Angelique Kerber Tennis Racquet For All Tennis Lovers

Angelique Kerber tennis racquet

If playing tennis is the only thing that gives you peace of mind you need the best racquet in town. Try the Angelique Kerber Tennis Racquet. Its the best.

Angelique Kerber has won grand slam championship three times Angelique Kerber is arguably one of the top women’s tennis player who’s ever done it. She have face struggles with numerous injuries in the past, but a fit and salubrious Kerber, is a menace to all players who’s on the WTA Tour.


Angelique Kerber's Tennis Racquet | What Racquet Does Kerber Use?

The previous world number 1 isn’t only one of the best players who’s ever played the sport, but she’s likewise one of the most favorite an famous on Tour. She has all eyes on her and also her success on court, the questioning people seem to want to the answer to most is, what racquet does she uses to compete at the very highest level there is. That’s what we will let insight on in this post.

Angelique Kerber Tennis Racquet

Yonex VCore 100S Tennis Racket -


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Angelique Kerber now plays with the racquet known as the Yonex VCORE 100S which is designed to look similar to the Yonex VCORE SV 100. Yonex Poly Tour Fire is responsible for stringing her racquet by her choice in the crosses and Babolat vs Touch Natural Gut in the mains.

Here’s what makes the Yonex VCORE 100s good

  • X-Fullerene – Carbon nanotubes are used in the upper portion of the head to improve stability and stiffness without increasing the weight. 
  • 3D Vector Shaft – Reduces twisting of the frame and increases power
  • Oval Pressed Shaft – For increased spin and dwell time
  • Integrated Power weight system  – It provides enough weight at 3 and 9 for stability
  • Super Cushion Grip – The Cushioned underside layer reduces vibration, softening the feel on impact

The Yonex VCORE 100s – How does it play

The power level is quite high and you may need to enough spin on your strokes to keep them inside the lines

The 16×19 string pattern on this frame appeals to most players unlike other similar 16×19 frames that eat the strings too fast

Serving with this frame is enjoyable as the serves feel effortless yet powerful. Hitting punishing serves usually requires good, not perfect techniques. Any player with a fairly flat serve will do extremely well with this racquet

The sweet spot is large and the frame handles off centre shots with amazing accuracy.

Yonex VCORE 100s is actually a very potent net machine. The feel is excellent and overall easy to control

Can You Afford to Purchase Angelique Kerber’s Racquet?

Yonex VCORE 100S wouldn’t be defined as one the most well known racquets on the WTA Tour, particularly would certainly not at the recreational level either.  However that doesn’t really mean that it’s not a good racquet. It’s just that there different brands that have more money to merchandise their racquets. If Angelique Kerber, who is one of the best to play, recommend and uses the Yonex VCORE 100S, it must be up to standard racquet.

The racquet Angelique Kerber’s uses isn’t a racquet that is just available everywhere as the Head and Wilson racquets. But it’s available on in different stores if you’d like to purchase her racquet. that won’t be a difficult. As I’m writing this, I discovered the most affordable price on Amazon for the Yonex VCORE 100S.

Final thoughts

If you like a racquet with a crisp response similar to that of a Babolat Pure Drive, then this is the racquet for you. It is a nice frame to swing and hold and won’t make you tired. It offers good manoeuvrability and high power. There are certainly other brands out there offering greater specs but this racquet does the job well for Angelique Kerber and other players like Caroline Wozniacki, though the racquets they use would be modified to fit their game play to some extent. The accuracy, control and spin that this model offers means you can never go wrong with this racquet.


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