journey was a very successful journey however like most tennis starts they you take a break from their professional career, she had then took a break in the late parts of 2014 and had switched to cricket.

Fila's Ashleigh Barty Is Women's Tennis' No. 1 Athlete in the World – Footwear News

After spending roughly 2 years on her cricket break she had the came back to the world of tennis making her name being active back in the field by capturing her first WTA title in 2017.  She didn’t stop there, she then made her breakthrough in the of 2019 winning the grand slam tournaments.

With so much success in the world of tennis for the Australian star, the question had popped on what tennis shoes did Ashleigh Barty wear?

Ashleigh Barty plays professionally on the tennis court in a Fila Axilus 2 Energized, it seems like she has a special liking for the brand and model shoe. Let’s get into the full review of these tennis shoes to see how comfortable it is and the other features it has to contribute to tennis.

Ashleigh Barty Tennis Shoe ReviewFila Axilus 2 Energized White/White Men's Shoes


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Fila Axilus 2 Energized

  • Lightweight
  • Over 10 different colors to choose from
  • Anti-slide
  • Breathable quarter
  • Energized rubber cushioning
  • Molded sock liner
  • Durable

As you can see, the Fila Axilus 2 Energised is a sturdy and lightweight tennis shoe that makes moving around on the tennis court no hassle. The design built of the shoes seems to be very accurate when you think of it in regards to tennis or for tennis players.

I usually hear professional tennis players complaining about the previous model before this being too heavy on the feet and somewhat uncomfortable when playing for long, however, they have made a big upgrade his this new Axilus 2 Energised model.

So far I have not heard anyone complaining about this new model so this would be a win for me then, Fila is not a newcomer to the world of making good equally shoes so its no surprise why the best tennis female player likes the brand and feel of the tennis shoe.

Here’s what makes the Fila Axilus 2 Energised great

  • Fit – The cool design provides some wiggle room for the toes. One could easily lace up the shoes for a slightly snug fit. Despite the extra toe room, you will never find your foot shift around on the court.
  • Stability and cushioning – Comfortable, light and durable is a trifecta you won’t come across in a tennis shoe. But fortunately, this is exactly what you get with the amazing Fila Axilus 2 Energised. Though these are tennis shoes, they can also be used for the gym, to run errands or simply to go about your day. Fila’s patented Energised Rubber® cushioning is what results in the high level of comfort. This model is great in providing shock absorption without affecting the responsiveness. 
  • Durability – Nothing fits better into your challenging game schedule like highly durable footgear. The enhanced rubber outsole is designed to take a beating without reducing traction or wearing out on any surface. You can easily vouch for the durability of this fantastic footwear with Fila’s six month outsole warranty. The top of the shoe is reinforced with a moulded forefoot cage for extra support and durability. While most shoes take time to adjust to your feet, these shoes feel pliable and mould right on.
  • Responsiveness and movement – The Energised Rubber cushioning offers just the right amount of firmness, not that soft as to affect responsiveness and not too firm to cause discomfort. The lightness of the shoe means you can move around the court with ease and have great mobility when changing directions.
  • Look – Talking aesthetics, this gorgeous design, sleek shape and logo placement hits all the right spots and is indeed an attractive pair. The colour combination fits perfectly well with each collection they release so you can find your perfect match.

Can I Buy Ashleigh Barty Tennis Shoes?

Ashleigh Barty tennis shoes are available on numerous amount of platforms the brand Fila is a world-famous and major league brand. You can get the shoe at your local Fila stores, the Fila official website online you just have to make sure you search for this specific model.

The next recommend market place I would recommend you get it from is the Amazon market place where I am sure you could get it at a cheaper cost than the majority of places.


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